The richest man starts from checking in

Chapter 702, arrogant Ma Yutong

This manor is named Haina Manor, which means that the sea is Baichuan invites many of the Chinese mainland many many comprehensions.

Before the gate of Haina, a group of white men and women were laid.

One of them did not precaution: "The Nanshanyuan did not fall,"

"Unlike the brother, according to I heard that the Nanshan Hospital has the rise of the disciples called Wang Ye, but opened up the first river."

"To the right, this is also heard, he is free to refine the medicine for the college, and enjoy it without a lot of disciples! Many disciples in the North Lingyuan are moving, run to Nanshanyuan!"

"There is still! I heard that the horse poked a young master, and I went to the Nanshanyuan to come back, I was scared by that Wang Ye!"

Several men and women discuss, aiming to a slow coming, guess who is Wang Ye.

"Cough!" A man coughs, "What is the tongue root! Nanshanyuan, hehe!"

His arrogant look, suddenly surrounded by several people.

"Yu Hong's brother said, this time, there is a brother and Ma Hao brother, what is the district Nanshan Hospital?"

"It's, Ma Hao brother, no! Yu Hong's brother can solve him with a finger!"

The discourse of Ah, finally let Ma Yuhong's face comes out of a smile.

Ma Yutong and Ma Hao are not Majia people, but the disciple of the North Deending hospital, but there is a rule in the North Electian, but the college instrument is giving surname, so that they can demonstrate their status.

Ma Yutong and Mao, who have not present, is the representative of the North Pieyuan.

"Hey, kid! Are you Wang Ye?"

When Wang Ye and others walked into the way, Ma Yuhong took the Ling Feng, who was a long gun.

Lingfeng's eyebrows, glanced at him and did not pay attention.

"Xiaoye talks to you! Nanshanyuan, grogan?" Ma Yuhong said.

"I look at you long temper! Why, what is it looking for me?" Ling Feng asked.

Ma Yutong, which is high, is acknowledging: "It seems that you are not Wang Ye, that in these few people, only your bird is Wang Ye!"

He looked up his head and said Suzaku standing.

At this time, everyone of the North Deep Hospital is exaggerated.

Wang Ye is too lazy to care about him. Although this Ma Yuhong repaired, there is a early stage of the game, but it is still unable to enter the eyes of Wang Yin.

"Let's go! No need to play with him,"

Wang Ye said, everyone walked toward Haina Manor.

I was ignored, Ma Yutong's face was very embarrassed, a brother saw it, eager to shoot a horses.

He fingers in Wang Ye and others, drink: "Wang Ye, you gave me, who let you go! My Ma Yuhong said with you, are you! Dare to give me the northern spirit!"

Wang Ye's footsteps suddenly donned, and he asked: "You are the Beibeiyuan? The horse is in the hands?"

The man thought he was afraid, showing off: "Your ears, I will listen to it! We are the representative of the Beiliyuan, this is our brother Ma Yuhong! After seeing my brother, give me a welcome Qi! "

"Is the horse pool? This time?" Wang Ye smiled.

"The horse poked the little master! No, in the closed door!" The man got a reply.

"Oh!" Wang Ye is very deeply nod, "to grab a woman with me, it seems that it is scared to go out!"

I heard this, the face of Zhong Xiaomo is slightly red, the horse stamps that this is already aware of the city, but she goes to the Nanshan Hospital before the morning, after being learned by Wang Ye, this piece There is no shadow.

Seeing Wang Ye poked a smile, turned to go, the man hit did not shoot, but it was played, and the face was gloomy.

"You really don't know, give me!"

When he stepped forward, he stepped forward and grabbed the shoulders of Wang Ye.

When his hand is approaching, Wang Ye suddenly turned, his foot tip was in the knee, and then he took it back, as if he did not move.


The man was soft and kneeling in front of Wang Ye.

It seems that it seems that the special trip runs down.

"Li Yong, your kid!"

"Soon! Don't lose your face!"

"This is unpredictable!"

Several Tongjan brothers loudly, Li Yong didn't want to stand up, his legs lost their consciousness, and he couldn't say it.

Wang Ye smiled slightly, leaned over and took the face of Li Yong.

"It's quite eye-minded. I am embarrassed to pick you up!"

Listening to the irony words, Ling Feng and Yao Xin smiled.

The face of the Northern Pilot is, and Ma Yuhong is slow, and the cold eye is staring at Wang Ye.

"You know, this is in your own trouble! I remember that Wang Ye, I will deliberately take care of you when I am!"

Wang Ye smiled at a smile, lazy to care, and turned to prepare to go.

"It's so mad! It seems that I will teach you how to be people before I will."

Ma Yutong is holding a handshake, he is ready to teach Wang Ye, and take this back!

The Ma Yuhong said Zhang Ao, Ling Feng can't see it, but he is ready to shoot by Wang Ye's eyes.

When Ma Yuhong came, a woman blocked his way.

The woman is not high, the skin is somewhat black, but it is this skin color, which is matched with her wild, contoured face, but also gives people a feeling.

"Don't look for it." There is no expression of a woman.

Ma Yuhong's face is sinking, angered: "Who are you? Is it also from Nanshanyuan?"

A disciple of Northern Pleasant Media, she went to Ma Yuhong, whispered: "Teacher, she is not Nanshanyuan, her calling Duan Lin Yi is this sea election! I heard that the strength is very strong."

Duan Lin Yi asked: "What about your North Dengyuan?"

"What are you looking for my brother?" Ma Yutong asked.

"Help you northern the courtyard! You are not qualified to know too much!" Duan Lin Yi finished, turned to remind: "You are not his opponent, don't go to your own insult!"

The voice is falling, Duan Lin Yi is stepped out, and the road is not intentional or unintentional. The shoulder hit him.

"Hey, this woman, really rude!" Ling Feng muttered.

Wang Ye said, smiled: "It seems that my Wang Ye is a lot of enemies! Talents have just arrived at the gate of Haina Manor, and some people have already prepared to deal with me!"

The words of the previous Duan Lin Yi did not cover up, they all heard it clearly.

It is very clear that Lin Yi wants to join hands with Ma Wei to deal with Nanshanyuan.

Zhong Xiaomo and Zhongyi opposite the eyes, the latter said: "Duan Lin Yi? It seems that I have never heard of this person! Will Nanshan Arch will be with her?"

"Not very clear, but a scaife is so powerful, I want to be my identity!" Zhong Xiaomo said: "Let's go, first enter the Haina Manor, tomorrow will naturally have a difference!"

A group of people went to the Haina Manor, Ma Yuhong disdained.

He was angry, and he grabbed Li Yong's shoulder and put him up.

"What do you make?"


As Ma Yuhong is loose, Li Yong is soft.

Everyone stunned, and a disciple of Beiliyuan in front of him was hurriedly, and her face became more embarrassed.


He has swallowed the throat and looked up: "Yu Hong brother, Li Yong, Li Yong's legs knees bone abuse! There is still a strange energy, let it be paralyzed!"

I heard this, I also sweat with Ma Yuhong, and the Northern Deep Hospital sweaty, they did not think of it, the previous Wang Ye turned into the moment.