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Chapter 730 of the bath thunder evolution

The bedband is in the distance of the branches, like a bullet, it is the thunder that is in the top of Wang Ye's top.

"Suzaku, don't come over ..."

Wang Ye is desperately, and he will die if you die, you can't let Suzaku to do an unnecessary sacrifice.


The bird sounds, and the Suzaku is like a fire, and it is going to go straight.


Amazing scene, happened!

There are people in the field, all stunned.

In the halvers of the harsh, the pendant thunder and the Suzaku were in the moment, as if it was in that moment.

After the number of interest, the Suzaku double-wing fan, it is like a drill bit, which has been rushed into the thunder, and the razor inch bursts, like a beautiful fireworks.

A sound, Suzaku directly rushed to the thunderous clouds that did not disappear.

"This, what is this monster, can you fight against thunder?"

White Crane came over, he was confused to look at Wang Ye.

Wang Ye looked up and looked at the Suzaku flying in Lei Yun, silently shaking his head.

Suzaku, who was eroded by the blotzoy, helping the demon Dan to help the monster form, but Wang Ye is even the unknown, but it is still not seen that Suzaki is what the monster.

Until today, because the advancement of the thunder, but after the thunder robbery, the horror ability of Suzaku is still unable to see how she is a weird monster.

Just this ability, it is stunned.

She rose in the Raymeling of Tumin, with her own body, smashing the Lei Yun, a layer of Lei Yun, and the white crane who even fused, could not resist the thunder, which was broken by Suzaku.

Returning Lei Yun has been rushed out of countless holes, and the light is projected from it, so that the mountain is incomparable.

It's very fast, I'm schedulous, a bird in lightning, sang the wings from half-air.

"Evolution?" Wang Ye looked at it and fell on the shoulders of Suzaku.

The white crane is also awkward: "It's really incredible, I still see it, there is a monster to take a good evolution. I am also learning the five cars. I have never been this record in ancient books!"

Now, Suzaku is more like a woodpecker, but she is white, when she shakes the wings, there is a thunder arc.

Wang Ye did not respond to white crane, he asked in his mind: "Nothing, have you seen it?"

"I haven't seen it." The nameless decisive replied.

"It's amazing, I actually took the thunder!" Wang Ye was stunned.

"It is indeed magical, I am not smelling!" Without name.

Wang Ye stretched out one hand, showing the Suzaku on his arm, Suzaki jumped on his arm, the small head arched in his hands.

"There is still no aura fluctuating, even the power of lightning in the body can't feel! However, the power of the lightning is true, I am more and more curious, getting more and more expected, what are you waiting for? Memory! "

Wang Ye can't hurt, and the heart is happy. Suzaku's strong and strangement has exceeded everyone's understanding of Van Tao.

"I will call you thunderbird in the future! Because you may evolve, you will also evolve what is going on." Wang Ye smiled.

Suzaku, no! Thunder!

Thunderbirds use his head, rubbed the palm of Wang Ye, seems to say that she likes this name very much.

"Your guy is still very happy! Don't worry, thunderb is just a code, you will always be the Suzaku in my heart!"

Wang Ye's arm shakes, Suzaku falls in his shoulder.

The white crane that gradually calm down, this is sigh: "Wang Ye Xiaoyou is really a ghost! It is only to make thunder, and the pet is more able to crush thunder and thunder. Cloud, evil! The old life is half-life! "

Wang Ye heard the words, laughed: "Hematic life? After this, after the improvement, the white father will get the millennium life?"

White crane smiled and shook his head, "can improve the realm, step into the fusion period, and dial all over the boy to improve the mood! Daxie does not speak, Linger, you come over!"

He tried his hand on the white spirit of the distance.

Several landing, Bai Linger appeared to his side, curiously talked by Suzaku.

Baihe Shen Sheng: "Linger, since now, Wang Ye is a white disciple! But essentially, he is a white house, there is any major event in the future, you need to ask Wang Ye Xiaoyou's opinion, do you understand? ? "

Ice and smart white spirits, I can don't understand the man's intention.

I saw the wealth of Wang Ye, and his future achievement is not limited, and half of the white households can tie him, there is no harm to the future white home.

The old-fledged white crane is playing a good abacus.

Bai Linger nodded and said: "I will comply with the old man's order, from now on, Wang Ye is half a white home, but the machine is going to be a big event, I will negotiate with Wang Ye and decided."

This two is old, an oldest, a ice and smart, but Wang Ye is not stupid.

He boked his hands and laughed: "You can't afford it, you can't afford it! I can make a white family."

"Which outsider! Wang Ye, don't forget, you are the grandchildren of the white family! As a white family, it is a famous saying! You can rest assured, this is your own!"

White crane, and to Bai Linger: "This is for the safety of Wang Ye Xiaoyou. This thing is to be announced. Let's know enough! Otherwise, the Tiandao Academy is afraid because of the heart Ery. "

"I understand." Bai Linger should be.

Although Wang Ye has repeatedly evacuated, the white crane has been decided, and his intention is also clear in the heart.

Sorry can only be accepted, and the white spirits, please take care of Lingfeng and Yao Xin and Duan Lin Yi.

"Do you live a few days in White?" Asked the white crane.

Wang Ye shakes his head: "The opportunity in the future is more, as well as the Tiandao House Ling Tower, it is a cultivation of the holy place! Although I am far from the realm, the realm needs to improve!"

"My medicine is not weak." White crane tried to retain.

Looking at Wang Ye's smile, Bai Linger smiled: "Although the old man, the medicine Valley is weak, but it is flat to the spirit tower, especially the ninety floor of the Ling Tower, is not at one level! With the king! Wild talents, breaking the record of Ling Tower should not be difficult. "

Wen said, white crane is a bitter laugh.

I learned from the mouth of Bai Linger that it can be able to board the ninety-storey person, and the Ling Tower has a hundred layers. Every last layer of Ling Tower needs to withstand great power, only those superiority excellence , The ability of the ability to go up to the 90th floor of Lin Ling Tower.

In these years, there is a top ten ghost of Tiandao to maintain the record of the Tower.

The strongest is also one of the most mysterious people of Tiandao, has always been a ninety-six layers of Lingta.

This is the only recorder since the Tiandao Hospital, and even the high-level high-level high-level high-rise of the heaven, even the height of the Tiandaoyuan.

According to I heard that the old dean of the Tiandao Department of Lingta is left on the top of the Lingta, and a gift as the first person to the top of the top of the tower.

Just as the gift is what is, there have been various guess in Tiandaoyuan.

Or is a special treasure, or a kind of skill martial arts, but what is it, no one has been able to pay over over the years.

This is to let Wang Yen are full of expectations, I don't know how many layers I can go to Lin Ling Tower.