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Chapter 698 Select a single

Fancheng City door opened, it seems to be waiting for Wang Ye.

On top of the city square, hundreds of Fan Jia guards are standing together, tied four people on the four stone columns, which is Zhong Xiaogou and others.

In the square, Fan Jia took Fan Zhaolong, Fan Xingchen and others were present.

Outwateing the crowd exits the square, all of them are whispered.

"Fan Jia is moving, this is like a big enemy!"

"You haven't heard it yet? The probe returns, Fan Jiazi Fan Lingtian, was killed in Ziyun Cave."

"But not! Fan Zhaolong two sons, a Fan Yue, a Fan Lingtian, a killing by Wang Ye, one is killed by Ziyun Fairy, this is to Fan Home!"

"No wonder, Fan Laozi's eyes are like killing people!"

"This is, I am afraid that Wang Ye is not coming back!"


"News ..."

A Fan Jiayi quickly ran into the square, kneeling in front of Fan Zhaolong.


Reward alert: "Wang Ye and Ziyun Dong Ziyun Fairy, already entered the city!"

"It's good! Today, I have to revenge for my son!" Fan Zhaolong took a table, and the solid wood table was instantly made ashing.

See him Huo Ran got up, Fan family hundreds of guards, many offered, it was still waiting.

The crowd of the crowd, quickly let the open channel, Wang Ye and Ziyun fairy side by side, come to the square.

"Wang Ye!" In the square, Fan Zhaolong sound hoarse voice.

Wang Ye smiled at a smile, turned to see the stone pillar, and the Zhong Xiaomo bundled.

Fortunately, they have no injury. It seems that Fan Zhaolong does not intend to be difficult for them to be enemy with the Nanshan Arch, just want to lead his Wang Ye to come.

Ziyun Fairy is first opened first: "Fan is old, I have not seen it so much?"

"Not good!" Fan Zhaolong is gloomy, "If, your two sons are killed, can you ok?"

Ziyun Fairy shakes his head: "If I have that general reverses, I am a happy thing to die."

At this time, Fan Zhaolong's cheek is twitching.

He coldly: "Ziyun Cave, my child Fan Lingtian is said to be fallen on your hand! But I know that you must be confused by the Wang Ye, today I just want to find Wang Ye to revenge, nothing to do! Ziyun Fairy Please let it make, so you will have a blood! "

Fan Zhaolong, the atmosphere is already locked in Wang Ye.

Ziyun fairy side steps, blocking in front of Wang Ye, has set out the position.

She is gover: "Fan is old, people can't regenerate, why bother to be revenge! Your family is not suggenerated, it is better to sell my purple cloud fairy today, this matter! If Fan is needed, what Dan medicine Fairy will give both hands. "

They all understand people, the words of Ziyun fairy have said this, obviously to protect Wang Ye.

Fan Zhaolong did not sound, his eyes and Ziyun fairy were paired.

In addition to the square, thousands of onlookers whisper.

"The king is really big!"

"Ziyun Cave, never participated in anything, I want to see Ziyun Fairy is difficult to get on the sky, I didn't expect Wang Yin to come!"

"No! This is not selling purple clouds, that Fan family is not good!"

The noise discussion, Fan Zhaolong heard a clear two, his funerals under his sleeves.

When the eyes fell on the body of Wang Ye, it took a kill in Fan Zhaolong.

The amount is threeware, he smiled: "Good! Since the purple cloud fairy opened, this person loves me to give it! The king's life, the old man is not! But they have four, I have to give me two sons!"

Fan Zhaolong Huo Renyi, the Zhong Xiaomo, which was tied to the stone column.

"You dare!" Wang Ye watched.

"Ha, haha!" Fan Zhaolong went to the righteousness, "I dare to kill in the South Mountains, I will not be afraid of you? Come on, kill!"

In this way, the knife axes went forward, and they did not hesitate to raise steel knives to swall the clock small mosa.

"Suzaku, Shang!"

Wang Ye looked with a light, and the shoulder Suzaku patted the double wing, such as the riser of the arrow flying quickly.

Like a fire color shadow, directly hit four knife ax.


The four sounds sounded, and the four knife axes were directly worn by Zhuzu Cave, and they went back.

Suzaku filament fan, falling in Wang Yeshire.

"Well, let me come!"

When you say, Fan Zhaolong has a flash, straight to Zhong Xiaomo four.

The situation is worried, and the four eyes are not sent, and they have been prepared to die.

At this moment, the purple cloud fairy flashed, blocked Fan Zhao Long to go, and the hand and Fan Zhaolong bombarded together.

A full energy is awkward, such as the wave rolling, the two are a flashes.

"Worse!" Wang Ye is alleviated, and the heart is sigh. "Zi Yun fairy was hurt!"

He is coming to recall, when helping Suzaki, the last powerful energy shock, flying the purple cloud fairy, I am afraid that she is seriously injured.

Today, if you have a fortune with Fan Zhaolong.

Fortunately, she deliberately concealed, Fan Zhaolong did not know.

Holding the hands, Ziyun Fairy Shen Sheng: "These four people, I want! Fan Lao, open a price. As long as it is a five-piece medicine, let you choose."

This temptation is great, but Fan Zhaolong is obviously killed.

He shakes his head: "Can there be a dead medicine that is dead?"

Zi Yun fairy eyebrows, cold tang: "Seeing, Fan Lao is not facing me!"

"I have already given your face, Rao Naho! What do you want? Forced me Fan Jia with your jade!"

This makes the purple cloud fairy, caught in a dilemma for a time. If you really tear your skin, you have a hurt. If you can't afford Fan Zhaolong, if you want to retreat, you will not be able to stand by side.

But even if you rely on the call of the refining, it is necessary to override the family's words.

Just when the purple cloud fairy was in two difficulties, Wang Yen said a discourse.

"Fan Zhaolong, so how! Things from my Wang Ye, you will fight, and pay for life and death!"

"Good!" Fan Zhaolong, etc. is this sentence.

Ziyun fairy figured, appeared next to Wang Yin, whispered: "Wang Ye, the Fan Zhaolong is the early Jin Dan! You ..."

"You have a hurt, inconvenient to expose! Look at Fan Jia guard, not in a small number, there is no shortage of some of the sinister, if you kill, it is difficult to guarantee everyone's safety, I have a single battle with Fan Zhaolong, is the only way! "

Wang Ye is to say that Zi Yun fairy does not have to say more. He lowered the sound. "

It's only like this, and Fanjia is very big.

Zi Yun fairy sinks, said: "Good! Since you have a grasp, I believe you! If you need me, I will help you!"

Wang Yen nodded, slowly walked towards the center of the square, lending the sword in hand.

At the beginning of the black city with Fan Zhaolong, he has explored his bottom. Now it is further cultivated to add violeritis, and more three points!

Although it is a fierce battle, it is not a victory of winning.

His sword refers to Fan Zhaolong, Shen Sheng: "There is a break between you today!"