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Chapter 682 Suzaku Memory

"Kill, kill, kill! Give me death!"

In addition to the iron cage, Xie Longshan is loud, and the whip in the hand is trying to put the light curtain of the Bar Bar.

Suzaku was in a hurry, pounced in Wang Ye.

This time, Wang Ye did not avoid it, he stared at Suzaku.

Just when she was in her hands, Wang Ye stretched his hand and died grabbed her wrist.


Suzaku fell to the ground, although her hands were bonded, but Suzaku smashed, bitisten to Wang Ye's neck.

If this is bitten, Wang Ye's throat will be bitten.

He has not pushed Suzaku, but his body picked up.


The Suzaka biting, biting in the shoulders of Wang Ye, she blocked her head, and looked away as a monster.


A piece of meat in the head of Wang Ye's shoulder, was biting by Suzaki, and Yin Hong's blood flowed.

Zhu Zaku was a bite, spit out the meat biting in your mouth, and then bowed to the neck of Wang Ye.

"Suzaku, Suzaku!"

Wang Ye loudly, his arms were hard, and the hands of Suzaku were bonded to the waist, and after hard, hugged her.

At the same time, Suzaku's mouth was once again, biting on his shoulder.

Blood is flowing with the chest, the Tianshi hanging in the neck of the neck, erosion in the blood.

Haunt ...

Tianshi is turned out of the flame.

The flame is liter, and the two will be wrapped therefrom. The appearance of the flame makes the Suzaku are extremely afraid, but when it is slightly struggling to break free from the bondage of Wang Ye, Suzaki stopped.

She looked down, it was squeezed in the koon's chest, contained blood water, and the sky of the flame, it seems that the emotions of the immersed were at this moment, but they got a comfort.

A pair of congestive blood colored scorpions have gradually recovered color.

"I played, I finally played!" Wang Yaoyao's mouth revealed a smile.

Suzaki is like a head, which is in a puzzled beast. She looked down at the burning Tianshi, and the ravaged flame did not hurt her.

"Suzaku, I know you don't remember me, but you have to believe me, I won't hurt you." Wang Ye said softly.

The Sudu side sideways, and the eyes slowly moved from Tianshi, and then landed on the cheeks of Wang Ye.

"Wang, wild ..."

She said with a difficult and sorrowful saying that Wang Ye's name.

In the body, Wang Jian is sorrowful, "Suzaku, do you still remember me?"

"Wang, Wang Ye ..." She is like a child of wow, saying that Wang Ye's name, is very jealous, but the wild in the eyes will converge.

This is a big surprise, Suzaku actually remembers his name.

"Under the wheel of time and space, but where the flesh survives, it is impossible to remember you!" The unknown sound of sound, rang in Wang Ye's mind.

"Bloodmaking erosion, it is because of the mafenchang!" There is no name: "It is because her blood is eroded by her blood, it is not almost a person, so in memory, it will save a part about you. Memory! Wang Ye, don't miss this opportunity, try to wake up her memories for you! "

The opportunity is difficult, this is an unknown, the only person in his friend who has saved some memories.

Wang Ye will let this opportunity, she said with Suzaku, saying: "Yes, right, I am Wang Ye! You are a generation of army soul Suzaki, do you remember? When we went to the field, experience It is difficult to live and die, and the soul beads will save the gods ginger. "

"We went to the desert, experienced nine deaths."

"In the magic cave mountain range, you have helped me train Huanglin and Mo Sansiang and others ..."

Zhu Xue is like a little memory, but it feels that it is a kind of illusion. The key is that she is now, it is a monster that has not sound. The blurred memory can only make her feel, in front of him This human beings will not threaten her.

And those blurred memories have deepen her feelings about this humanity.

"What is this special?"


Xie Longshan used a whip and pumped the light curtain of the Barcella.

Looking at the touch of flames, I was pressed by the Suzaku in the end, and the two hugged it actually stopped killing, being wrapped in a touch of flames, Xie Longshan was furious.

"Kill, give me a killing, kill me! You are not a demon of the eating! Get it, kill him!"

However, how to roar him, how to put a light screen, in Wang Ye, talking about this person in front of him, Suzaki, has a good sense of this person in front of him.

But her behalf is still like the monster.

She stretched out his tongue, licking Wang Ye's cheek, and his head was grinded on the head of Wang Ye.

That is like a tiger, fell on the owner, indicating that friendship is.

"This Nima, the dead Wang Ye! Have you tame this demon?"

Unknown, Xie Longshan, angry roaring, he left a bow to the bow and arrows that eventually picked up.

The string of the bow is aimed at the Suzaku in the light curtain. "I come by myself, I am just coming!"


The arrow is galloped, and it is easy to penetrate the light curtain of the Fengling, and go to Suzaku.

Like the Normal Array, it is unable to come out from within, but from the outside, it is not limited, so the arrow is wide through the light screen, quickly approaching the body of Suzaku.

Feel the deadly threat, Suzaku instantly bold blood.

Wang Ye took her, turned and turned and blocked an arrow with his back.


The arrow is arrow into his back ridge, but Wang Ye has a smile, watching the animality in the eyes of the horses, gradually dissipating, he smiled.

"Suzaku, there is still a convention between the tricks!"

Suzaku is suspicious to see him, she can understand Wang Ye, but can't understand it.

"I see you can still have a few arrows!"

Xie Longshan once again pulled the string, one arrow again.

With a strong flesh, Wang Ye is hard to endure.

He does not consider the anger of Jielong Mountain, and the continuous arrow, smiles, Suzaku, who is laughing, tells the once agreed.

"We have more agreement, wait until I open the secret, everything listens to you, listen to you to dispose!"

"Suzaku, now the secret is open for ten years, I finally found you, I will fulfill your commitment, what do you want to do!"

"Suzaku, do you think of it? Our agreement."

Suzaku revealed the smile, he looked at Wang Ye on his head, then slowly close to his face, then used his tongue to lick Wang Ye's cheeks, although it is like a monster, but that kind of relative I feel that Wang Ye can feel deeply.

"Too good, you finally remembered our once, you are the only one, remember my Wang Ye!" Excited Wang Ye, the eyes flowed out of the tears.


It is another arrow to shoot.

Zhu Sudi broke away from the arrow of Wang Ye, she grabbed the arrows that were about to be injured in Wang Ye, when looking at Wang Ye's back, when she was angry, she was angry. Thank you. Longshan roared.

, ...

She is like a beast, and she jumped, she pulled Xie Longshan.


But the body hit on the light screen and then bounced back.

But she did not stop, rushing again, hitting the light curtain, she wants to kill this harm of Wang Ye, she is just not hoped, Wang Ye is injured, and more in her heart is to determine Wang Ye as Is her master!

This is the extremely simple idea!