Fan Zhaolong's words, starting from the black market, Fan family, hundreds of guards, began to start the carpet search for Wang Ye.

And blocked here, because the people here wear a fight, they only saw Su Zhu rushed out, but I didn't know that Wang Yino traces were hidden here.

"It's a check to leave the black market, and you will ride."

There is Fan Jiagu to shout, everyone is very cooperated, after all, Fan Jia said.

The previous stall, the woman known as Xiaofu, took the bag to see Fan Zhaolong.

"Fan City Lord, do I need to queue?"

Fan Zhaolong rushed to her, and told him: "Come on, send Xiaoxi to leave here."

"No, I will go! Your old, still hurry to see your genius of Fan family, so that the Wang Ye has left a shadow in his heart, and it will be unable to enter!"

After that, the little fairy took the bag to go outside the black city.

Fan Zhaolong looked at her back, his mouth was muttered: "If you don't look at your Master's face, dare to talk to me, I have done you!"

But though, he is still going to Fan Xingchen.

Fan Xingchen, which is high as high, has never been lost, but this time is so miserable.

In a trick, I was defeated by the same cultivated Wang Ye, but not only this, he also witnessed it. Wang Ye was able to recruit and escape in Fan Zhaolong. The heart of the Jin Dan, the heart has already emerged.

Fan Zhaolong can do it, it is to comfort Fan Xingchen, let him solve the heart.

At this point, the entire Fancheng blocks, and the chasing Wang Ye is so prosperous.

As everyone knows, Wang Ye has already come out of the city and has appeared in a wood outside Fancheng.

He helped his trunk and spit it out.

"The goldenan is really powerful!"

"You should not fight with him before." The unnamed voice sounded in his mind.

The weak Wang Ye, holding the trunk, sitting down, Suzaku carefully guarded him next to him.

"For the first time with the real golden Dan period, I just want to try the gap and return to save the small foam again, see if there is a few more ways." Wang Ye laughed.

"Now you should be clear!" There is also a bitter smile. "The golden Dan is a lot of money, the biggest watershed! Many people can't break through the golden Dan during life, that Fan Zhaolong is also the same! Fortunately, he is only Jin Dan."

"If you fight for a battle, I have 30% of the competition! If there is a lot of medicinal herbs, it will be a bit higher."

"This time, I still want to work hard! Find a safe place, first heal." No name reminder.

Wang Ye is holding the trunk to stand up, and one is sitting on the ground.

At this moment, the Suzaku squatted on the ground and was cautiously stared at the side of the forest, where there was a woman to go over.

"Yes! I haven't died yet." The people are the little fairy.

She stood not far away, laughing, "You are the most powerful brothers and contest, and there is a realm of being a realm. I can hurt Fan Zhaolong, but I can escape from my hands!"

Wang Ye took the injury in the body. He first showed that Suzaku did not have to be nervous. He only replied: "Girl, now I am Fan Jia's death enemy, so as not to bring trouble to the girl, please also ask the girl to leave."

"Cut, I will be afraid that he is Fan Jia, kidding!"

Xiao Xianzi disdainfully held the shirt, "But your trouble is big, Fan Jia also sent you to find you, but also released the wind, and anyone can catch you, will be dedicated by Fan Jiaguang."

"That girl, but should I catch me?"

Wang Ye is tough and stands up.

"I don't want to do what Fan Jia's dedication. The Fan Zhaolong met me, I have to be a guest!"

"Girl, if so, can I go to see your Master, I have a lot of Danfang in my hand, I can provide! Now, I am quite heavy, even if I recover, I will repair it, if you let Suzaku I can't help but take the monster form. I hope that the girl will take me to see your Master, I will convince him to help me. "

This little fairy is flat, but it is absolutely a high-end man who can refine the Master of the demon.

In fact, Wang Ye is in the morning of the Master Master. Otherwise, it will not be so refreshing to hand over the Dan Dan party, but in exchange for the rising demonan worth 200,000 Lingshi.

Now I will encounter again, it is a good time.

I have never thought that the little fairy didn't have a little: "My teacher is respectful, but I have never lack of the Danfang! First go."

After that, she turned and ready to leave.

Wang Ye is in a hurry and smiled.

"Hu said eight! We will be afraid of Fan Jia?"

If you don't, you will stop the fairy down, turn around and anger.

"Zi Yundong? I have never heard of it, if the girl is not afraid, why is it so decisive, I want to know that I am in the temptation of the alchemist! If it is not afraid of being lost, the girl will refuse to be a thousand miles ! "

Taking Wang Ye's three-inch tongue, to convince a little girl who is unfolded, it is not easy to be confusing.

Soon, in his pleasant law, Xiaofu told him what.

It turned out that this woman is really called Xiaofu. Ten years have been following the teacher in Ziyun Cave, and the Master is called the purple cloud. As for her origin, the little fairy has not mentioned.

This time came to Fancheng black city, selling some medicinal herbs, but it is necessary to exchange money for money to supplement life, and buy some medicinal materials.

Since an ancient people, they are all versions, this purple cloud fairy is also the case.

She rarely goes to the mountain, more refusing to see any outsiders, so this is so strong and alchemy, and is the existence of the people.

Listening to Xiao Xianzi said a pass, Wang Ye, but touched: "For, if so, I will not add trouble to Ziyun Fairy! So causing evil!"

"No, you can't really do it today! When I am afraid of anyone! Walk away, today you have to go to Ziyun Cave with me."

In order to prove the power of purple clouds, the little fairy is going to go to Wang Ye.

Standing unstable, a martial arts that made a chaotic in the body, so that he couldn't help but discharge a blood, a vertigo feeling.

Wang Ye bit his teeth, insisted, said: "Suzaku, holding me, follow, follow her to Ziyun Cave."

Suzaku can't stand the nod, and help him.

Wang Ye, who just stood up, was diagnosed directly.

"It's a trouble!" Xiao Xianzi squatted, ready to help help, but Suzaki is relative and emitted with low eyes.

"Hey! It's listening to the main!"

For Suzaku, this ridicule thing is that she doesn't know at all, I only know the safety of Wang Ye.

She is extremely unskilled, and the sure will carry Wang Ye back, let him kneel on her back, and then go straight.

This is like, teased small fairy, laugh.

All the way, there is no less interesting Suzaku, just soon, she found that no matter what the other party did not pay attention, she gradually fainted.

After half a day, in the mountains, a small fairy in front of a cave parked.

"Don't go in! I will talk to Master, if she doesn't want to see you, then you can only go!"

Say, Xiaofu ran into the Ziyun Cave!