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Chapter 712 Lifelong Ambiguity

Ma Yuhong's eyes, but he did not send his face.

Duan Lin Yi walked toward Wang Ye, holding his hands and silent: "Thank you."

"Don't be polite! I promise to my friends, to protect your security!" Wang Ye didn't care shrug.

The woman in the East Hospital curiously asked: "Miao Xing and Miao Miller are really your friend?"

Wang Ye smiled.

"Then our autumn, is your friend?"

"Is there any of our Mao Listers?"

Wang Ye calmly: "They are all my friends, I promise, will not let their disciples do something!"

"What about me?" Duan Linyi suddenly asked.

"You! Bai Linger looks at you, please leave you a life."

"This is this only?" Duan Lin Yi asked.

"Otherwise?" Wang Ye asked.

Duan Lin Yi is the dark skin, and he is too dark.

"Let's go!"

She glanced at Wang Ye and stepped into the gorge.

At this moment, Wang Ye is in a group of people's hinders, and he is with everyone to go to the canyon.

Two times, so that these people have already changed their attitude towards Wang Ye, especially this time Ma Yutong, escape, escaping, is not the place of Wang Ye, and everyone is probably being mourned Huangquan.

Inter-invoid, the situation here has changed, only the three people in Beili Ma Yao were isolated.

"What is the singer, hey! Find a chance must kill him! And that Duan Lin Yi!" Ma Yuhong bite his teeth.

Macao is killed in the eyes of Ma Yao, Shen Sheng: "Ma Yutong, the back of the back, don't break the good thing in the North Plea!"

"Yes, brother." Ma Yutong hurriedly nodded.

A group of people go to the head of the canyon, far from the stone wall of the end, flashing two glare.

It is true that everyone is discovered, it is two tokens inlaid on the stone wall.


Everyone excitedly excitedly, the customs clearance will pass the assessment, as long as the blood droplets are unified, they can successfully pass the assessment, and successfully entered the heaven or white house.

Seeing two customs clearance, Ma Yuhong's figure flashed, putting two customs clearance tightly.

However, when he proud, a figure suddenly appeared in front of him.


I can't hold his wrist. The huge power allows the horse's hidden mouth, and the two clearances in his hand fall.

"Duan Lin Yi, what are you doing!" Ma Yuhong roared.

Duan Linyi cold channel: "These two customs clearance, you are not qualified!"

After the words, she turned away, throwing Ma Yuhong out, and the Ma Yuhong in the land was in the ground.

Pick up two customs clearance, Duan Lin is going to Wang Ye.

Everyone knows what she wants to do, this biggest hero is not a kingdom, so one of them should belong to him, and everyone has no opinion.

"Duan girl!"

Ma Yu blocked Duan Lin Yi's way of walking, he glanced over a handle.

"It is not possible to fight the monster frenzy. Everyone doesn't have two customs orders, I am afraid you can't do the owner!"

"Your North Pieyuan, want to swallow?" Duan Lin Yi asked.

Ma Hao smiled and shook his head. how is it?"

This is said that the appearance, everyone heard the nose.

If the customs clearance, if it falls into the horse, there are them.

"If I don't agree?" Duan Linyi asked.

Ma Hao smiled and bokedped, "I am not discussing with the girl! We have nearly 30 people, but the whole of the martial arts, only ten customs have been discovered, the sector is not found, the other two of the Nanshanyuan People have not followed everyone! According to me, they have probably have received customs. "

Everyone came back to God. He has been paying attention to Wang Ye, who has been paying attention to Nanshanyuan, and it is ignored Ling Feng with Yao Xin.

Duan Lin Yi smiled coldly, asked: "What is it? Others are available for this matter!"

"If the girl says this, then it can be unreasonable!" Ma Hao's face gradually became gloomy.

Same, for this customs order, it is necessary to play hands.

The four eyes were relatively, and the half-rancid is cold and smiled.

"The so-called for a long time, it seems that there is no need to league! Two customs clearance, give you one, since then, I will noise!"

She threw a customs clearance to Ma Wei, and the spin came to shoulder from him and walked to Wang Ye.

The customs clearance will be handed to Wang Ye, Duan Lin Yi Shen Sheng said: "This is what you should have!"

Kings are just a handle, said: "You should belong to you, the federation of the admission is your head array! Good!"

"Okay, you don't resign! If I mean, there should be no six passwords left in this meeting, and there is also a chance!"

Wang Ye deliberately refused, disclosure of Ling Feng and Yaoxin in the discourse, and confidently mentioned six pieces, obviously full of confidence in that two.

Duan Lin Yi is slightly sinking, and the customs clearance will be collected.

"Then I temporarily keep you."

Wang Ye and Ma Hao have formed a distinct contrast for customs clearance.

For a time, the people are all, everyone is bonding, only the three people in the Beiliyuan are standing.

Ma Yu is in the hands of the customs clearance.

There are nearly 30 people present, which is indeed a problem.

"Then I don't worry! I have a fair assignment." Wang Ye is boothing, "Is it three?"

"Hey! People don't necessarily do things!" Ma Wei said to sway, with Ma Yuhong and another person went to the forest.

"It's really not something, use us to win a customs clearance!"

"Before, we have gone, I believe in him Ma Yu!"

"This kind of person is gone, so excuses to follow the black hand behind us!"

A group of people who are hatred at the back of Madao three people.

Duan Lin Yi just glanced at it, and immediately asked: "Wang Ye, how do you do now?"

"The girl is not ready to find me again?" Wang Ye asked with a smile.

Duan Lin Yihe, "I haven't finished with the Nanshan House! But your Wang Ye is good, so I don't plan to find you trouble! Wait for a day, I will go to the turn of the turn!"

Her hatred heart has been put down, Wang Ye sang many times to save her.

"That's good."

Wang Ye is looking for it, and then picks up a branch, squatting on the ground.

Soon the topographic drawings here soon.

He pointed out the map on the ground and asked: "What can you see?"

Everyone's face is suspicious, this is a rough map of the place of martial arts, can't see any special place!

"If this is!" Wang Ye picked up the branches and scored a circle on their position.

Then there are two circles in the rest of the rest.

Duan Linyi seems to see what it has, and it comes from a light spot.

"This is ... the eye on the transmission of the array?" She asked Hawran.

Wang Ye has a smile, said: "Good, the position of ten customs orders is the point of this junior! So the remaining six positions should be in these places."