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Chapter 734 Small Steel Cannon

In this attic, the Tiandao Academy has a group of high-rise tongues, and it is a little sleepy.

Finally, after bragging a pass, the old man is told: "Wu Sanjun, Wang Ye's yard, do you pack it out?"

This name called Wu San can be very characteristic, short and black, very early, Wang Ye pays attention to him.

He is responsible for striking, end water.

Wu Sanhu hurriedly nodded: "It has been sorted out."

"Well! Then you take Wang Ye first! Then take him first, familiar with the heaven! There is a teacher, know!"

Isn't there something to find a policeman! There is something to find a teacher in the Tiandao Institute.

I think so like Wang Ye, I just want to leave here, listen to these people.

Wu Sanli points should be that after leaving Wang Ye, after leaving the loft, I just went out to take a touch of turbidity.

"Harmony ... bored."

After the words, he laughed, "Wang Yin brother, don't mind, I see you like me, I can't stand it."

Wang Ye contains a smile, I think this Wu Sanhu is quite interesting.

He took Wang Ye and walked towards the designated residence. "My name is Wu Sanjun, the name of the mother, no way is indeed a bit funny! But everyone calls me small steel gun."

"Small steel gun." Wang Ye smiled and looked at him.

Small steel cannon seems to have used this kind of eye, while laughing while laughing: "You are strange, I am not a person, why do you appear in Tiandao?"

"It is a bit strange."

Wang Ye did not cover up, and people were Gao Fushuai, which is the characteristics of the short and black.

But the most attractive Wang Ye is curious about that although the small steel cannon is not repaired, his physical fitness is very powerful, this power is an eye to see.

Small steel cannon laughs: "Not a secret, the beginning of the Tiandaoyuan, I am the first disciple, I was not blowing, the talent is good ... but later, I accidentally broke down when I hit the golden Dan Repair it. "

Listening to him, Wang Ye did think that it was boasting, but he heard that he couldn't help but breathe.

Many years ago, the small steel cannon has already hit the Golden Dan, and it can be seen in his talent.

"Hey, since the unliges, the college feels that there is a confidentiality, he left me in the college, and I have tried to help me rechagenically repair, but I have tried it in the first few years, and I will give up completely!" Small steel can inspect a breath.

Wang Ye stopped, he asked: "Although the golden Dan is a big split of the ridge, it will not lead to Yuan Dan. What are you going?"

The small steel cannon shakes his head. "Things are very complicated, three words are also unclear! Anyway, I have passed, I have been used to it, I am relieved!"

It refers to the front, a courtyard that is near Lingta is not far away, and the small steel gun said: "There is your home, only the top 20 of the college can enjoy near the Ling Tower, the place where the aura is full. I Take you in. "

After following the small steel gun, Wang Ye entered this other courtyard. The alone did not be too big, there were three rooms, and a separate small courtyard was very unhappy.

These high-quality treatment, Wang Ye is not too much, but from time to time, he has an alternative intent in his heart.


Yes, this small steel cannon is indeed a good test product.

At the end of the way, the Golden Dan is a great watershed, and some people can't break through this realm.

The watershed here referred to herein is not to say that the Jandan has broken through the stage of Jin Dan, but the golden Dan to Yuan Ying period.

However, some people know that there are many cultivators that have a lot of comprehensions, and they have no longer pass over a life after entering the Golden Dan. It is involved in the Yuan Ying, because they have never stepped into the golden Dan during the Junan. When you lay a solid foundation.

It is like Wang Ye who used to experience hidden savings. It will now have a relaxed level challenge, and even the ability to kill the opponent.

Yuan Dan broke and later, this Qino has long been known from the .

When the Golden Dan broke through to Yuan Ying period, it would be necessary to experience Yuan Dan to break and subtractive infants.

Some people know, in fact, when the Junan broke through to the golden Dan, it would need to break the Yuan Dan and then re-condensed. In the future, the golden Dan's period of gold is already in this. The level began to loosen, and the watershed was very good.

Just knowing that this is a few, plus the Yuan Dan once broken, it is very likely to be a small steel gun, become a waste, so no one dares to try.

In the first time I listened to the nameless mention, Wang Ye has also hesitated.

You know, pay and return is a proportion, but once the Yuan Dan is broken, the reshape failure will face the scary end of repair.

However, if a small steel cannon as a experiment, you can help him to reshape the Yuan Dan, it will be more confident that you will break the Yuan Dan after shocked the golden Dan, and will lay the foundation for the future.

"Wang Yin brother, then you and rest, I will take you again in Tiandaoyuan tomorrow, familiar with it."

After the small steel gun is introduced, it is ready to leave.

Wang Ye took his hand and said: "You get started earlier, don't call me brother in the future, and we are commensurate with brothers, how?"

"Can you! Now not to be with an age, but to repair it! I am making up now, I naturally call you a brother!"

Small steel cannon is a refreshing person, there is no resignation, laughing, said: "Yean!"

"Then I will call you small steel gun!" Wang Ye grin smile, "Since it is a brother, there is a good view, there are two rooms here! You live here in the future!"


Small steel guns live.

The brothers are just a styled call. He didn't think too much, but living here is different.

It is possible to live around these courtyards around the Ling Tower, which is the disciples in the Tiandaoyuan, and the ranks are qualified in the top 20.

And no one will be willing to share the aura here to others. After all, someone will share less.

As you meet Wang Yic Ping, he is so good.

But the small steel cannon is still more than this.

Wang Ye passionately pulled him, said, "Although Yuan Dan is broken, it is not an opportunity to reshape, you live here, we can always communicate, I will want to help you reshape Yuan Dan!"

"Ye brother, don't make a joke." Small steel gun smiled: "The Tiandao Saicai is ahead of the first three years, but it is nothing, and finally have to give up! Oh, not the brother can't afford you, this is hard to be difficult Do it, I don't want to delay the time to practice. "

"Hey, you are brothers, saying that those who have seen it!"

Wang Yulu put his hand, this is his best test product, you can miss this opportunity.

He firmly said: "The Tiandao Institute can't do it. It doesn't mean that I can't do it. I can be an outstanding alchemist! You can rest assured, if you don't have to hold me, you will not boast with you, as long as you Listen to me arrangement, strictly follow my way, ten eight nine is to help you reshape Yuan Dan! "

The small steel guns that have already been givenant have looked at the firm look of Wang Ye, and I have gone a hopes in my heart.