In that huge prisoner, Wang Ye leaned against the trunk.

He smashed and said: "Duan Lin Yi, you can live up to your trust in your hand, the dark blood vine in the district will make them can can shoot a gray ..."

Those who suffered anti-anti-diamonds, one is overcast.

As Wang Ye said, they are clear their position and identity, cannon fodder!

I am afraid that even when I arrived, they can only be labor injured, and eventually do nothing.

Duan Lin Yi is in the face, "Wang Ye, if you pick alone, you are the way you break the diamond, then please shut your mouth!"

"Don't anger! I just explain the facts!" Wang Ye smiled: "Good, now I will tell you the dark blood vine, in fact it is a perceived plant, the bonders are its instinct, Feeling the danger will accelerate the speed of shrinkage ... "

"Staple, this is also said to use you!" The prisoners were disdainful.

Wang Ye did not pay attention to him, continue to say: "There is no such thing as a kind of plant, but since it can feel dangerous, there is still something else, such as just like a mimosa!"

I heard this, Duan Linyi's brain sea is flashing.

Ma Yutong satiries: "What you mean, let us ask it, it will let us ..."

"Shut up!" Duan Lin Yi said: "He means, as long as we withdraw the hostility, then generous."


"Yeah, why didn't we think of it!"

"It can feel the pain threat, and then shrink! It must be able to feel itch, and then release it."

One time everyone suddenly realized.

They followed the tips of Wang Ye, and they immediately stretched the vines.

Under this extremely simple and good way, the contraction of the dark seril stops, as if it is, it is difficult to feel itching, and the interleaving vines began to retreat, gradually spread each other.

"There is an effect, there is an effect!"

Everyone excitedly, slightly touched the vine, and the layer of interwoven vines began to spread.

In the case of a quarter, the huge prisoner spread, becomes a bar hanging on the trunk.

"This way, is it very good?" Wang Yen asked in the trunk of not far away.

Duan Lin Yi face is slightly, "Don't think that you saved me, I will be grateful! I said, Nanshan Hospital is my enemy!"

"I didn't think about it, let you thank me, but I didn't think about letting you have a good thing!" Wang Ye laughed.

For a turn, Duan Lin Yisu is no longer watching him, "shameless!"

"Thank you, Wang Xiong!"

"Thank you Wang Ye brothers!"

"Thank Wang Ye Brothers to save the Well!"

The nine disciples of the three major institutes, quite a polite to thank you, after all, Wang Ye is their savior.

Seeing some scatters, I have begun to thank Wang Ye, and Ma Yuhong's face is gloomy.

"Isn't the dark blood vine in the district! If you just follow the proposal of my Ma Hao brother, you can break it!"

Ma Yutong was complaining, and said a sword chopped a vine in front of it.


The dark blood vine has not been collected, and there is no anti-anti-anti-anti-vine.

At this moment, the broken vine, there is a black liquid sprayed.

Ma Yutong was scared, and the flying shit was evaded, and the black liquid went to Linyi after it.


Duan Linyi, caughtant, was spilled by the black liquid.

"Blood!" Wang Ye is slightly changed, and it is said: "Screen breath, will wipe it clean."

Obviously, it is too late, Duan Lin Yi's body began dramatic twitching in the bitnet, and the back is back.

"She, what happened to her?" Ma Yuhong said.

"!" Ma Wei glanced at him, "In the dark blood vine, the black liquid is a blood to virus, can paralyzed the nerve! She has been passed into the body, so the body can be paralyzed Down! "

As soon as he heard is so serious, Ma Yuhong will retreat a few steps.

Everyone also stayed away from Duan Lin Yi, black blood toxue on her face, but the toxins of the paralyzed nerve.

Even if Ma Hao, there is no meaning of the former rescue, I am afraid to provoke fire.

"Hey! This is the so-called alliance? Flying each other when you come!"

Wang Yen disdainted and smiled, quickly stepped forward, pulling down a sleeve, wi Lin Yi wiped the venom on the face.

"Don't stay here, so as not to see you as food!"

Wang Yen said, picked up Duan Lin Yili walked towards the forest in front of the forest, and everyone did not stay, and they have followed it.

Until this forest, there is no longer a cavity hanging, and Wang Yin is stopped.

He couldn't hook, and Lin Yili, which was close to shock, was put on the ground.

Take out the silver needle to block the acupuncture point, press the chest in Duan Linyi, with the aura of UV inflammation into her body.

Diffusion blood, let Duan Lin Yi lose control, although her brain is awake, but it has not been able to control the body.

Fortunately, the extraction of this toxin, has strong pressed, and is driven by Wang Ye, forced to the in vitro of the Duan Lin Yi.

Everyone surrounded a group, only in the mouth of Duan Linyi, with black smoke, and then a black blood swallowed out.

The twitching body is gradually stopped, and Wang Ye took out a Dan medicine to feed it under Lin Yi suit.

"Cough ..."

After about three minutes, Duan Lin Yi had a sharp cough, and he holds his body and gradually sitting.

Wang Ye took a hand and said: "Okay, it is not very important! In half an hour, the body will gradually recover!"

Duan Lin Yi looked up at him. "Why do you want to save me? Don't you know, don't you die with your Nanshan Hospital?"

"That is the festival of you with the Nanshan Hospital. In fact, there is not much relationship with me! However, follow you!" Wang Ye didn't care for the booth, said: "If you want to kill me, it is not so easy. All, I Look at this forest, it seems not simple, I still think about how can I go out. "

I heard this, everyone's attention is being opened, and then cautiously loses this mountain.

Duan Lin Yi sat on the ground, glanced through the mountain forest, disdainful whispered: "The simplicity of the law, there is too much in the martial arts of the land!"

"It's simple, but the danger is bigger, isn't it!" Wang Ye laughed.

It can be here, all of the top people, naturally understand the meaning of Wang Ye and Duan Linyi words.

In this forest, hidden invisible transmission arrays, once the lost step entry does not be transferred to where, plus it extreme rudiment, it is very likely to be shredded directly by unstable space.

"I want to go out, simple!" Duan Lin Yi said, ready to stand up.

"I will help you." Ma Yuhong hurriedly prepared to help.

Duan Lin Yi Bien's eyes stared at him, which made Ma Yuhong extended the stiffness, and then smiled and slowly retracted his hand.

Duan Lin Yi is not stupid, and it is very smart!

It was because Ma Yuhong, so he will be accepted by blood, but she has never been forced out before her toxin, but only Wang Ye has hugged her from the dark blood vine, and helping her hear.

And now, I heard that she has the way, Ma Yutong is a great job.