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Chapter 708 Dark Blood Vine

Looking at the ups and downs of the mountains, as well as the dense forest, Ling Feng and Yao Feng frowned.

Oremers, and there is a ban, pulling everyone's cultivation to a horizontal line, and their advantage is all.

"Wild brother, how do we get?" Ling Feng asked: "Together, it is still alone."

Wang Ye looked at the place of Wushu, showing a smile.

"I will with them, you will find two customs orders first with Yao Xin."

He careped with the shoulders, "In this mountain, no one is more sensitive than the smell of Suzaku, and she is with you, I will soon you can get the customs clearance!"

Suzaku is an extremely special and mysterious monster, even if the second-order monster of the Snow Leopard, I saw her scared legs.

Have her accompanied, the monsters in this forest are naturally insufficient, and she has a sense of smell of human beings.

"Then there is one piece." Yao Xin said.

Wang Ye shook his head. "I promised to pass Bai Linger, I have to be a Linger! And I promise that Mao Lun and Qiujiao and Miao Mining and Miao Xing will ensure that they have no things in their doors! This is compass In danger, I am afraid that they will have a flash. "

Under the schematic of Wang Ye, the Suzaku fan piercing wings is hovering in the top of the triple.

"You don't worry about me, follow the Suzaki, first look for customs clearance."

Under him, Ling Feng and Yao Xin can only follow the Suzaki, go to the side of the forest.

As for Wang Ye, it is far from the group of people.

The land of the mountains is high, this junction is very large, and I walked out of the past, Wang Yile has seen the clue of this space.

"It turns out, just a junior in the magic cave mountain range!"

The unknown voice, rang in the mind of Wang Ye, "To open up such huge space, at least the need for a minimum of points, it is just a transmission array, transfer you to the magic cave mountain range, here The ban is coming. "

"Well, it is more dangerous!" Wang Ye nodded.

Outside the Haina Manor, there is such a space, Zhong Xiaomo and others are standing here.

The huge light curtain in the air is reflected in the scene of the place where they will.

"It can be gone by itself, but he is in turn." Mao Lun said.

The autumn appearance on the side, sigh: "He really abides the promise."

"Yeah, can also put itself in danger!"

"If those people are biting, then he is dangerous!"

Miao Yu and Miao Xing also emotionally, they can see the picture, Ling Feng and Yao Xin have been in the mountains, avoiding some dangers.

If Wang Ye goes to walk, they may be able to cross this forest faster, but Wang Ye did not do this.

"Hey, don't put it as much as he said, who knows what medicine sold in his gourd!"

The Beibeiyuan Ma Mingzhi didn't show: "Reporting the group heating, and that Wang Ye has been following the back, obviously letting these people in front of the road, when he is good!"

No one will pay attention to Ma Mingzhi, because Wang Ye does not need this, he just wants to follow the Suzaku, it is perfect to avoid the danger of unnecessary dangers.

"Was, it is dark blood vine!" Suddenly, Zhong Xiaomo shouted.

Everyone hurriedly looked up and looked at the light curtain in half.

At this moment, in the place where the scene, the sky suddenly is dark.

Do not! It is exactly that it is interleaved vine to block the sight.

In the dark, countless interleaved vines, in an instant, intertwined each other, forming a diameter of hundreds of legs, huge cages trapped in it.

"It's dark blood vine! Everyone wants to think about it as soon as possible, otherwise it will swallow us!" Ma Wei Shen said.

"Head ... dark blood vine!"

"It's over, this time is dead! Such a huge dark blood vine, how to rush out!"

"The dark blood vine can be anti-aura, the greater the impact, the stronger the anti-anti-strongest! It is trapped in it, only dead road!"

"Who dares to speak nonsense, the first one of the people slaughtered him!" Ma Yuhong said.

In a huge cage, his heart is very concerned.

"You two, go to cut vines, try to break it!" Ma Yuhong ordered.

Two scatters hesitated, asked the eyes to see Duan Lin Yi, she is their lead.

"Do you have two deaf! Go away! This dark blood vine is shrinking, time is urgent!" Ma Yuhong urged.

Duan Lin Yi is slightly hesitating.

The two scattered, this is a bit bite, holding a steel knife walking toward the front of the vine.

They looked at the eye, while raising the steel knife, the aura was filled, and the vines weaving in front of them were cut down.


Almost at the same time, two steel knives fall on the vine, and the sound of fried.

Hey! Hey!

Huge anti-allerge, the two were simultaneously sprayed, and the body flew over the ground.

Looking at the prisoner prepared by the dark blood vine, he left two deep traces, with black, like a blood, flowing from it.

"Effective, continue! You are going!" Ma Yutong ordered.

Under the helpless, the other two people went forward and cut down.

If the same, the two were shocked out, and the cage of the dark blood vine woven cage was larger.

With human hard, although the effect is very small, at least the vines are broken, so Ma Yuhong has constantly urged.

One group of two people, successively, and anti-tolerance.

However, the vine is to be cut off, and the speed of shrinkage is getting faster and faster, and finally cover the rupture place.

The diameter of more than ten feet, now the woven cage, has shrunk to four or five diameters.

If you can't break, the final dark seril will shrink into a ball and squeeze them to die.

In the prison, the people are extremely fearful, Ma Yuhong urged the rest of the man to cut the vines.

"Don't be impressed, this is not good, it will only speed up the speed of the dark blood shrinkage!" Ma Yu Shen said.

Duan Lin Yi glanced at Ma Yuhong, "I saw the black liquid! It contains the paralysis of paralyzed nerves. If you can't break, the kind of poison is more and more, will let us lose your body control! "

Ma Yuhong scared some trembling, "Then, what should we do, we just come in, is it dying?"

"Everyone, everyone will hit, only the last one!" Ma Yu took the front step and took out the waist Pencourse pointing.

Everyone heard the words, and they also took out the weapons and secretly hit the enemy.

This is the only opportunity they are trapped, so they don't have to keep the aura that mobilizes the body.

"All the position, listen to my number!" Ma Wei shouted.

Just nod, when I was ready to do it, I came to a laughter outside the dark blood.

"Everything, if you don't want to die, can you listen to me?"

"Wang Ye?"

The face of everyone is getting swearing, and it is Wang Ye who speaks.

"Don't listen to him, he doesn't have a good idea, I can't wait to die early!" Ma Yuhong said.

Ma Wei waved his hand to stop his, in fact, his heart is not worth a fortune.

I'm asking: "Wang Ye, can you have a black and white law?"