The richest man starts from checking in

Chapter 695 is due to misfortune

In addition to Ziyun Cave, Fan Lingtian converges, but does not leave.

"Good! In this case, I am waiting here!"

Fan Lingtian said that there is still a little fairy how to anger, and he doesn't plan to leave half.

The noisy sound outside the hole, Wang Ye heard a clear two Chu, Fan Jiaqiang hunted, plus this moment is extremely critical, if Fan Ling Tian Chong came in, you can really die.

Some anxious in my heart, the awareness of Wang Ye has exacerbated the pressing of purple clouds.

However, in the Yuan Dan, the purple cloud inflammation is completely attributed to the Yuan Dan of Ziyun Fairy.


In an instant, the low humble sound, the Yuan Dan from Wang Ye and Ziyun Fairy, the two of the two began to tremble vigorously.

Two different fires with each other's Yuan Dan, Ziyun Fairy's Yuan Dan is like a bottomless abyss, one pair of big hands and yin and yang squid, trying to drag it into it.

And this is locked, once it is cut off, the purple cloud fairy Yuan Dan is damaged, and she will kill the explosion, and she will suffer a deadly anti-alive.

For a time, Wang Ye is helpless, only to persist in life.

"What I am worried is still happening." Non named sigh, "When it came to the difficult choice, cut off yin and yang flutitis, perhaps to keep Ziyun Fairy life, or you both jade!"

"There is no name, all this time, you don't say the wind and the sky!" Wang Ye's heart smiled: "I spend my heart to save her, not if I don't want her to die, then you need her to help Suzaki! I don't want everyone to give up, should There are other ways. "

"This time, maybe there is no other way!" There is no name.

At this moment, the purple clouds sitting in front of him are gradually awake.

When she saw Wang Ye in front of him, and when she was the body of the fruit, she would like to avoid it, but found that the body could not move.

"Wang Ye, you ..."

"Don't move!" Wang Ye Shen Sheng: "Key moments, not you die is me! Save people to not be invisible, now we should be our Qi, think about solving this dangerous situation."

I heard this, the purple cloud fairy is gradually calming down.

She has closed their eyes, no longer went to see Wang Ye, so as to avoid the kind.

After the inner view, she found that the original Wang Nae crimmed the purple clouds, and now his Yuan Dan lives his yin and yang Piralitis.

"Ziyun Yan is slightly strong, yin and yang flopphitis is a little informed, it is desired to swallow the yin and yang flutter! Even giving it to swallow, my Yuan Dan can not withstand two kinds of fire, Wang Ye, give up! The fire, my town is guarding Yuan Dan, maybe the end will not be too bad. "

Listening to the words of Ziyun Fairy, Wang Ye sighed: "Sorry! I am a kindness, it is to help you suppress the fire, but I didn't expect the crucial moment, the people outside the Ziyun Cave were clamped, and the mood fluctuation is made up in a time. This situation! But you can rest assured that there must be two laws. "

Ziyun fairy slowly opened his eyes and looked at the princes in front of her heart, her heart was slightly fiddling.

"Pingshui meets, are you willing to take life with life?" She asked almost a consciousness.

She is very clear, use the outlet to press the fire, which will have a fatal danger, but Wang Ye did.

"Nothing is worth it, I just feel that I have a life with the fairy, and the fairy is also a bitter man! In your "

Perhaps it feels that I am so long, and the purple cloud fairy laughed.

"You are good, my name is Ziyun! It is in the depths of the magic cave mountains, and I am in Zijia. It is the quietness of Ziyunan! I am talking about marriage, but the aura recovery It was originally ushered in Zijian's prosperous, and I didn't expect to end because of his greed! "

"Family helps me, blend the purple clouds after the recovery, and he is greedy, it is ready to kill me to win the fire, so I will suffer from serious injury! And he taking advantage of the family, for me to integrate out of the fire, I am full of Purizons. If I have a strong support to escape the magic cave mountain range, I am afraid that I will lose my hand! "

"I really want to know, I have been in order to be greedily, I would rather you have a stranger, and you will not hesitate to help me! Wang Ye, I can't still have it. And you will return you again! "

Ziyun Fairy has never mentioned that he, who is, maybe she now, mentioning the name of the person will feel disgusting!

"That person is really stupid! I don't know, I have a beautiful person, I have to live!" Wang Ye laughed.

Rare, Ziyun Fairy also laughed.

"Good Wang Ye, no need to struggle, this will only make you more dangerous!"

"Wait!" Wang Ye feels that Zi Yun fairy is ready to be closed. He hurriedly stop: "There is still a chance, don't try it, I am not sweet!"

"Don't!" Zi Yun fairy hurriedly said: "I know, you want to separate purple clouds, you can't bear it!"

"That is not!"

Wang Ye has some great idea. After all, his Yuan Dan has a fire, and it is a common man. He can smelt a variety of outfit.

With the help of Zi Yun fairy, the fire of purple clouds is divided into two. Only the energy left in Yuan Dan, one is released, and the fire and energy will sink while recovering yin and yang flopphitis. Enter his Yuan Dan.

But this is indeed dangerous, as with your own Yuan Dan unbearable, will be explored and die.

"Wang Ye, good kid, the ambition is not small! I support you!" In the mind, there is some excitement: "Your Yuan Dan is the spirit of heaven and earth, not so fragile!"

Get unknown affirmation, Wang Ye is more firm.

He slowly opened, holding the hand of the purple cloud fairy wrist, pulling it out of the silver needle of the meridians.

"Fairy, believe me, try it."

"You ... determined?" Ziyun fairy sound was slightly trembled.

Wang Ye has nodded and said: "I am sure, I can't get it, the Fan Lingtian has broken into the purple clouds!"

At this time, the cave, waiting for about an hour, Fan Lingtian, finally discovered the same, a group of hands attacked Suzaka and Xiaoxi, and he had already joined.

"Fast! Otherwise, we have to die!" Wang Ye said.

Ziyun fairy hesitated, in her opinion, Wang Ye is preparing to sacrifice her own premium!

At this moment, Fan Lingtian rushed into the cave, and he smiled in front of him.

"Good fragrance picture! It seems that I guess is right, never accept the purple cloud hole of outsiders, how can people enter it, look like you are the critical moment you are healing!"

Fan Ling Tian smiled and smiled and said: "One mountain is hard to embrace two tigers, Ziyun Fairy has been in the year, you are the biggest threat of My Fan City, today I will take this opportunity, send you to the road!"


Under the schematic of Wang Yen's eyes, Ziyun fairy bites teeth, divides the fire of purple cloud in Yuan Dan into two, along with the energy cut by the people.


The use of fire is back, yin and yang Pifia is accompanied by the fire of purple, and a vast energy, slamming into the Yuan Dan of Wang Ye.