"Stand, who makes you approach!"

"Are you crazy? Once the father is out of control, you can destroy you!"

"You are dead, don't disturb the mind of the old man!"


The white family has been scallted, and Wang Ye's footsteps stopped, and it turned his head to a white spirit.

Although she did not stop, it did not seem to support him to continue.

After all, this matter is serious, but it is a big event that the white father is life and death.

"You are like this, you will be disturbed! If you don't want to let Bai's father lose ration, I advise you to be quiet and believe in me."

Wang Ning said, everyone hurriedly closed, the heart of the white crane suffered from the impact of the mope, if the last bottom line was crushing, he will completely lose rationality and become a machine that only knows killing.

At that time, the people here are probably being dying. After all, it is the power of the northern period.

Wang Ye naturally did not dare to neglect, and he was cautious step by step.

"It's a long-term erosion, in fact, it is magic, and Ice Cartoon can play a certain role, but it is not sure that it can make it!" He is in his heart.

The unknown voice, "I raited in his mind," the magic is not successful, there is also saved! You can rest assured, I will help you with the town magic. "

"I have your old help, I am relieved!" Wang Ye has a little in the heart.

He converges his body, it is slowly close, and the sound is lowered. High, but it is very helpful for your situation. "

He tongged his hand and took out a Dan medicine, which was the ice heart of the innocent refining, and there was an effect of pressing the magic.

Cautious pinching medicinal herbs, going to the mouth of the white crane.

Just when I was approaching, I suddenly opened the white crane in the dark, I opened my eyes.

The scorpion is full of violentness.

Just a look, Wang Ye feels that he can't breathe, as if it is covered by some powerful energy.


He is difficult to swallow the throat, this is the power of the power of interest!

Just a look, you can't hold it!

In the heart of Wang Ye, the first time I started to face the realm. If it is the magic spirit in front of it, then he doesn't even have the power!

When he thinking in his heart, the white family outside the ten steps is a cold, and the Bai Linger's sleeves are squatting.

If the white crane lost ration, the bomb is able to kill the Kings.


Just when the atmosphere was extremely nervous, Wang Ye came out of a long voice.

That is the soul song, a kind of very simple rhythm, which can make people feel happy.

The in the eyes of the white crane, gradually resolved under the appearance of the soul song.

That shares will gradually submit it.

Wang Ye hurriedly said: "White father, please take this ice heart."

"Little friends, thank you." White Crane said to stop the mouth, a sucking force exuded out, the ice heart Dan floating in the mouth.

Pharmacochemical is a clear stream, flowing in every corner of the white crane in the film.

"Children, let you and you will help you with the soul of the soul."

Wang Ye said, the discharge of the trees in front of the white crane, the soul songs emitted here, that is unknown, Wang Ye did not expect this song that snorted, there is so fantastic.

Not only the white crane, he and the white family behind him, but also indulge in the wonderful melody of the town soul.

"Music can really change your mood!" Wang Ye laughed in his heart.

A song falls, everyone is still indulging in the melodiousness of the soul of the town.

The white crane slowly opened his eyes, and his eyes were dissatisfied, and it was kind.

He slowly got up, rushing to Wang Ye, "Xiaoyou, thank you."

Wang Ye saw it, and hurriedly got up and rose.

"Lao Ge, you are fine, it is so good!"


"Master of the father ..."

Everyone swars, it can be described as cold and cold, but no one speaks a thank you.

Only Bai Linger, the cold eye stares at him, Shen Sheng: "Before you want to do this, you will get to discuss me!"

Wang Ye smiled and shrugged. When he saw the white spirit, he warmd.

"Okay, I am temporary, you will go first! Linger, you leave this little friend."

At the drum of the White Crane, the white family is a step forward and going far away.

"Sit down, dare to ask the little friend how to call?"

White crane is still as close to each other as ten years ago, quite kind.

Sitting, Wang Ye smiled: "My name is Wang Ye, in fact, I have had the edge of the father."

"Hey?" White Crane is trying to recall, after a moment, a slightly smile: "Sorry, the old age may be high, the memory is not too good, but also hope that the little friend reminds it."

Don't say it is a prompt, Wang Yen is telling you, you will not believe it.

Sorry, he doesn't matter shook his head. "There is no need to mention it, and the white father is more special. You have been closed here for a long time, and you have begun to shock your mind. Although there is ice heart, the soul, but the standard is not Cure. "

The white crane did not hide, he bluntly said: "The old decay will be exhausted, if it is not closed, it is unable to continue life! If I sprite, the white family is worrying, so it can only take risks to hit the realm."

"Today, you can get a small friend to save, the old is grateful! Just this matter, please ask your little friend to keep my confidentiality."

Listening to him, Wang Ye feels very comfortable, this is the real top power of the Chinese mainland.

They don't have a shelf, but it is easy to follow.

After Wang Ye's promise, Wang Ye asked: "Does the old man touch the edge of breakthrough?"

"Well, I don't think about it! It is actually cultivated as a point where it has reached the water, but in this realm, I want to break through, but also need to repair it, but also need to break through! Just, I am hovering, I am in a mood Breakthrough! Therefore, try to try to force the aura to break through, but it is confusing! "

White cranes have a helpless shake, his strength has reached a breakthrough, but the mood has plagued him.

"This is good, waiting for me to explore the root of , when you help Bai old master break through the mood, naturally you can break through."

"Hey, the little friend is really?" Baihe Hawran stood up.

The mood of many years, suppressed his realm, if the mood is sublimated, the realm is naturally water to the stream.

"Wang Ye, if you don't grasp, go too early!" Bai Linger reminded.

She is very clear, if it gives the hope of white crane, the final hope is destroyed, then he may not break through his life.

However, Wang Ye got up, and the vows said: "Although the realm is far from the white father, the mood is nothing to do with the age and repair! Don't worry, I have a self-employment, I can let the father sublimated in the mood of the father in three days. And after breaking! "

Bai Linger's eyebrows are close, but the white crane is pleased, if Wang Ye is really doing, it is helping him to live!

After a step, the white crane is holding the box, "I will thank you in this way."

Wang Ye has rushed to rush, said: "White Morders want to be polite, I will first take a deep source and say it!"