The richest man starts from checking in

Chapter 724 falls into the magic

"It's just the father!"

White is responsible for the eyes of God, let Wang Ye first step back.

But Wang Ye is out of mouth, said: "What happened to White Crane?"

"Rabbit scorpion! The name of the old man is also you can call! See if I don't pick you today!" White is responsible for violent.

Bai Linger quietly sighed a sigh of relief. At present, it is not as good as not talking about Wang Ye before, and now I don't want to mention it!

She is one step, blocking in front of Wang Ye, Shen Sheng: "Enough! Say, what's wrong with my father?"

"Reassured, he is not outstanding!"

White is pennying slightly, this is a low voice, said: "The disease of the father is committed!"

I listened to this, and the white epiral face suddenly changed.


She went to the depths of the white family, and Wang Ye nature immediately followed.

White is full of whiteness, hurry to follow, drink in the mouth: "That is not where you can go, you and go to find someone to arrange your stay."

"That can't, I have said good to the White Master, enter the white family inch." Wang Ye took a mouth, he also want to see what is going on.

White speech: "The oysters are not where you can go."

"Oh, don't fight, let him go!"

Until Bai Linger is the master, it is a little unwilling to agree.

Wang Ye can only smile together, ten years ago, it is a white family, and although it is weak, at least it is very strong.

Now he lost any of the memories of Wang Ye, but I didn't like this mad Wang Ye!

After the white family, the entrance of the oysters, there are several hidden people in the week, and the breath sweeps through the three people, especially in Wang Ye's body.

Wang Ye turned his head and four, these strong people should be the Guardian Valley.

After entering the medicine Valley, Wang Ye light car is ripe, here he has come and remembers.

It's just a little strange that the ban on the drug valley has disappeared, and it is extremely rich in aura.

"It seems that it is a bit less right." He followed the Bai Linger, Wang Ye wrinkled with brows.

Bai Linger looked at him, and the look of the whiteness was quite surprised.

"Wang Ye, you talk about, where is it not strong?" Bai Linger asked.

I took a deep breath, Wang Yen took a moment and shook his head.

Seeing, it seems that it seems to be loose, and the words of Wang Ye have become extremely embarrassed.

"The aura here is abundant, but it seems to hide a smashing! Specifically can't say it, if you practice here, then you can't separate, you will have an impact, it will be simply, Just getting into the devil! "

The footsteps of Bai Linger stopped, her look and white were comfortable, quietly staring at Wang Ye.

In the past ten years of the aura, the white house has been found in three years. It is hidden with a bloodthirsty qi, which is closed here for a long time.

Therefore, the white family hides this, let the white family or disciples, and only one week in the month.

And before, the stone cave opened, it was the place where the disciples cultivated.

It has been in the past five years, and no one has found this secret, but Wang Ye has entered the medicine valley less than a quarter of an hour, and it is so thoroughly able to figure it out.

"Wang Ye, if you dare to rush, I let you ..."

One of the white spirits waved his hand and stopped the threat of whitening. She stared in Wang Ye.

"If you look at you, this is the source of this?"

"From entering the medicine valley here, the mixed gas is getting clearer, obviously its source is deep in the medicine valley! Maybe I can help." Wang Ye shrugged, said: "White father is sick, I am afraid it is because of this! It's late, let's go! "

Bai Linger glanced deeply, this is to turn fast to the mouth of the medicine.

In the deepest place in Nahako, a pneumatic magma is flowing in a uncommon gully, like a boundary line, separating the bright and dark.

Before that gully, the stone cave is very bright, extremely condensed, so that it is condensed out of the mist, and the light penetrates in the mist, making it beautiful.

However, after the gully, it is a dark, like a bottomless black hole.

At this time, in this kind of aura, a white hair is sitting in the knee, and it is shaking in a dramatic trembling, and there is a sweat on the forehead.

His look is kind, and suddenly, it seems to be extremely difficult to struggle.

It is a group of people from the old man, kneeling a group of people, all of which are the high level of the white family.

"Master, you are here! I just entered the white family, I heard that the father ..." Bai Yuefeng just said here, he saw the Wang Ye on the side.

He has a sinking and drink: "Who will let you come here! Go away."

Wang Ye is too lazy to see him.

Bai Linger: "It's me to bring him! It looks like it. This time, this father is very unauthenticated! I have said many times, the medicine valley is deeply affluent, but the same is rich, and the father is closed here. Time is too long, not suitable for staying here! "

"Hey!" The squat is sigh, "This is not something wrong!"

"White Yuehai?" Wang Ye low voice.

The old man looked up at him and did not call himself, how much angry in Bai Yuehai, more is curious to Wang Ye, curious this excitement in his eyes.

White Yuehai!

One of the sons of the White Crane, when Wang Ye came to the white family, he had been closed.

And this person still has an identity, that is, Wang Ye's mother's white quiet father! It is also the grandfather of Wang Ye!

The mother has already fallen, and there is also a bloody relationship with him in this world, only this white Yuehai.

Bai Yuehai received his eyes, hesitated, said: "The owner, you know, the father of life is coming, if you don't close the repair breakthrough, it is inevitable! So, this is also a way."

"What is the realm of my father?" Wang Ye suddenly asked.

The rest of the people finally disdain the disciples who have just entered the white family say so much. Only Bai Yuehai make a slight sinking, said: "Duration! If you can't break through the fusion period, you will not break, the father will face life. Swage ending! Wang Ye, you can come here to explain that the master trust you, this is not possible to go out, otherwise the white family will usher in a disaster! "

The matter of the matter, Wang Ye is clear.

White crane is the top of the white family, because there is his existence, it can make the white family and the heavens.

You know, after the NGD is the Jindan period, Yuan infant, out, distort, integration, robbery, big, and flying, the aura recovery is only ten years, only like a white crane, there is a deep root base In order to break through the time, it is already like God's general existence.

If his life will go out, I am afraid that the Tiandao Institute will inevitably have a big heart.

Moreover, if people let people know that the white family is hidden in the gust of the Holy Land, and the aura is hidden. The white family will cause huge attacks.

Wang Ye solemnly nodded: "Rest assured, I will keep the mouth like a bottle. First, let's help the old man is intimate, I will look at the source of arrogance."

Said, Wang Ye is going to ten steps, and the white crane sitting in the dish will go.