Once a one-time, once a blink of the light screen blocked by a closed star.

Suzaku is angry with a look, constantly trying, the light curtain is shaking slightly, only with the strength, it is impossible to shocked it.

"Wang Ye, didn't expect it! You actually went to tame her for a disaster! It's good, I Xie Longshan made you two on Huangquan Road!"

Extremely angry Xie Longshan, I didn't expect this ending.

He pulling the string, constantly archery in the array until the last arrow is shot out, he is angry to throw the bow on the ground.

Wang Ye slowly stood up, although it was blood, but it was a smile.

"Suzaku, come over! No need to do this useless work. The area of ​​the district will!" Wang Ye shouted.

He reached out and pulled the three arrows behind him.

Suzaku was very obedient. She kneelted in Wang Ye, watching his wound behind him, finally standing, and that kind of standing, she has always been like a monster, hands in the past ten years. Land.

She is like a great, Wang Ye took the monster, like the kind of conservation of Snow Leopard next to it.

She licks the wound behind Wang Ye, like a wound in the monster.

The pain of the body is far from the more painful. He doesn't want Suzaki like his own pet, but her now is to be willing to be willing to him.

"Suzaku, I am fine."

Wang Ye took her hand and said soft: "You have to remember, you are my woman, not, not my pet ..."

"Lord, master ..." Suzaku shouted out these two words.

Wang Ye was trembled, and the comrades who were tears. I used to fight back, I have lived and a total of brothers who have lived on him, and their relationships even surpass the dialog, Mado.

But now, she called myself.

the host?

Wang Yongxin is twisted. He forcibly squeezing a smile, comforting herself, at least she remembers him, there will always be a way to make a way, let her become a real person, becoming the original arsen!

Wang Ye squatted her head, palm, took out a bottle of powder, simply sprinkling the wound on the body.

"The animal, I still recognize the owner! Hey!" Xie Longshan said.

Wang Ye slowly looked up, and the cold eyes looked at him. "Everything you do for her will make you pay uncomfortable costs!"

"There is a good mouth! There is a matter, you come to bite me! Wang Ye, I don't believe this kind of calendar is not dead! I have 10,000 ways, let you die here, and you will die. pet!"

"She is not my pet, is my Wang Ye's woman! Xie Longshan, you will have the words you just, you, damn!"

Wang Ye is full of killing, walking towards the cage of iron gates.

Suzaku hands landed, followed by his side step forward.

There is a sealed big, Xie Longshan has no punnies, he is laughing, "Your woman? Wang Ye, your taste is really special, even find a demon to be a woman, hey, I am curious, you are What is the child who blessed? Is it a people? "

"To the right, I can't let you die, I want to give this medicine, let you stage it ..."

His words have not been finished, the face suddenly changed.

Wang Ye came over, he stretched his hands, grabbed the iron cage, and the palm of the palm slammed the iron column instantification as iron water.

"Is a good fire? It is impossible! In the sea, you will use the aura, you will suffer the same anti-!" Xie Longshan fell back and frightened.

In the dungeon, the strong people are also out of color.

This is the power of their inner, the first time I saw the powerful, the thick iron column is under the fire, just like a tofu.

"Fengling big array,! You are still not enough for this battle! The fire is not a aura, it is the flame in the sky!"

Wang Ye is cold and smiled, and it has been extended in one hand, but it is born on the light curtain. The yin and white flopphitis between black and white is smashed. The light is burned out in an instant, and it is rapidly enlarged.

If there is no such grasp, I know this place has a closed big array, and his Wang Ye will come to the net.


The Fengling Big Array was broken, Wang Ye and Suzakai were stepped.

Xie Longshan panicked, back, while he said: "On, I gave me! Kill him, I have a reward!"

There will be the courage, the dungeon, and a few of the peaks of the valley, the peak, the peak, and it is slammed into Wang Ye.

The inequality of Wang Ye is on orders, Suzaku is like a beast, and a peak of the Valley is flying away. He grabbed his neck.

Wang Ye's arms, some Mars flying out, yin and yang flopphia relaxed to tear the aura of human body table, attached to their body.

Haunt ...

The romance, the flame of the bears quickly burned the few people into ashes.

Such a horrible means, let the remaining people who are interested in smoking, instantly dispense the idea.

Xie Longshan is shaking, and the foot will be revoked. "I killed this two, I thank my family to reward the stone!"

Before the temptation of huge benefits, someone is still not afraid.

Then, Suzaku seems to be a bloodthirsty beast, and the shuttle is a fattest move, or it is shocked, or it is chinched down.

Xie Longshan was scared, and the head was running away, and he shouted while running.

"Come on, come, come! Killing these two people, enjoying the gold millions!"

However, Fortuna will come to the people, the moment is killed, Wang Ye is not paused, and the radio is straight to the dungeon.

A piece of killing, the scream is constantly, and I will boil all the whole Xiejiazhuang.

The strong man escorts Xie Longshan and retreats towards Xie family, Wang Ye and Suzaki steps.

Xie family opened the door opened, and hundreds of people who have already heard the news, when looking at the scene in the door of the door, it is not sweat.

More than 20 strong people, she took Xie Longshan in the center, cautiously stared at Wang Ye to retreat to the gate, and the courtyard is in the middle of the bodies, and the dead shape of the body is very miserable.

A scene that came around, giving a sense of illusion.

Wang Ye is walking forward, and he is mating a person next to him, but it looks more like a monster.


She walks with her hands on the ground. The sharp eyes are like a hunting beast, followed by Wang Ye.

It seems that Wang Ye is not like a person, more like a beast.


Exited Xie family gate, I was stumbled by the threshold, and the wolf climbed up.

He turned to see hundreds of people outside Xiejiamen, the sound of the sound: "All, this koon is a group of people! When the people are removed, they can kill the two people, I thank my family. Rewarding Lingshi million! "

The so-called artificial curse is dead, the temptation of millions of Lingshi is not small, and many people have begun.

Wang Ye is standing, standing in Xiejiamen, the indifferent eyes swept those people.

"This is not related to you, but if someone wants to come to send it, I don't mind send him a trip!"