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Chapter 741, Ice Battle

"A trick, just a trick."

In the attic, the big elders have been stunned: "This is not much! From now on, the Tiandaoyuan should support Wang Ye, maybe he is what our heaven is going to be looking for!"

Everyone he nor to nod, a trick, Zhuang Long, Wang Ye also brought them endless shock.

"Zhuang, do you see this?"

The old man is old to the old, with the attention of the inquiry.

Zhuang's old look, slowly, "I grandson Zhuang Jian, my son Zhuang Long, have fallen in Wang Yen's hand! This pain is deep into my heart! But I have been in the first, whether it is life is dead, the man must not pursue Since the promise is natural to do. "

"The old age, everyone! The old man knows the heritage of the Tiandaoyuan, and also knows that Wang Ye is difficult! You don't have to worry, from now on, the family will not pursue this matter again, and I will also turn off a period of time!"

"Or is still the old mass."

"Zhuang old is heavy, I have to study hard!"

"Zhuang is not a respectable person!"

A group of people have arched, and the old man turned over and walked to the attic.

It's not only to him, and there is the tiger and others, they looked at Zhang Tieyi on the ground in the octagon cage.

The college ranked fifteen, and there was no hand in this duel, and finally.

If you shoot, I am afraid that the consequences are like Zoron.

For a long time, the cheek is like a pig head, and the people who rushed into the octagon, and Zhang Tieyi helped Zhang Tieyi.

They haven't opened it yet, Zhang Tieyi asked with noord of six gods: "Wang Ye, what is said to you before Wang Ye?"

"Ah?" Zhang Hu is stunned, reverent: "He said, he said, don't let you find him avenge."

"Not that sentence."

Zhang Ti wrinkled, "There is something, he said that if you shot, I am afraid, I am afraid that the nest is not."

Zhang Tieyi's hard swallowed throat, "Go, go out, move out of the hospital, not! Before moving, go through the wall with Wang Najo, let the yard."

He has been scared, only when Wang Ye is no longer looking for him.

As for Zhang Tioli and others, I dare to hesitate, help Zhang Tieyi, who has a soft leg, hurriedly went to the place.

This matter, brought the unlimited shock of everyone, and Wang Ye is already in the pharmacy.

On the bed, a young woman is covered with blood, and it is lying on the silk.

Her name is Xiaolin, is a helper of Cai Yu.

"Out of the college, go east ten miles, one mountain valley, ice armor bear, ice armor bear ..."

Wang Ye's ear is attached to the mouth of Xiaolin, and only blurred hear of the orientation of her, and the ice armor bear.

"Fourth-order"! "

Wang Yen's brow is locked.

The ice armored bear is a fourth-order monster, and the strength is comparable to the golden Dan. It is not a strong golden Dan.

The monsters have strong attackers, as well as extremely rich combat experiences, plus powerful flesh power, the fourth-order monsters are those real golden Dan, they don't dare to hard!

"The heart is in harder, I can't get so much! I will rush to rescue, and you will fight with small steel guns, first help her to deal with wounds, her injury is heavy."

"Uncle Wang Ye." The little wild cuisine took the hand of Wang Ye, and the tears were in my eyes. "You must return my mother back."

"You can rest assured, uncle will not let her have any danger!"

Wang Yen said, knead the head of the small wild vegetables, hurry to go outside the house.

Time is urgent, he has been casually caught up, directly shoulder and a shock, the ice and fire fly, the double wing fan is rolled up, and goes to the sky.

Suzaku filament fan, tight, with him.

In the Tiandaoyuan, everyone only saw a stream of light and went to the orientation.

In addition to ten miles, just a moment, Wang Ye has been circulated over a valley.

Overlooking the valley, there is a complicated environment, with a boulder, dense weed, and a huge cave under the stone wall.

The four-level monster ice armored bear, Wang Ye is not un confident, it is directly to determine that he is trying.

However, in Suzaka, it is a bloody pressure, which is able to make the Snow Leopard.

But he is still cautious in the valley. After all, the Snow Leopard is just a second-order monster, and this ice armored bear is a fourth-order monster. He can't sure it is now, after the removal of lightning, this' thunder What is the level of the bird '.

If the level is very different, the blood of the blood can play a role, but it will not let the other partiate.

Careful eyes, you have some gravel, and there are some gravel, as well as the weeds that are crushed, obviously overnightly fighting here.


Wang Yin's brow wrinkled, not far from there.

Look with the blood, it is to the valley, the stone cave.

He quietly drilled into the stone cave, and the stone hole was dark and accompanied by a cold flow and odor, apparently this is the nest of the ice armor.

The stone cave is wide, and Wang Ye has a stone wall forward, and it is quiet in the hole.

Gradually, the gray is broken, and there is a glaze in the cave, and countless ice pins, it is like the chiffon, just like the nest of Snow Leopard.

However, the difference is that there is a flame liter in the central office of the ice cave.

"Ice Fire?" Wang Ye secretly took a breath.

This is a strange flame, it is unfair to cold, and people can freeze people into ice crystals.

Moreover, there is a purplefish, which can feel clearly, in the ice crystals under the ice fire, seems to have a special energy, and hooked the tremor of Unealfish in his body.

"Is the breath of the fire!" The unnamed sound in the mind sounded.

Wang Ye silently nodded, "It is indeed perceived the existence of the fire!"

His eyes moved from the flame, searching in the ice cave, soon, I saw a homomizedness of the armor, the ice armored bear.

He appeared like a bear, but he was white, full of scorpions, and white scales formed a thick armor.

The ice armor is in a glamorous, a huge bear's palm sharp claw tooth, planing the ice layer on the ice wall.

In the sky, you can see that there is a small ice hole in front of it, and roll one person.

"It's a heart!" Wang Ye has a sigh of relief, and Cai Yuxin should be in the ice cave, this is to escape a robbery.

But if you want to save her, it is not easy. After all, it is the fourth-order monster ice armor. The power is very strong. The armor can be thick.

Slightly sinking, Wang Ye quietly on the side of the ice, rushing to the shoulders, whispered: "Help a busy! You first take the ice armor to go out, the guy is big, but can't fly! I have lived, don't do it with it, I will take it. "

Suzaku Xiaoxiao's head, in Wang Ye's face, and then flew out.


Suzaku patted the double wing and sent a sound of humming.

Sure enough, Wang Ye is expected, the ice armor is turning around, the first reaction is anger, and it is a bit fear.

But it is just a fear of blood and pressure, and it is not like the original Snow Leopard directly on the ground.

It took the chest and sent a deafening roar, trying to drive Suzaku from his nest.