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Chapter 729 Horror Thunder


The thunder of the sky is like a huge ear, and the Tianlei is accompanied by a terrible sense of power.

Wang Ye double-punching, smashed, and his face is particularly dignified.

The shoulder of the shoulder, who has already fly behind him, falling in the branches.

This is the true Tianlei, not that Ma Hao is a lifting of the thunder, and the coacerous thunder is comparable.

Due this seemingly inconspicuous Tianlei, it contains heaven and earth, and people are born.


Lei Lei is falling, on the aura mask on the white crane, and his cultivation is shaking in a sharp shackle.

A calm radio arc, four flying out.

Wang Ye took his breathing and looked at the thunderous arc of the trip. He was ready.


When the thunder arc is falling on him, the whole mind is awkward.

Then, he stretched straight, his body lost a sense of consciousness in an instant, and squatted in the mouth and nose, and contacted the skin of the thunder.


Successful Wang Ye, I can't help but explode.

This is the real Tianwei, just a thunder, almost wants his little life.

Surprised, Wang Ye is not idle, was so abused by Tianlei, but he didn't come to find abuse, but hoped to lead a thunder into the thunder species in Yuan Dan.

It's a pity that there is too little.

After biting his teeth, Wang Ye took a step forward.

White cranes are rushing to remind: "Wang Ye Xiaoyou, this is Tianwei, do not dare to hit! I will bring two thunder ..."

"The seniors don't panic, I have to live!" Wang Ye shouted.

White crane has a chicken skin, a pit? He can't feel awkward!


The sky is dark clouds, thunder is deafening, and a white light flashes, illuminating the entire horizon.

Then, it is more robbery than the previously thick thunder.

White crane is condensed, and the aura is reinforced.


The Thunder hit in the aura light, with a thousand golden giant, the light curtain shaking, there was a trace of cracks, and the whole mountain is shaking.

The scattered thunder is like a Mars shot from all directions.

Wang Ye took breathed and prepared it.


When the number of thunders were sputtered on his body, the pain made him couldn't help him.

It's just very fine, like a few thunder arcs like a hair, it is to let Wang Ye bear the pain of the bones!

His body surface is a coke, muscle, skeleton or even every cell of the meridian, is quenched in the body with Tianlei in the body.

With the extremely painful Wang Ye, I have to focus on the Raytari to take the Radium to the Yuan Dan in Dantian, let it integrate into the larce.

In this way, the thunder species is the real thunder.

White cranes have long comfortable, withdraw the nursing body, the two thunder have been affected.

He turned to look at the King Ye, who was black and black, sighed: "In the middle of the Dan, you can use the body resistant to rob arc, not simple, not simple! In the future, it is unlimited."

Only those who really endure thunder robbery will only know that this is among them.

Leishal laying in the sky, the sturdy Tianlei is already very strong, can kill the cultivator under the golden Dan, and that is very strong, but it can't compare with the real Tianlei.

But more stronger than Tianlei is the Tianlei in thunder, that is not ordinary Tianlei.

Only when the presence of the sky, it will lead to the destruction of the heavens, and maintain the balance of heaven, so thunder, the thunder of thunderstorm, the horror of Ray and Leading when it is raining.

This is the thunder, a trifong of the mid-Tang Dan, which has suffered the impact of the thunder in the case of unreliable body.

It has already been standing in Bai Linger in the mountain, and the rest of the white family, came to seek the old man, the thunder, and it has already been stunned.

Tianlei integrated into the thunder, is tending to stabilize, this evolution will bring the king's wild leap.

As he has improved in the future, the power of outstanding lightning is more horrible.

"Hey?" Suddenly, white cranes were amazed, looked up and looked down on the dark clouds.

"Thunder, is it because he?"

White cranes look at the king of the doubles.

How can it be? !

The trifle of the Gan Dan can make the thunder less than?

White cranes are difficult to understand this phenomenon, but the roar can be continuous, and everyone in the Tiandaoyuan is shocked.

And thunder?

The fusion period will only lead to two thunder!


A thick thunder arc, the goal is not a white crane in the dark clouds, but to the King Ye.

"Wang Ye Xiaoyou, be careful!"

White cranes are exciting, and thunder robbery will be stronger than one.

He is shining, the next moment is there next to the king, the body is shocked, and a thick spirit light is covered in the top of the two.


Thunder knocked down, fried, and the aura light curtains with thunder and burst.

Under the powerful impact, the white crane couldn't help her face.


He helped his chest and spurt his blood, and his look was shocked.

"Still, it is still not spread ..."

He has a little desperate staring over half, and the dark clouds are still never dispersed, and thunder is being condensed.


Wang Ye will die!

The white crane is desperate, the third thunder robbers are full of power, and the fourth thunder will be more horrible than the third road, that is not the fusion period.

"Wang Ye Xiaoyou, I can't help you! I don't want to be able to breathe again, I can't accompany you to death, I can't care!" White crane whispered.

Several happy family!

On this moment, the white family is suffering from the people, and if the white father does not leave, he will will be gray to smoke with Wang Ye under the thunder.

But in the Tiandao Institute, everyone has become a prostitute at this moment.

The fourth thunder robbery is about to fall, that is not a strong fusion to resist.

White crane is dead!

The high-level heart of the Tiandao Institute of unknown situation is thinking.

On this mountain, the white crane is still guarded next to Wang Ye, and his heart is praying for that thunder robbery.

However, let him desperate.

In the dark clouds, a more rough Thunder is like a water column, a rough water, and falling in the empty fall.

Wang Ye Hawran opened his eyes, and he was evolved in Yuan Danzhong, and he pushed the white crane.

"White father, you are right, no need to send it to me! Nima's thunder, Laozi, come, come!"

Wang Ye who broke out of the crude mouth, the thorn white thunder, rapidly zoom in in front of him.

The fourth thunder, that is, the interstiture of the fusion can not resist, Wang Ye can have the ability to hard, and he relies on the martial arts. Only when the thunder robbery is about to fall. Here to keep the life.

Otherwise, thunder robbery will be like tracking missiles, not to kill him.

But he overestimated himself, when the fourth thunder was half-air, Tianwei made him a very powerful pressure, and the legs were unable to move!

"Lying in the trough, is it dead!" Wang Ye desperately whisper.


Just when he was ready to close his eyes, when he was killed, a bird sounded.