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Chapter 713 Hidden Reward

On this simple map, Wang Ye labeled the position of the remaining six.

"Yes, the remaining six pass customs orders, definitely in these six positions!" Duan Lin Yi is extremely affirmative.

Wang Yen's eyes will regard all people, their eyes are complicated.

Today, I have clearly known the position of the remaining customs clearance, and the remaining will get it.

"I have suggestions, six positions, six pass orders! East Hospital, Xifeng Hospital and Zhongqi, you will travel to the three places, the remaining three places, hand it over to the scattered distribution personnel. After all, think It is not high to eat. "

"Not only that, where there is a situation where the customs clearance is, there must be hidden dangers, and kill each other, it is better to promote one person! So, everyone has a quota, what do you say?"

This original is an extremely cruel fact. It is said that there are fewer wolves, only ten customs orders, it is impossible to ensure that people have.

"What about you?" Someone asked.

Wang Ye is boothing, "Our Nanshan Hospital, Lingfeng and Yao Xin should have to have a hand, I feel the looseness of the comics! Since I have two, then I naturally will not follow it. Robbed!"

"Ah? Are you not ready to enter the heaven or white home?"

"Yeah! Originally, you can quietly pass the customs, but now tell us, and you are empty!"

"You do this, we can't bear it!"

Everyone is grateful and even somewhat embarrassed, Wang Ye has seen the customs clearance, but she has not taken it, but it is to give everyone a chance.

"As long as you can safe, I can fulfill your commitment to friends!"

Wang Yanyang Yangdou and said: "Everyone is starting, lests from the Ma Yao and others."

"Good! No matter what, you can't let Ma Hao have to have!"

"It is, all the people, Wang Ye brothers left the opportunity to we, we can't let him down!"


The crowd swearing, and the arrogance of Wang Naisheng said.

In a moment, everyone was dispersed, leaving only Wang Ye and Linyi.

Wang Ye turned around to go on one side, Duan Lin Yi quickly followed.

"Are you doing with me?" Wang Ye smiled.

"I don't believe that you will let all the opportunities, let others! So, I have to follow you, what do you play!"

Duan Lin Yi accelerates the footsteps, followed by Wang Ye.

Seeing him, Duan Lin Yi said: "Every meeting, eventually have a colored egg! I will have a difference in the form, but it will not exceradious! If I have not guess, you are a hidden reward. Go it? "

After being broken by her, Wang Ye smiled.

According to the practice, each meeting will choose one person and become the object of Tiandao and the white family.

He can freely enter the white family and Tiandao, enjoy the high quality cultivation environment and conditions provided by these two major power.

This time, it is definitely the same as the past, hidden the largest eggs in this will.

"I am saying it! Hey, you know that you are not so good! You brought everyone, you want yourself swallow!" Duan Lin Yi smiled: "I didn't expect you to look at the big public, the back is A set of sets! "

Wang Ye's footsteps stopped, he frowned staring at Duan Lin Yi.

"You are not bad! I have already guessed, the location of the final colored egg! But there is no quiz, I advise you that I don't follow me, I am afraid there will be dangerous!"

"You can rest assured, I don't fight with you! It's really not, this customs clearance will be given to you!" Duan Lin Yi said, ready to take out the customs clearance.

Wang Ye shook her head and he stopped her. He did not worry that Lin Yi was robbed with him.

It is the place where the place is the most dangerous place in this comic, even if he is not much grasped.

"Since you don't, let me help you win the egg, so I have to stay with you!"

Duan Lin Yi said to go forward.

Wang Ye can't help but laugh, "this."

The footsteps suddenly stopped, Duan Lin Yi turned and looked at Wang Ye and walked toward another direction and immediately smiled quickly.

In the magic cave mountain range, this huge juncture, the mountain Gaolin Mountain is ups and downs.

Wang Ye and Duan Lin Yi peers, after passing through a dense forest, gradually hearing the sound of the stream.

"Almost, it's coming! Next, you should be more cautious!"

Wang Ye took one side.

"I am relieved, I will take yourself." Duan Lin Yi did not cry.

After the jungle, a winding creek is not far away, and there is a high waterfall, and a layer of water is floating on the waterfall.

Standing in the water pool, Wang Ye cautious four.

"According to the terrain of the places, here should be the core place! That hidden reward should be here!"

Duan Lin Yi rushed all the way, standing in the pool, holding the clear river and sprinkling on the face.

More than half a day, I have experienced the critical life and death, it is already full of sneaky sweat.

"You are looking for, I wash it."

When I said, Duan Linyi squatted in the water and washed the stains on the body.

Wang Ye is worthwhile, there is only one side of the waterfall, which is nothing.

Nothing at all? !

Suddenly, Wang Ye seems to realize what!

When the waterfall is near, the week is unusually quiet, and there is no sound of the insects.

He turned, looking at the downstream of the water chamber, his face suddenly changed.

The downstream of the water chamber is a winding creek. The clear river is clearly seen, where there is no smooth and grass, it seems to be crushed frequently.

Looking at the line, in dozens of feet, the riverbed side Wang Ye saw a wide gully.

"The monster!" He looked at it, Shen Sheng said: "Duan Lin Yi, come out from the water, there is a monster in the water chamber!"

Duan Lin Yi, squatting in the water, I heard the words and stood up and back quickly.

Just then, the water fog, like a rising tide, the water is rapid, and the water level in the blink has never been the waist of Duan Linyi, let her return speed blocked.

In the rising water champion, it seems to have something to rush.

Seeing the water waves, letting Duan Lin Yi in the water stand unstable, if it is swallowed, it is dangerous.

Wang Ye's shoulder, one shock, the double wing is coming, he fanned the double wing, step on the water, such as the reflection of the water.

I caught the shoulders of Duan Lin Yi, Wang Ye double wings went to half air.

At this day, the bottom of the trendan slammed a huge head.


That is a huge pythritis, a huge head foot, has a diameter, and the bloody mouth is open, and the water is rushed to Wang Ye and Duan Lin Yi bites.


The rapid fan is fanned, enhances the speed of rising, and that the giant pyth is spurred with a stinky waves.

Going over and watching only one meter from the foot, the bloody mouth, Duan Lin Yi's sweat is standing.

Great up, rushing more than ten feet, then the giant is stopped, the huge body falls in the pool.


The body smashed on the water, stunning a few water waves, the giant pan is around the body, the scarlet scorpion stared at the two people in the half-air!