The richest man starts from checking in

Chapter 684 Who dares to block

Xie Jiadong, Wang Ye took a hundred breaths like a rain, under his cold eyes, everyone did not dare to act rashly.

Xie Longshan was watching four, suddenly increased the chips, shouted: "All, kill Wang Ye, , I thank the family will be promoted! Today, if someone can remove him, Xie family is nearly two million Lingshi, will As a bonus!"

"Also, there is, now everything, I am willing to give it to the hero of the murderous people."

Everyone is watching, which is tempting to be big.

Thank you, it is a rich one side, this is a chance to fly Huang Tengda.

And Xie Longshan is very embarrassing, not only the temptation of interest, but also deducts a hero's high hat.

A compaiser in the late stage of the Valley, has been caught in the heart, he has said: "" With his eggman devil, this king will die! Let me send him to the road! "

During the speech, this person jumped, rushed to Wang Ye, and wrapped the thick aura in his hand.


Don't wait for the king, the Suzaki in the side will get up.

The man fully attacking a punch, smashed to Suzaku, when the fist fell, Suzaku did not have dodge.


A punch is not in the chest of Suzaku, but the strange thing is that the body of the Suzaku is like a 'insulator' Nauro unable to penetrate.

Only with the strength of the person, it could not hurt Suzaku at all.

He still didn't come to make a speech. Suzaku is already hands with the head of the person. It is tied in half air, and then the person is smashed.

In the ground, the neck was twisted, and the arrogant in the late stage, there is no breath.

Everyone saw it, the sweat was standing!

This is too strange, too powerful!

"Hey! When I am waiting for the strong?" A sword in the hands of a panorama.

The aura wrapped above the sword, he couldn't help.

It's like a beast, Suzaku doesn't have any fancy frame, she shot like a beast to prey sharp decisive.

I grabbed the sword, such as the iron clamp, let the long sword threaded, when the power is amazed, the sword is returned, and the Suzak is already bullied, and it is crossed in front of it.

That finger has passed the human throat!

After the man took a few steps, he slammed his throat,

Two times, all of which will be a lifetime, and hundreds of people will be retired after the scene, and it is not frightened to stare at Suzaku.

"This demon devil is too powerful."

"Although the chip of Xie family opened is not low, there is also a life to enjoy!"

"The life is tight, and the life is right."

Everyone whispered, many people have begun to fight back.

Just in everyone, with the priests that were approaching, they were prepared to scatter, and a ridicule sounds sounded in the crowd.

"Hahaha, your life is poisonous! It seems that I will repair it for a while!"


Everyone turned around to see, the person who speaking is a middle-aged man nearly forty.

"Gen Dan is strong!"

"I didn't expect, this time, this is coming!"

"Hey, the opportunity is coming, Wang Ye is too powerful, not the opponent of the strong people in the gods! When you feel the fish, you may ..."

The people who have already retired the drums, when I learned that this person is a strong in the Dan, the heart is greedy again.

The man is going to the crowd, Xie Longshan holds the boxing: "Do you ask how to call it?"

Fan Yue! "

Fan Yue's footsteps did not pause.

"Dare to ask Fan Yue people, repair the realm in the Dan Dynasty?" Xie Longshan asked again.

Fan Yue glanced at him and did not pay attention.

Xie Longshan rushed: "I am Shenyuan, I am still unborn, but this king is invisible, Fan Yue, please, please, please!"

"Hey! Can you surprise." Fan Yue disdain, cold channel: "Three days ago, I have stepped into the mid-Dan mid-Dan, although the realm is not stable, it is not these valley, gallbling!"

"Hey ... It turned out to be the mid-term strong in the Dan!" Xie Longshan is happy.

Suddenly he was full, and the trend is watching Wang Ye, said: "Wang Ye, you are dead! As long as the Fan Yue people kill you, I will help you all!"

During the speech, his eyesight were greedy, and everyone was clearly very good than all the fire in Wang Ye.

That Fan Yuezao is high, and it is a crowd. I glanced at Wang Ye, and I saw: "Is your own broken, or wait for me to shoot?"

"Suzaku, let me come."

Wang Ye did not care about him, but shouted with Suzaku.

Suzaku low, the bloodthirsty scorpion stared at Fan Yue, and stepped down to the king of the king.

Fan Yue is so laugh, "look like, you can't see the coffin, don't fall tears! In front of me in the middle of my sorrow, you still dare to make this, so good, then I will send you to the road!"

Fan Yue dialect a shock, and the powerful momentum of the gods.

Everyone is amazed, under the momentum, the strength is difficult to breathe.

The hidden fists, gathered together with the full blow of the mid-term strong in the Dan, don't look at Fan Yue, he can not see Wang Ye.


Suddenly, Fan Yue did not sign up, and the speed quickly lost.

In the blink of an eye, I have already reached the king of Wang Ye, and the effort to hit the power, I wocked Wang Ye's chest.

The sneak attack is full, and then strengthen the realm of the , when he is approaching Wang Ye chest, it seems that Wang Ye has not responded yet, which allows Fan Yue's face to show a smile.

"This king is dead!"

"Everyone will everyone, in the demon."

"The mid-Dan is really amazing, the Wang Ye has not held the power, still staying!"

The noisy arguments in the field are like flies, and Wang Ye has no expression and looks close to the chest.


Suddenly, Wang Yen moved, and slanting Fan Yue's wrist.

Fan Yue cheered, his fist was ready to go out, as long as he bombarded the body of Wang Ye, he had self-confidence to shock the heart of the king.

But immediately, let him be horrified, the aura on the fist has lost control.

A thick-thick ice crystal is covered on his fist and converges the atrial.

Not only that, but the ice is like countless tentacles to climb to the whole body.

"Ice is aura? It's impossible, this is impossible!" Fan Yue greeted his eyes and excited: "I saw you used to use the fire, and how can I have ice aura in this body?"

There are hundreds of people present, watching Fan Yue's rapid spread of ice crystals, a blank in the mind.

The ice and fire is the same, which is simply in violation of the common sense of the truth!

Ice is not two in ancient times, these two extreme opposing energy can appear in a person at the same time.

This is also questioning in Fan Yue's heart.

But unfortunately, he has no opportunity to know, this is the ice heart containing the king.

As early as ten years ago, when the China mainland had not yet recovered, he has already had two extremely opposite energy of ice heart and fire.

At this time, Fan Yue has become an ice sculpture.

As Wang Ye will move from his wrist, the ice sculpture is unstable and shakes.


Ice cubes crack, ice sculpture into a few sections, four-fold five-cracked ice sculpture also means that the body of Fan Yue in the middle of the Dan is quiz!