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Chapter 707 Special Wushu

In the air, the people represented by the parties have arrived.

Bai Yuefeng rushed to Zhuang Long, and the latter was solemn and said: "All the annual will begin, and this year is different."

Zhuang Long dialect, with a piece of jade, he gently throws a jade, and then hanging on the half air on one side.


A slight energy wave is open, and the jade is broken, and then a space fluctuating from the middle.

In the moment, a unreal gate, it turned out.

"Here, it is the entrance to the land of the will. Although this year is different, there is still ten places. In this meeting, hidden ten passwords, and many tests, In the event of the organizer, it will be qualified to enter the Tiandaoyuan or the white family! Until the ten pass letters are all belong, will automatically turn off. "

Listening to his story, everyone is only a bit excited, this year's special meeting, in fact, it has already been announced, everyone is already available.

However, Zhuang Long took it down, but many people were so angry.

"For the fairness and justice of this meeting, there is a ban on the place of martial arts, whether it is the high and low, will be banned forced to oppress or improve, to the early repair of Jie Dan! So, each one enters it, It will be in a parallel line! So, it is more able to show the strain ability and smart wit! "

As soon as he heard this, the discussion of the field sounded.

Some cultivators are poor, nature is very happy.

Some cultivated are strong, it is depressed with face.

In the place of martial arts, it is unfair to be unfair than a lot of efforteen.

Especially at this moment, Zhong Xiaomo, willow eyebrows, "this rule, why don't we know!"

"Yeah, this is obviously unfair! No wonder the Beiliyuan in the United States, it seems that they have already known this news."

I greeted that everyone in the North Deengyu, see Ma Mingzhi reveals the smile of playing.

"This is a little tricky! The Ma Yuhong and Ma Wei, as far as I know, I have been united with Duan Linyi." Ling Feng whispered.

Yao Xinmei is tightened, "Soon, we must do dozens of three enemy,"

"How, the Nanshan Arch is as if it is afraid?"

At this time, the Northern Meihong smiled and laughed in Mei Yuhong.

"Don't be afraid, don't be afraid, it's three-go, do you still have a bird? More birds!"

He provocative eyes in Wang Ye, and Suzaku in his shoulder.

Ling Peak, but the cold channel: "Take your mouth, otherwise the first death will be dead, it is very likely to be you! There is no rule to say."

"Hey, I am afraid!" Ma Yutong helped his chest, smile, "I should worry, I should see you, hehe!"

Wang Ye slowly shook his head and stopped Ling Feng. He smiled. "Why bother with him more lips, will see the true chapter will be."

"You can move the sword, there is no need to make your mouth!" Being next to Ma Yuhong, Ma Yu Shen said.

Ma Yutong nodded and nodded more, obviously Ma Hao is the first of the three people in the Beiliyuan.

After a short introduction, Zoron announced the way.

"The martial arts officially begins, please."

He has just fallen, and Ma Hao is twisted, and I walked toward the entrance after Wang Ye.

Turninafter, the three people in the East Hospital, the middle of the hospital and the West Peak Hospital.

As for those scattered, it is the first of Duan Lin Yi Ma, she slowly went to Wang Ye, slightly stationed: "I advise you to give up, maybe you can live."

"Is this so hard?" Wang Ye shrugged.

"I am going to it, you are three, you will die!"

To be said, Duan Lin Yi walked into the light screen with more than 20 people.

"We also leave!" Wang Ye poked a smile, with Ling Feng and Yao Xin went to the light curtain.

The Zoron standing in my eyes, and the eyes were shocked.

Regarding him, Wang Ye didn't look at it, and he did not hesitate to enter the place where there was.

This is a special junior space for Tiandaoyuan and White.

Step stepped into it, Wang Yen is clear, and a special limit is lingering in the wealth, and it is suppressed to the early stage of Junan.

Pretty light shadow changes, and then condensed substance.

I saw it, here is the mountain Gao Lin secret, and the surroundings have long been divided into several teams.

Three in the middle of the school, Xifeng Hospital and East Hospital, they are cautious to stand on one side.

On the other side, the three people headed by Ma Wei, but the more than 20 people led by Lin Yi stand together, apparently they have already allocated.

Yao Hao holds the sword, Ling Feng is holding the tyrant gun, staring at Ma Yao and others.

The entrance of the places of Wusi is a dead, and the atmosphere is extremely weird. It seems that the arrow will be slightly friction on the string.

"All, just consume like this?" Wang Ye smiled in the light.

Duan Lin Yi Wen Yan said: "That's now! First destroy you three!"

Seeing that she has a big hand, a group of people came up, and now everyone's cultivation is the same, with the strength of the beginning of the san.

Twenty people fight the king of Wang Ye, they are confident.

"The front road is dangerous, why bother to kill it!" A woman's opening road in the East Hospital.

"Yeah, we need to cooperate sincerely, otherwise it is difficult to customize, let alone look for customs clearance!"

"It is expensive."

The Western Fengyuan and the people in the hustle have also opened.

In this place where there is a countless danger, if you are hurt, you will not be beneficial to anyone.

Ma Yuhong smiled disdain: "Saiman three, just in minutes, Duan Lin Yi, don't hesitate!"

Duan Linyi reached his fist, killing, waiting for the opening ordered, the next side said.

"Not anxious to be a moment, as far as I know, there is a high-level monster in this will, and the various hidden array, first serve!"

With him proposal, Duan Lin Yi is hesitant, this is a striker, everyone returns.

Ling Feng and Yao Xin have a breather with a sigh of relief, but Wang Ye provocatively asked: "Only ten customs orders, how many people are there? It is equal to the customs clearance, you have a difference, At that time, I didn't have a fetus. I would not be as broken as it is now, you can work together. "

Listening to his provocative words, many people have shaken in their hearts.

Indeed, their alliance is huge, with nearly 30 people, can sweep everything.

However, the customs clearance order is only ten, that is to say that only ten people can enter the heaven or white family, how do they allocate?

The king's wild is provoked, and Ma Yu seems to do not want to do it now.

He said faintly: "The problem is allocated, you don't worry! Everyone, let's go."

After finishing, he first walked in front of the forest.

Duan Linyi took the crowd, the remaining three major categories, and its peers.

After all, I have just entering the place of martial arts, among which the trusdom is still unknown, the safest way is to go to the peers, and if the customs will have a shortest, otherwise, the injury and each other will not be beneficial.