The richest man starts from checking in

Chapter 689 Genius or waste

The people near the nearby stalls have long soon, the bosses of the booth are also rushing to pack their baby, and they will be afraid to have the battle here.

When everyone spread, there were several people rushed into the crowd and came here.

"Wang Ye, death!"

Fan Xingchen stepped into Wang Ye, and the momentum on his body was gradually increasing. The atmosphere was locked in Wang Ye.

"Fan Shao!"

Just then, Zhong Xiaofo rushed up, "Wang Ye is the disciple of my South Mountain ..."

"I manage your Nanshan Yinan Mountain Sanquan. I can't hold him today!" Fan Xingchen was cold and said, and I interrupted Zhong Xiaomo.

He made a big hand, and he was surrounded here.

"Don't blame, I didn't remind you, if you dare to mix, I won't give you any feelings of Nanshan Hospital."

Fan Xing Chen is high, and it seems that it is iron my heart to compete with Wang Ye.

"Fan Jia's genius!" Yao Xin said: "You don't misunderstand, my teacher said that I am afraid that you are only talented, I lost my face in front of my Nanshan Institute!"

"You find it!" Fan Xingchen said.

"Looking for death?" Yao Xin smiled and showed the show, "Is there a early Tan? Don't say Wang Ye, even my Yao Xin is afraid to fight with you!"

This is not boasting. She is currently cultivated in the hidden realm in the Danshen period, although she is only a line in front of the Dan, but with rich combat experience, I can fight with Fan Xingchen.

"Wild brother! You will go first, here to give me and Yao Xin!" Ling Feng also stepped forward.

"Then you will be on a piece! I have to see how I will win me in the game!" Fan Xingchen despised.

Seeing Yao Xin and Lingfeng ready to do it, Wang Ye was slowly up.

"Think of me, I have nothing to do with you! Xiaomo, take them first."

Ice and smart Zhong Xiaomo, I can don't know the seriousness of things, and the cultivation of Fan Xingchen is strong, but it is not a real threat, and the Lord Fan Zhaolong of Fan City is the truly terrible existence.

"You are returning, let me leave here!" Zhong Xiaofang Shen Sheng.


"You can let the wild brother ..."

"Don't say, go back!" Zhong Xiaomotto.

Yao Xin and Ling Feng are extremely unwilling to retreat.

Zhong Xiaomo low voice: "Wang Ye deals with the Fan Xing Chen, he has the whole body and retreats, everyone stays here, Fan Zhaolong appears, you can't walk!"

I heard, they were ready to leave here with Zhong Xiaomo and Zhongyi.

However, Fan Xingchen laughed: "Don't worry! You are a representative of the Nanshanyuan, just let the insights in the Nanshan, the Nanshan Hospital participates in the representatives of the five institutions of the five institutions, exactly!"

A group of guards, hand-held weapons, point to Zhong Xiaomo, etc., stopped their way.

Fan Xingchen said: "Wang Ye, I will not only kill you today, but also let you lose, revenge for my father!"

Wang Ye lightly lifted the skin, swept around, where Fan Jia guards are not in a small number, and people who see that Fan family are still coming.

Depending on the class, it is the key to the speed of leaving this. After all, Fan Zhaolong is the strong in the Jin Dan.

At this time, Wang Ye is light: "A trick, if you can't defeat you, count my king's field. Let you dispose!"

"Ha, hahaha, really mad!" Fan Xingchen laughed.

In this Fancheng, he is a famous genius, never experienced a failure, and has the ability to challenge the challenge.

one move! If you want to defeat him Fan Xingchen, it is simply an idiotic dream.

Some understands Fan Parents Sun Fan Xingchen, and it is also shaking his head at this moment.

Wang Ye is boothing, said: "Come on!"

"Hey, give you the opportunity to start!" Fan Xingchen said.

"Good!" Wang Ye spit out a word, suddenly his figure disappeared.

In this moment, he disappeared from Fan Xingchen, and found a trace of whit.

Shadow fascination This martial arts is strange.

Fan Xing Chen is slight, and it is looking for Wang Ye's traces.


Suddenly, in front of Fan Xingchen, one hand has emerged, and if the lightning will hold Fan Xingchen's throat.

Then, Wang Ye's figure gradually emerged, his mouth poked a smile of playing.

"Genius? According to me, it is more like a waste!"

Wang Ye is indifferent, like a boring hammer, let Fan Xingchen's chest is dull.

A trick, it is really a trick!

Fan Xingchen did not expect that he didn't even have a chance to make another hand before the other side.

Fancheng's genius, Fanjia's hopes, the waters who have made countless, they are so unbearable.


Half-rang, there were talented sounds in the field.

Recalling that the previous Wang Ye, no one feels that it is an arrogant.

"You don't match my opponent at all!"

Wang Ning said, and his arm was smashed. Fan Xingchen was thrown out, and his body was full of heavily.


A blood sprayed out, Fan Xingchen only felt that he was hot in the body, he had some stations to stand, but standing unstable and planted on the ground.

The scene in the field is silent, and Fan Xingchen who is touted, it is not a win of Wang Ye.

"Air repair, but there is no actual experience, with waste!"

Wang Ning said that he turned and ready to leave.

Suddenly, a fatal danger made him instinct, avoiding it on one side.


Just in the moment he hid, a powerful aura bombarded his previous position.

The ground was pulled out of a deep pit, and a circle was swayed.

Even if it is only energy, the distance is more intimate.

"Good mad kid! Let me fan Zhaolong will come!"

The sound came, a white-haired old man suddenly turned out!

Fan Zhaolong! Fancheng's Lord!

Jin Dan's strong!

"Hey, still come!" Wang Ye secretly sighed, turned and got it in the panorama.

When he got the quantity of Fan Zhaolong, the other party was also playing him.

"I thought it was a strong, hehe! But it is the beginning of the junior! You are not qualified to die in my hand! But you kill me Fan Yue, hurt me Sun Jue Fan Xingchen,, it seems only Can let me teach you how to do people! "

Fan Zhaolong to the one, only with the vast momentum, it is enough to make people feel bored.

Wang Ye is standing, cautiously staring at him, which is a strong man in a goldenan.

Zhong Xiaomo hurriedly came to walk, rushed on Fan Zhaolong: "The little generation of Xiaomo, Nanshan hospital unpretched granddaughter, see Fan Lao seniors!"

"The granddaughter of the clock!"

Originally, I will take the name of the South Agricultural Center to protect Wang Ye! But I didn't expect that Fan Zhaolong heard the righteousness.

"Nanshanyuan people, kill me, hurt me! You are more difficult, leave it today! Let the old ghost, come with me! As for him, today must die!"


Zhong Xiaomo just opened, and the Fan Zhaorao stretched out, and the atmosphere of the imprisoned momentum was suddenly changing.

He waved with his hand, Zhong Xiaomo flew out.

"Take it!"

The guards, the hand holds the weapon to go to the clock small octave.

There is no hidden shame, hurriedly drink: "Yao Xin, Ling Feng, don't do it!"

There is Jin Dan strong, Zhong Xiaomo knows unbounded, but she doesn't worry about the safety of myself, and there is a Nanshan Institute in quantity. Fan Zhaolong does not dare to mess, but Wang Ye is probably dangerous. .