The richest man starts from checking in

Chapter 701 Jianghu Goodbye

Wang Ye's criticism, far beyond everyone's imagination.

He is coma for two days and two nights, eventually wake up.

At this point they have stayed away from Fancheng Baili, in the mountains, from here you can directly overlook the magic cave mountain range.

Sitting after waking up, sitting, taking the injury in the body.

Suzaku has been standing in his shoulder.

Since the way, Ziyun Fairy has been informing the things of Suzaku. Everyone is also amazed. If you didn't expect Suzaku, it was an unknown bird.

The round moon high-rise people were sitting in front of the bonfire, and the purple cloud fairy looked at the Wang Ye who was sitting on the dish, and immediately stood up.

"All, Wang Ye has been safe, I will leave again in the night! Go forward, the more people traveling to the magic cave, fearless."

Originally leaving Fancheng, she will take the little fairy to leave, I really worry about the king of the wild two days, and now he is safe, and the purple cloud fairy is finally able to rest assured.

"I sent you!" Wang Ye slowly opened his eyes.

He stood up, welcoming the eyes of Ziyun Fairy, said he smiled: "Nothing, sleeping for two days, it has been healed."

"Good!" Ziyun fairy nodded, and immediately moved it one by one with his Zhong Xiaomo. This is to go to the forest.

Wang Ye is in parallel with her, and the little fairy is followed.

"The fairy will go, can you have any plan?" Wang Ye asked with a smile.

Ziyun fairy shook his head, "Cloud tour four seas! Ten years living in Ziyun Cave, although there is alchemy, but feel greedy in the hearts of the world, so there has never been done anything, now the son is helping, Not only eliminates the fire, but also open the heart! Dangda Huaxia mainland, I want to go out. "

Wang Ye turned his head and looked at her, slightly smashed, asked: "Fairy is not willing to enter the Tiandao or white home?"

Ziyun fairy heard his head.

"I Zi's family is also a deep place of the magic cave. The family is a family! The Tiandao Institute is created by many families, and the white family is also unable to clean up. It is among the disputes! The world yearning is a holy place, but it is to cultivate it. The roots of the foundation! I am tired of that dispute. "

Wang Ye is in favor of the first, and Ziyun Fairy will look very through all this, it is worthy of fairy.

In the world of today's aura recovery, although the world has changed, everyone pursued is no longer a money and status, but they pursue the longevity and realm.

In fact, there is no different, all of which are greedy.

Whether it is the heavenly mate or white home, it is just the interests of another level, and the realm is improved!

They are pursuit of robbery, while white family and heavenly sacrifice, give high-quality cultural and conditions, providing high quality cultivation environment and conditions, rare practice martial arts and medicinal drug funding, and they also have a request, then they are These people are looking for and earn, they need.

Instead of being a college, it is more like a factory that makes cultivation.

"Fairy's mood, my king is especially admire! Why don't want to be like a fairy, you can relieve the cloud to travel Huaxia mainland, but unfortunately! I have the cause of my system, I finally got me to bear the evil results!"

Wang Ye is sighing.

"You said, magic?" Ziyun fairy asked.

Wang Ye is slightly frightened, "How do you know?"

"When you coma for two days, Zhong Xiaomo and others chatted, mentioned this! They said ten years ago, it is you destroyed Luo Family, Luo Magic Sheng, the magical spirit is reproduced! It is you open. The secret of the Nanshan Mountain has made Huaxia mainland aura recovery! But with the bitterness of time and space, let the world have destroyed your memory. "

Wang Ye laughed, "Fairy can be used as a joke."

"No, I believe." Ziyun fairy is firm.

Wang Ye footed slightly, looked at her, this kind of saying that someone believes?

"I really believe you." Zi Yun fairy smiled: "Do not say your special, can integrate two kinds of fire! According to me, the aura for thousands of years, it is indeed because of the seal of the Nanshan! Behind, hide a secret! "

I heard here, it is the foggy of Wang Ye, the secret is open, and the secret is still hidden?

"I just listened to the old age in the family, the world cycle, the aura I. He hides a huge conspiracy! As for what, I don't know what Zi family should not know, but the generation should not be airless!"

Wang Ye touched the next hand, is there anything you don't know?

After all, the purple clouds in Ten years ago, the purple home is deep in the mountains of the magic cave, and is a big family that has come out of thousands of years, knowing that some secrets are also rational.

Moreover, the Magic Cave Mountain has always been an extremely mysterious place, which hides a lot of families that come from the ancient times, they all know the existence of the secret of the Nanshan Mountain, but no one collects the secret key to open it.

Even if they don't know, there is a secret that hides the resuscitation, but I have heard that I have heard it, hidden the secret of the longevity!

In order to pursue longevity, is there no one's heart?

"You don't need more thinking, everything will come from an answer, it is good or bad, it is to deserve people, what do you say?"

Wang Ye has a smile, "the fairy is very! This will enter the five colleges will be Wu, I am ready to enter the Tiandao Institute. I will pursue strength, I'm also preparing for the assembly force, in the future, against the demon, destroy! In the end, I still want to find a way, let me care, I have cared for me, remember everything we used! "

Unconscious, it is already onto a mountain.

Zi Yun fairy stopped: "You have a good love, everything is big, at least the goal of struggle, you and I am like the birds in the sky, the fish in the water, the birds in the water, the birds in the water, actually the same! "

"The son doesn't have to be sent, if there is a fate, the rivers and lakes will come again later."

Wang Ye showed his hand, laughed: "Good! If there is any edge, the rivers and lakes are good!"

Ziyun fairy smiled nodded, resolutely turned and went to the distance, Xiaoxizi and Wang Ye have gone to say it quickly.

The moonlight, shining the forest, looked at the back of the purple cloud, and Wang Ye has a hint.

Such a powerful refinement, strong alchemy, if it can be received, it will be like a tiger.

But Nai Ziyun fairy is not in the transcript, Wang Ye is not good, can only be delivered to leave.

"Perhaps, there will be one day, let's see it again!"

Until the two disappeared in the line of sight, Wang Ye was whispering, turned to the camp.

The next morning, five people continued to go to the road, not far from the front, it was the magic Cç Mountain range, and the secret training of Suzaki and other people's secret training, now become the land of Tiandao and the White House.

Far away, you can see it, in the outer circumference of the Magic Grotto, built an extremely huge manor.

Here is the place where the sea is selected, and today is the last day of the sea.

In the morning, the representatives and sea elections of the Five Courts will participate in the military, and the number will have the opportunity to enter the heaven or white house.

This is the mainland of China, now the highest two major power, and most of the cultivators dream of.

"Hey, people in Nanshanyuan!"

In the huge manor, Wang Ye is still not yet, and there is a line of white, and there is a color of white.