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Chapter 714, Purple Giant

At the same time in the giant pyth, Wang Ye in the half-air saw that there was a hole behind the waterfall.

The rewards who want to hide will definitely be in the cave.

"Hey ... it is a third-order monster as a purple crowd!" Duan Linyi took a breath.

Wang Ye is overlooking the giant pyth, whispered: "It is somewhat is not very strong!"

"Ah? Will not be a fourth-order monster!" Duan Lin Yi was surprised.

Wang Ye shook his head and did not make a temporary unclear. Generally, the purple giant python is a third-order monster, which has a strong body, especially the scales on the body.

Colorful scales, showing a lavender under the sun, so its body is like a layer of evil-crystalline armor.

"Give up!" Duan Lin Yi said: "That is at least three-section monster! The combat power is straight to the peak, and we are now suppressed, it is only the beginning of the game, it is not its opponent! Go to provoke it, Tell the dog with the meat buns. "

Wang Ye naturally knows the pros and cons, but the hole is behind the waterfall, and the fat on the mouth can make it ran.

Slightly sinking, looking at the purple crystalline pythol in the water chamber, Wang Ye said: "This way, I will try it first, introduce it, you first enter the cave after the waterfall! The body type of the purple giant Big, the cave it will not enter! "

"Are you sure?" Duan Linyi asked.

Wang Ye double-wing, falling on the waterfall, put down Lin Yi, and then dive it to the water under the water.


The purple stream is in the mouth, actually emits roar, huge heads random, and the bloody big mouth is open to Wang Ye's biting.

When I was approaching, Wang Yinfang was the direction of rapid change, falling on the top of the purple crystalline giant pyth, a punch.


Under this box, the scales did not leave a little marks.

With an impact force, he went back to the side of a low-altitude.

The purple crystalline giant was completely irritated by Wang Ye, and the body was hooked, and the thick tail movement, the boulder cracked into crumbs.

"The purple giant is huge, I can't run!"

Wang Ye is whispering, turning his head glanced at the purple giant python, and then watching Lin Yi in the waterfall has climbed, drilling into the waterfall.

"Don't play with you, have the opportunity to pack you again!"

The gallop of the gallop suddenly turned, and then went to the direction of the waterfall.

The purple grain is roaring, and the trailing is coming.


After Wang Ye rushed into the waterfall, he jumped into the cave.


Then, the purple crystal giant hit, and the head hit in the cave.

Fortunately, the inlet of this cave is not big, and the purple giant is huge, and it is not going in.

Looking at the scarletic, full of ironic teeth, Wang Ye swallowed the throat.

If you really play, this guy is really hard to deal with, and the skin is thick, and the attack power is also extremely strong.

"Wang Ye, coming." The voice of Duan Linyi came from the cave.

Wang Ye rushed in the mouth, the big head grinned and turned to walk in the cave.

And he didn't know, after roaring before the waterfall, the purple giant drilled into the bottom of the water chamber, and then disappeared.

Wang Ye, who went down, turned around, and the light in front suddenly became bright.

Duan Lin Yi's stand is not far away.

Wang Ye quickly walked over, when standing next to her, after all the income in front of him, his whole person was also.

It is scattered here, and the gouaves that exude white light are very large. There are some caves that are like honeycomb. Those holes are different. There are only two feet whispered, and there is a large width of two meters.

The key is that in this large grotto, there are three huge eggs outside the central government!


"The egg of the Zijing Giant!" Wang Yen's hard swallowed throat, "No wonder, the purple giant is like a mad, it turned out to guard its egg!"

"How to do it? , definitely a water chamber outside, soon the purple crystal giant will appear here!" Duan Lin Yi frowned.

There are many cave here, and I don't know what hidden rewards are.

"Wang Ye, is there a hidden egg, is this egg of this purple giant python?"

"Don't be a joke, how could it be!" Wang Ye smiled: "Hidden eggs should be like a customs clearance!"

When he declare, the water chambers in the cave in the caves began to rise, and there was water to quickly, apparent that there will be a large substitute in the hole.

Wang Ye calmly judged that sharp eyes were searching in the hole.

Soon, his eyes fell across the grotto, there is a hole in the stone wall!

"In the cave!"

Wang Ye said, a pulled Duan Lin Yi, galloping to the hole.

In this cave, although there are countless honeycomb the same hole, because of the wet, the hole is full of moss.

Only the traces that have been obviously treated before the hole.

I must definitely be the strong people of Tiandao and the white family, and this hides the mysterious egg.

When two people passed through the grottoes, when the cave, the center of the pool in the center, a huge skull drill out.

Before it found two people, Wang Ye and Duan Lin Yi have drilled into the cave.

The cave is only one meter wide, and it is barely to be in parallel, and the dark cave reaches five fingers.

"I am afraid that I have no retreat!" Duan Linyi smiled.

"Take a step!"

Wang Ye refeds to a bomb, a flame is suspended in front, and shines on the dark cave.

Walking forward all the way, there is indeed traces that people have come.

This cave only has more than ten feet deep, and the two are very fast, and the end of the cave.

When the eyes fell on the stone wall, when a piece of ancient jade hanging, Wang Ye smiled.

This is the mysterious reward, the final egg!

It can be much higher than the customs change.

Delivery, you can choose to enter the heaven or white home, but this final egg is showing the final victory.

Get it, will be supported and cultivated by Tiandao Institute and White.

It is conceivable that it is a symbol of a special identity.

"This ancient jade?" Wang Ye smiled.

"Of course, you belong to you!" Duan Lin Yi's top, take the ancient jade to give Wang Ye, "The key is how we leave? The purple giant will soon sniff the human smell, it will be in order to protect the egg, Standard in the hole! There is no difference in the mouth that walks into it. "

Wang Ye took ancient jade and smiled: "Thank you!"

"Don't pull! I have this directory! Still think about it, how to go out!"

It is easy to come out, in the cave outside the cave, the purple crystal giant is guarded there.

The two gradually walked towards the hole, and he saw the mouth of the hole with the mouth of the green rays.

In the grottoes, the purple stream is around, the head is in the direction of the hole, and the scarlets who spit out from time to time, go to the cave.

It has smell the breath of the two people in Wang Ye, and is guarded in the mouth.

Distinguished from the hole, Wang Ye is laughing, it seems that it is inevitable.

This cave is narrow, the two must rush at the same time, the speed will be limited, the key is the guy with his mouth, waiting for them to spend the network!