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Chapter 739 with an enemy

There are many people onlookers, and Wang Ye's tone, let Zhuang Long feel the face.

"Wang Ye, is Zhang Tieyi to find me, please host this duel! If you don't dare, you can refuse no one for forcing you! I will take a tail to do people! But if you are not bad, don't blame me ..."

"I said, I am in a bad mood today!" Wang Ye's body, exudes a cold murder, let Zoron's discretion.

He looked at Zhang Tieyi coldly. "You are sure, to challenge me?"

Wang Ye's low voice is mixed with creepy killing, Zhang Tieyi is hesitating.

He stared at Wang Ye, and he said that he did not come out because he felt a fear that never had.

Zhuang Long, seeing Shen Sheng: "Zhang Tieyi, is you inviting me to host this duel, is it necessary to retreat?"

This sounds more like it.

On the side of the tiger, the wind is turned on: "Tang Ge, the kid is just the middle-aged cultural trim, and it is quite ..."

Zhang Tieyi hit his hand, stopped his words, Shen Wei and then worried, Wang Ye smiled.

"Kill you, waste my time! This way, I challenge you." He looked up to Zoron.


The viewer is in a mouthful of cold.

Challenge the teacher of Tiandaoyuan?

And it is also the high level of Tiandaoyuan!

You must know that Zhuang Long is the beginning of Jin Dan!

This challenge in the realm, Wang Ye is too mad.

Zhuang Long said: "Now I ask you, you have to challenge me?"

"The disciples of the Tiandaoyuan can't challenge the teacher?" Wang Ye asked.

"Hahaha, of course, you can!" Zhuang Long smiled, a bit should be, "Okay, I promised! This will go to the college's octagon!"

He had long wanted to remove Wang Ye, and Zhuang Zhi's death made him a batch of batch in front of his neighborhood.

This time, Wang Ye took the initiative to challenge him, this is a chance of chance.

Wang Ye did not say, step towards the crowd, and the small steel cannon followed him.

"Ye brother, there is no chance to repent! Zoron is the strong man in the Jin Dan." He depressed the sound reminded.

"If you don't make it, it's hard in the day of the Tiandaoyuan! You can rest assured, just take the way."

The mood is uncomfortable, and then the Zhuang Long Yin Soul is not delayed, he kills.

Although Zhuang Long has a golden Dan, it is very good!

His realm, but relying on the large number of medicinal herbs and high-quality resources in the Danner, it is increasing to Jin Dan!

Moreover, Zhu Long, who is in high position, has been working hard. His realm is just a set, lack of fighting experience, and the fighting power between life and death is not as good as those who have peaks.

Kill him, Wang Yen believes!

Wang Ye ranked fifteen Zhang Tieyi, ranking fifteen, and high-rise Zoron.

This news is very fast.

The entire Tiandao Department is sensational, many people in all directions, rushed to the corners, and even some people in the Lingta Tower, they were also rapidly arrived after the news.

The teacher challenges the teacher's teacher in the octagonal cage, which is the first example in the Snow.

This matter, it is also a high-level high-rise of the Tiandaoyuan, and goes to the attic on the side of the fight.

In the attic, looked at the crowd coming to the fighting farm, a old man laughed.

"Zhuang old! You still stop Zhuang Long, if you lose the people, you will lose your face, you can be big!"

"This, Zhuang is still thinking about it! Most of the college can be watching, once it enters the octagon, things will have no rooms!"

"Life and death, it is not a small thing! The key is who is folded, and there is no benefit to our Tiandaoyuan."

Everyone proposed, the man presenting the family, and it stopped this duel.

The old man standing and standing, looking at the corner fight, the brow is close.

Wang Ye, the new star of Tiandaoyuan, the Tiandaoyuan is highly hoped!

Zhuang Long, the son of the Man, the beginning of Jin Dan!

This duel, whether it is Wang Ye's death, or Zhuang Long, is a great loss for the Tiandao Institute. It is also a huge attack on the Man.

The father of Zhuang's father hates only hate Zhu Laowei, and there is such a thing.

"Zhuang is old, usually, it is just a joke! Today, this is different!"

A elderly, walk to the old man, and said with a long time.

"I heard that this time, Wang Ye took the initiative to challenge Zoron! He meant, you should be clear, this is really going to flush your face with Zhuang! If, if I said, if! If Zhuang Lu defeated, The Man will have no reason to make it difficult for Wang Ye. What do you say? "

The father of Zhuang recovered his eyes and looked back to the face.

The four eyes secretly biting his teeth, holding a box: "I understand what you mean! Since this matter is Zhu Zhuang promised, the life and death have their own life! I am in this commitment, no matter how this is the ending, the family will No more people, it is difficult to do it! "

"Hey." The old man sighed, nodded: "It is also a thing, it should be a broken thing! Moreover, the Wang Ye or the heart is arrogant, or the strength, there should be a conclusion ! "

"You! Today, everyone is a testimony, I don't want the deputy chief to see the inner fight in the college!"

"I will comply with the order of the old age."

Everyone gave a gift, the old man's identity is not low, his words are even the old man, but also have to be three points!

At this point, in the corner fight, Wang Ye looked at it.

This corner fight is quite large, is the orientation of the gossip, all of which are arranged in the county, and each of the diameters of the quadrupleness, there is a special material that can resist the aura as a fence to prevent aura out.

Here, this is a disciple of Tiandaoyuan. Every year, it has gradually become a place in the college, and many factions resolve the grievances.

One into the octagon, life and death, even if it is killed by his opponent, it is also allowed!

Confident Zoron has been a bit can't wait, I want to kill Wang Ye in this.

He pointed to the octagon cage in the field: "Wang Ye, pick one!"

I have never hosted him, and Wang Wild Try is going to go in an octagonal cage close to.

The crowd is crowded, and this thing has not been retired so that the small steel gun is tightly holding a pack of medicinal materials in his arms.

Zhuang Long is an urgent, and a few last leaves are before the octagon trump, I will go to the door.

"Wang Ye, I have already planned to do it with you. Today is your own choice, no wonder others!" Zhuang Long whispered.

Wang Ye stepped into it, and this eight-angle cage did not have special, but the surries and barbed wire we were in a special material, which was able to afford the aura.

He turned his head and saw Zhang Tieyi, still standing outside the court.

"You both!"

"!" Zhang Tieyi bite his teeth, rushed to the octagon, and looked at the iron gate.

"Wang Ye, I was originally only you with me today ..."

"No need to talk nonsense! Start!" Wang Ye's palm of his hand, the sword appeared in hand.

His momentum was changed, because the things of the small wild vegetables were silted in the heart, and today he was completely killing.