Standing on the mountains of the white home, it was able to look at the ten miles away, and there was a row of buildings in the mad forest.

There is a place where there are countless comprehensions of Huaxia Continental, Tiandaoyuan.

On the mountain, after the White Crane and Bai Linger, Wang Ye went to the Tiandao House.

The dense forest room, his leisurely walks, his mouth hooks a smile, hook the shoulders from time to time, it has evolved into thunderbirds.

Wang Ye's happy, it is derived from the recognition of white cranes, although it is a half-family of white family, but this is an attitude of the white crane indicated.

In the future, the army will be assembled, and when weighing the demon, the white family will definitely become the main force.

In the jungle, Wang Ye's footsteps suddenly, the smile on his face was more brilliant.

"All the position, the murder is very heavy." He smiled and said.

There is no response between the calm forest, but there is some abnormalities here.

With Wang Yucheng's perception, he has locked four stages hidden here.

These four breaths are not weak, and should be in the later stage and peak of the game.

"If you don't appear again, then I have to go."

To be told, Wang Ye is going to go, he has never moved forward in front of the line, but went around an arc.

"No wonder, the young masters of Lianzhuang sword will fall in your hands! I have been in the big battle, I didn't expect you to know it!"

A murderous sound, from the side of the forest, a middle-aged man came out slowly.

At the same time, the other three directions, there are three people jumped out, surrounded by Wang Ye.

Wang Ye turned his eyes, the breath of the four people was thick, and there were two people who were in the later stage of Junan. They speak this person, and another one is more cultivated in the peak.

This is the first thing that is in the many disciples of the Tiandao Institute.

"Zhuang Lilong sent?" Wang Ye was lighter and asked with lightness.

Look at him, I haven't put these four people in my eyes.

"Zhuang Home, Zhuang Zhi!"

For the first man named Zhuang Zhi, nodded: "I have been waiting here to wait for it, Wang Ye, I have never killed you, I really want to know how you see how you have a mapping?"

On the way, Zhuang Zhi and others have already come to the road, and in this case.

They heard about Wang Ye's strange, so especially cautious, no traces have been left, but they were found by Wang Ye.

Wang Ye grinned and pointed to Gu Zhi Zhi, "I am reminding me."

"We?" Zhuang Zhi has some intakes.

"Yes, it is you." Wang Ye smiled and smiled. The location, it is very far apart, but left the air, as long as it is not a fool, I know that there is a problem that deliberately left. "

"Supplement, I want to break it one by one, you are now the body!"

Wang Ye's words, let Zhuang Zhi four people face gloomy, and even feel the feeling of humiliation.

But I don't know, Wang Ye can not be arrogant, with the body of the martial arts, the dust of the body, he can be a ghost, even the golden Dan is unable to see him, that is, the killing of the golden finger!

Let me, they are repaired.

"Well, it is indeed our negligence. Your Wang Ye is indeed a arrogance! I wait for the family, why did you secretly act, it is indeed no experience, but ..."

Speaking here, Zhuang Zhi's face is sinking, cold channel: "To kill you, it is more than enough!"

"Hey!" Wang Ye has long sighs a sigh of relief and asks: "Is there anything else to choose not to die?"

He is very helpless, it is not an enemy, but the people who have not painful because of the things of Zhuang Jian. It is aggressive.

If he is really killing, it will not wait until now, it will be able to do it when you find four people.

However, in the face of Wang Ye's inquiry, in exchange, Zhuang Zhi fiercely took out the waist and the waist, and he refers to him.

"The people who have to be removed, no one can escape!"

"Okay." Wang Ye took the head: "Let's do it! Look is that you are far away, or my Wang Ye hits you to take you!"

The contradiction has not been harmonized, and Wang Ye is killing, and he suddenly disappeared.

I originally locked his breath, and I lost my goals at this moment.

"Be careful, I heard that the kid is quite strange, you must keep ..."

Zhu Zhi reminded the voice, let the three peers are highly vigilant.


Suddenly, there is no sign, one hand comes out, slaughtered in the throat of the adult in the late San Dan.

Unexpected fire, the power of lightning is in advance, the man is like electric shock, and there is no strong convulsion.


After a little surprised, Zhuang Zhi rudely, suffering that people were still exploded.

"That kill!"

Wang Ye's evil is a smile, and the arm is smiling. It is hurting the throat, just like a boulder to Zhuang Zhi.

Zhuang Zhi tried to pick up the person, but the body suddenly suddenly cracked from the inside, and a hot flame came out and Zhuang Zhi hurriedly avoided.

The bitnet, the second kills a strong, Zhuang Zhi, etc., never dare to know.

"Before entering the Tiandaoyuan, send you three people!"

Wang Ye smiled slightly, and his figure flashed to the direction of Tiandaoyuan.

The shoulders of the Suzaku band wings the flying pan in the forest.


Zhuang Zhiwang, three people galloped.

It is not a big one, and in the dense forest, it lost the trace of Wang Ye.

Zhuang Zhi's brow is locked, and the long sword in hand is screaming, and there is no trace in front.

"I disappeared again, the kid is too strange!"

"We don't want to return to Tiandaoyuan first?"

"Sundum?" Zhuang Zhi Huranang called, the look of ice is cold: "Do you tell the Man, let's join hands, let it kill one person escape? You are waiting in the future!"


"Don't talk nonsense! The kid is definitely going towards the Tiandao House! If he has played the three people, it will not escape! You I have separated, the carpet search, keep each other ten times, let each other appear In the line of sight, the first time support, the middle position of our station, you are around you! "

Zhu Zhi quickly developed a strategy, three people were searched quickly.

As everyone knows, they are not willing to leave this place, they have been standing, and there is a shadow, it is pokeing the sorrowful smile.

He was lazy to follow a tree trunk, smashed the mouth: "It is too small to take me! With today's lightning power, with the power of the fire, don't say you, even if you come to a golden Dan Strong, I can fight against him! "

"It's also! Destroy you four people, it is a lesson of the Man!"

His voice falls, the figure will disappear again.

For the sake of Zhuang Jian, the Buddha is again looking for, and the king has lost his patience. If you don't knock the mountain, you will be able to stop the troubles brought by the Tiandao.

Only by giving a destiny to the dealer can let them stop.