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Chapter 732 Shengdai Tiandao

This area is outside the Tianlu Sale, and Zhuang Zhi three has been searching along the road, and there has never seen Wang Ye's trace.

At this moment, even Zhuang Zhi is ready to give up.

In the battle of the gods, the battle in the battle, the words are very close to the Tiandao Institute, which is not good to pay attention to the reputation of the people.


In the air of the hollow, the hovered Suzaki, issued a crisp bird.

Zhuang Zhi looked up to the silver white bird, and the face was changed. "That Wang Ye did not go far, his spirit is still there! Everyone is careful ..."

The words just finished, the half-air Suzako pugged down and went straight to a strong man in the future.

In the face of this kind of monster, it is cautious, and the comprehension is cautious, but she did not put her in the eyes.

At the same time, the savvy Zhuang Zhi throws a companion from the left hand side of the peak.

Tiger is close to the mountain!

The two people have intended, and they have already got a god!

The left side of the left, it was already prepared for the fight, and it couldn't, and there was an awkward appearance in front of him.

The person is spiritual, the giant sword is tattoo, and it is obviously prepared to be prepared.

But the strange thing is that Wang Ye turned out, just grinned, the figure disappeared again.


Just then, they heard, a thorn sound of the flesh.

Zhuang Zhi two people seemed to see, outside his right side, the new year, the last time, the chest was worn by the Suzaku, and the body was backward.

"Damn, what is the spirit of favor, one thing to kill the end of the Dan!"

Zhu Zhi angry exclaimed.

However, it was shocking not to stop there, and the cave wearing the chest of the chest, rushed to Zhuang Zhi, and when he hurriedly sword, Wang Ye who disappeared again appeared again.

With a shock and unfair, when he appeared in front of the peak of the Junan, the latter was scared.

That is, he lost the best time to escape.

Wang Ye's horrified fist has been smashed, and a dull punch is hit in the chest.

Suddenly the sternum collapsed, the man flew out, the body is in the air, the body is wrapped by Uso, and then incinerates.

The hops that are transversed, but it is touched towards the sky.

For a time, the two companions were falling, and Zhuang Zhi has some creepy.

Although there is a cultivation of the peak of the Gan Dan, the psychological defense is approaching the collapse, and his anger: "Wang Ye, come out, come out, there is a kind of death!"

In the quiet forest, there is no response, only the supera rock over the forest is hovering in his head.

This shows that Wang Ye is in this around this, but I can't find the breath of Wang Ye.

Panic, let Zhu Zhi's psychological defense have finally collapsed.

He gave birth to the direction of the Tiandaoyuan, no longer thinking about killing Wang Ye, no longer dignity and task, thinking only to escape.

A junior peak is strong, and the median of the junction, forced to fall and flee, this is an extremely humiliated thing, the more you like this, the more you have a panic.


He is swearing, he suddenly hits something, the body is playing back.

He climbed up, frowning, looking in front of it, then the wooden bowl looking to the chest.

Time in time, his whole people are not attached.

At the chest, a fire is glimmering, it is not scattered, but even his clothes have not been burned, it is obviously the exquisite control.

When you slowly look up, Zhuang Zhi saw the position of previous collision, slowly appearing Wang Ye.

"Hey, it's too weak! Do you have this strength!" Wang Ye was shook his head.

With the prestigious name of the Tiandaoyuan, these years, such as the big families in the same man, the high-rise children of Tiandaoyuan, most of them are excellent, enjoying excellent cultivation conditions, but lacking the disciples of Tiandao, in the blood and Mining in the fire.

So, although they are very high, they are in the face of the heart of the crisis, but even far less than those of the Tiandaoyuan, the disciple of cultivation in the magic cave.

Zhu Zhi did not speak, he knew that he would die, that a flame did not spread, but gradually beaten.

The flame penetrates into the skin and start burning his five organs.

In an infinite shock and fear, Zhuang Zhiyi did not say an export, and it was a black thoroughly lost his life.

When he fell to the ground, Wang Ye had a thoughts, and it is dissipated in its body.

Zhuang Zhi's body, there is no injury from the appearance, but the five internal organs are already a black.

"Daiist, huh, huh!"

Wang Ye smiled coldly, and some people can let him, show this kind of heartbeat.

After an hour, a piece of plaque was hanging on a gate hung in three golden large characters: Tiandaoyuan!

And the gadget is also hanging on the building.

This is the door of Tiandaoyuan, where there is a lot of onlookers here, and everyone discusss.

"Who is this company? How can I be caled on the gate of Tiandao!"

"I don't know, I have never seen this person in Tiandao Institute."

"Who is dry? This is so mad, this is obviously called the Tiandaoyuan!"

That is Zhuang Zhi's body, the killer of the man, most of the disciples of the Tiandaoyuan don't know him.

Wang Ye is negative and standing in the forest, he is waiting for the emergence of people.

For a time, the door of Tiandao House hangs an unknown body, soon it is coming.

In the Tiandaoyuan, Zoron came to step.

A college disciple, exclaimed: "Zoron adult, you will go see it! Hang a body is hung on the door, it seems that it is not our heaven!"

Zhuang Long heard some nodded and accelerated his footsteps.

It is an emotion that is coming, "Zhuang Zhi, this guy is also too high, let him take people to fight Wang Ye, kill it! He actually hangs Wang Ye's body on the door!"

"Oh, but it is good, give the enemy in the Tiandaoyuan, there is a good warning, let them know, don't have the benefits with me!"

Zhuang Long is excited to walk out of the gate of Tiandao, shouting on the crowd: "Scattered, scattered, spread!"

"You, Yes, it is you, get the body!"

Zhuang Long rushed on a disciple.

The disciple nodded, three or two were climbing the door, the dagger scored the rope, the body was down.

It is not a corpse, and everyone is also eyeing with the bodies of Zhuang Long near that.

Zhuang Long turned over the body of the face with his feet. When he looked at the five senses of the person, the whole person was stunned.

"Zhuang, Zhuang Zhi!" He smashed his lips.

The inner joy, from an instant, the boundless angry, originally thought is the body of Wang Ye, did not expect it to be Zhuang Zhi!

"Wang Ye, Wang Ye!" Zhuang Long couldn't help the low roar.

When everyone disclosed, Wang Ye's play is laughing.

"Haha, the Tiandao Sali is so enthusiastic, I came to the Tiandao, the first day, and the teacher brothers greeted me! , Zoron adults are also!"

The watch of the crowd watched the twist, and saw that Wang Ye poked a smile.