Xiejiamen outside, a dead, everyone is unwilling.

But where is the price, if it is sold, how to fry, it is impossible to speculate on the price to 3 million!

Xie Longshan is naturally a heart, that is more than 100 times higher than his expected price!

"Thank you! This kid letter is female, he said that three million do you believe him?"

"Yes! I am afraid it is empty!"

"Special, I really don't believe it, some people are willing to buy her!"

"Take money, we will believe you!"


In the face of the screams, Xie Longshan didn't believe that Wang Ye can take this price.

He spreads a booth and said: "Brothers, you see this?"

"It is appropriate to say, if I can take out these money, they also recognize it, is it?" Wang Ye asked faintly.

Xie Longshan immediately nodded, and whispered: "The people are a cultivator, and the words are difficult to chase. If the little brothers can take up three million, I thank my family, even if I get big, I will sell this demon. Give you. "

Wang Ye is very satisfied, and immediately reached out and took a card.

"Nima, take a card to come out and make anyone!"

"Hey, this card ..."

"This is the Supreme Card of Heaven, right, absolutely not wrong!"

"What? The Supreme Card of Heaven!"

Some of the virginity, soon recognized the card, and the Xie Longshan who resembles the business will not see the head of this card, when the two eyes are light.

Nowadays, the card is reserved, most of which are released by the Tiandaoyuan, and the Supreme Card in Wang Ye, that is not ordinary people to have.

But they don't know, this Card has no three millions of spirit.

This is the card that once, Wang Ye from Xiao Chen's hand, and this is not eligible to have a Qian family, but has always used Xiao Jia's Zhuang Jian, behind the trend is one of the directors of Tiandaoyuan. .

Xiao Jia has this Supreme card, from Zhuang Jian.

This card is a symbol of identity and status.

The Tiandao Supreme Card, the people in the field are no longer called, and I am disappointed with my eyes.

"Thank you, do you want to invest?" Wang Yunxin asked with oath.

Xie Longshan handshake, laughed: "Don't, don't have you! This is the heavenly court Supreme card, the little brother can hold this card, the foot can be seen extraordinary! Since there is a question, this demon is a small brother 3 million Lingshi What she purchased, she is now you. "

Xie Longshan said, one waved, said: "Pull it out, come to check the card for this little brother."

I have already contracted it, and those people under the top, even some people are swallowed, the throat is reluctant.

However, at this time, Wang Ye's palm turned, and income the Supreme card.

"Little brother, this is?" Xie Longshan asked.

Wang Ye grinned and said: "Thank you, do you still need me?"

Xie Longshan's eye bead turned, and he asked hard my scalp: "I don't understand, what do you mean?"

"What do you mean?" Wang Ye came up, "Xie family is like this, do you fool us? I am 3 million, but I am not coming to buy fake!"


Everyone in the stage, Huo Ran, staring at the woman who is full of blood in the iron cage.

"What do he mean? Is this person, isn't the demon?"

"Hey, he said it is really! Imagine that the demon is too powerful, this ordinary rope can bind her!"

"To pair, there is a problem, there is absolutely problem! Almost by this thank you!"

"Lying in the trough, hanging the sheep head selling dog meat, thank you can!"

For a time, everyone is so furious, and the words of questioning are constantly.

Xie Longshan eyebrows were tight. He looked at the king of Wang Ye, and suddenly laughed.

"Hahaha, you, you are don't bother! As you say, the demon is in power, the ordinary rope iron cage can't sleep! In order to protect the security, it will bring a sample, just to make a auction. ! "

"Yes, this is not the demon, the demon is in my family! The little brother is solemn, since it reached the agreement, I will take you here to thank you."

In order to recover the face, the reputation of Xie family is taken, and the explanation of Xie Longshan is obviously awkward.

Everyone is poked by the nose. If the Wang Ye is broken, I am afraid that everyone has purchased at a high price. It is just a general person's flesh.

Think about it, after buying it, it is a human meat, and these people began to disgust.

Xie family is known to this, I am afraid someone will do business with Xie family.

Even if there is no noisy in the field, no one dares too much too much, in this case, it can be the guards of Xie family, so they can only curse in their hearts.

"Little brother, please." Xie Longshan made a posture.

Wang Ye contains a smile, glanced at the woman in the iron cage, turned to thank you home.

When he was near the stage, he found that this person was not Suzaku, and the eyes of Suzaku were not mistaken.

All the way went to Xie family, and a Xie family gate closed, placing those people who came to the Demon Conference on the door.

"Xie family is despicable, not the big head, we are all cheated!"

"In the future, even if you don't do business, you don't cooperate with Xiejia!"

"Yes, this Xie family hits the scorpion of the Demon Conference, the fact is auction, no humanity!"

"Who is a letter to thank my family, that is, brain is broken! The monster is also killing each other, with the other party for food! Why didn't you see the flesh and blood of the monster, the real thing is fascinating!"

It is called the so-called grapes, and these people are this psychology.

I know that I can't get it, it seems that I am awake and calm, and I beg Deputy behavior.

But it is only to talk about it, no one dares to thank you home.

And everyone did the same decision, they all stayed in Xiejiazhuang and did not leave in the first time.

Some people want to see, the final result! Another part of the people, but the heart gangs, ready to kill, the goods, robbing the demon worth three million Lingshi.

At this time, Wang Ye, in the Xie family, with Xie Longshan went to Xiejia Dungeon.

Walk all the way, Wang Ye poked the smile of lightness, and the eyes of the eye was paying attention to the changes in the week.

Xiejiazhong hidden murder, hidden many strong things on both sides, especially those who went to the dungeon, he saw the few people who were scared in the cave, and were scared by him.

Looking at this, Xie Longshan should have already known his king's identity, and also know the fact that Xie Yuan died in his hand.

Undoubtedly, this time I went to Xiejia Dungeon, I am afraid that Xie Longshan is an idea of ​​playing people.

In the home courtyard, before a closed door, Xie Longshan made a pose.

"Little brother, please! Here is a thank you, the demon is imprisoned! After you see her, I have to pay any mistake and then pay one hand, one hand!"

Go ahead to dangers!

Wang Ye's first: "Three million Lingshi, thank you old! But I hope to be old, don't play with me again, otherwise I am afraid that people are fortune!"

Xie Longshan's eyes have been screaming, laughing on the face, said: "The little brother said, I am a business person, naturally, I am expensive! The little brother can be relieved, please!"

Wang Ye has a smile deeply, and if he pushes the door, he has not worried.