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Chapter 694, Purple Macrogue

In the cave, the pain of Ziyun fairy screams to listen to the creepy.

Xiao Xianzi said with tears: "Master is sick."

"Is it sick?" Wang Ye was unconscious.

Purple Yun Fairy with the power of refining five pieces of medicine, will it be sick?

Don't she cherish her condition!

Xiao Xianzi looked at Suzaku, why said: "I finally know why Master has always said that you have to drive away, but there is not that it! In fact, she is with Suzaki with the same disease, every time I will be because of the body And with huge pain. "


Wang Ye's consciousness took a breath.

Heterogenesis, there is a niece of alloy, but it is better to feel the pain that is brought by heteropathy than anyone.

That will be like a stove to burn in the body, each inch of muscle bones, even blood will boil.

"I will go see, maybe I will help her!" Wang Ye said to the purple clouds.

"Wang Ye, you don't ... you, you are careful."

Originally, it is intended to stop, but Xiaoxi will eventually can't bear this pain, or hold the attitude of trying.

Ziyun Cave is slightly dim, in one of the caves, filled with black smoke after the fryer, Ziyun fairy lying on the ground pain.

Her body covers a layer of faint purple flames, hot hot and high temperatures, so that the space being twisted.

When I stepped into the cave step, Wang Ye actually felt that there was a little trembling in the body.

"Which is a fire, so horrible! Even the yin and yang flopphitis is fear." He is very horrified.

The unnamed sound, "It is a very horrible kind of fire in his mind.

"Wang Ye, you have two options now, she is currently the most weak, or kills her to take purple, after integration, you will be strong! Or, can only use yin and yang flutitis, to stabilize her body The purple clouds, as you will face the danger of being swallowed by purple broccolitis. "

The unknown words makes Wang Ye.

On the side of the huge interest, it is a life-saving and dangerous.

Although Wang Ye is not a bad person, it is not a good person, no one is in front of the fire.

"Negotic Lang, I hate you, hate you, ah ..."

The painful purple cloud fairy has shrunk into a group, and her body is dramatically trembling.


Long spit out a touch, Wang Ye laughed: "Maybe it is a fate, I always feel that she is very tragic."

After the words, he was cautiously embarked forward, and the hands wrapped in yin and yang Piralitis to grasp the shoulders of the purple cloud fairy.

Just in his hand, I touched the Ziyun Fairy's shoulder, a terrible purple clouds swarmed out, instantly wrapped their hands, hot high temperatures, let the yin and yang flopphitis trembled, torn.

The shocked Wang Ye, which made full effort, and he took the stone bed next to the purple clouds.

It is so horrible, if the purple cloud fairy is controlled, the yin and yang flopphitis is in front of them, and it is not a hard blow.

"Negotic Lang, your negotiation, walk, walk, I don't want to see you again in this life."

"You gave me, go."


The blurred purple cloud fairy, a slap in the face of Wang Ye.

Hot pain!

Wang Ye frowned, it seems that Zi Yun fairy has been hurt by a relationship. When she is unconscious, I am wrong.

It's been a pain that I can't do, and the god of Ziyun fairy is blurred. If the purple cloud in the body is not controlled, it is very likely that it will lead to completely out of control, so she will be asze in the moment.

"Little Fairy, Suzaku! You are guarding outside the cave, when I pressing the fire for the purple clouds, don't let anyone come to bother."

"Oh, good, ok." Xiaoxi didn't live.

Suzaku is already turning to the cave.

Looking at the fascinating purple cloud fairy, Wang Yen low voice: "I can't help!"

He said, starting the clothes of the purple cloud fairy.

The original white skin, this moment is covered by a faint purple flame, the purple clouds are hot, waiting to take off their clothes, Wang Yino's swallowed throat.

This purple cloud fairy body is proud, Wang Ye is really an incredible understanding, such a beautiful woman, what is the negative Gong in her mouth thinks, and she is willing to abandon her.

In order to be cautious, Wang Ye took out the silver needle, seals the acupoints in Ziyun Fairy, and let her temporarily move.

Then, the party is cautious, one hand is punched between her belly, hold the wrist of the purple cloud fairy.

When the yin and yang Pifia drove under the driving of Wang Ye, it slowly went to the purple cloud fairy body, a stunned repulsion made him a bit.

The outbreak is yin and yang squiritis, causing purple clouds, and the refining of the burning.

After all, it is necessary to scatter the purple cloud inflammondes in the purple cloud fairy. It is suppressed back to her Yuan Dan. Wang Ye can't open the ax. You can only be careful to avoid injury and purple clouds.

After he gradually adds yin and yang flutitis, like alchemy, after the two kinds of freedom reaches a subtle balance, this is a slightly enhanced a little, suppressed purple clouds, and began to scattered the fire in the body. Dantian drove.

Fortunately, Wang Ye's cultivation is a realm with Ziyun Fairy, but with a strong roots, and perfect control of flames, everything is smooth.

After three hours, Ziyun fairy was scattered in the body, and it was suppressed back to Dan Tian.

Wang Ye's yin and yang flopphritis, cautious infiltrated.

"This is the Jin Dan's Yuan Dan? It is really unfounded!"

This is Wang Ye, for the first time, I feel the horror of Jin Dan Yuan Dan. It seems like hidden a vast universe, full of endless energy.


After a short shock, he took a deep breath and was only the final step.

Put the purple clouds in Dantian, compressed back to Yuan Dan, and the purple cloud fairy can spend a robbery.

He carefully controls the yin and yang flutitis, just like a big net, wrapped in purple, and the big network slowed the increasing shrinkage to press the purple clouds back to Yuan Dan.

Everything is very smooth, but in this last key moment, there is a good voice outside the cave.

"Little fairy, this person is here, the Wang Ye is definitely here, handing him out!"

"My Fan City doesn't want to be enemy with Ziyun Cave, but you should clearly, the Wang Ye killed the son of my city, and Music, Sun Shao, this person must kill!"

A middle-aged man has more than ten people to surround the Purple Yundong, whispered: "Ziyun Fairy, in the first Fan Ling Tianzi people!"

"Fan Lingtian! This is Ziyun Cave, don't call it here!" Xiao Xianzi smelled.

Suzaku is cautiously staring at those people, guarding in the hole.

Xiao Xianzi worked hard to cover the inner panic, Shen Sheng: "My Master is talking to Wang Ye, waiting for them to talk, naturally will give people to you! Fan Lingtian, I advise you to go, so I want to walk, so I will be angry. Master, then you know yourself! "

Fan Lingtian, which is handed, is obviously afraid. Although he has a mid-term cultivation, it is Fan Zhaolong, but the purple clouds are not good.