The richest man starts from checking in

Chapter 743 a misunderstanding

A continuous question, let Wang Ye have some dumbs.

Cai Yu Xin and Liu Ribu are different from other people. Although they have no memory, they know.

That is, they have met Wang Ye, who is young, Wang Yin, Wang Yushan, who is married, the marriage is still in his hand!

Top more for them, Wang Ye has never appeared.

Welps her grievance, Wang Ye's soft voice: "In the past ten years, I have been trapped in the secret, refining the spirit of the world, I have to leave!"

"Then you do now, do you want to admit this marriage contract?"

Cai Yuxin asked, took a letter from the hands in the hands, the original fire painting and printing is already opened, she took out the marriage to handed Wang Ye.

Wang Ye shook his head, did not reach out, "Wedding is not used, I know that it is true! Not I don't admit this marriage, I am very heavy in my king's heart, just I don't want to appear because my sudden appearance, And it is difficult for you to choose. "

Cai Wei widen a wroth, she waited for the Niu Ye ten years!

"It's hard to choose, what is it meant?" She asked by her fox.

"Hey!" Wang Ye sighed, "I just entered the Tiandao Institute, I have seen the small wild vegetables, although she told me that her father has abandoned your mother's wife when he was not born, but these years, You have not married it so far, it is still in him, so I don't want you to be difficult. "


Cai Wei smiled.

Wang Ye wrinkled and said: "What are you laughing? Is it too stupid? It's too honest, I am in your heart, is actually just a marriage?"

"You misunderstood." Cai Yu smiled: "I am not a baby's biological mother."

"Ah?" Wang Yiden his eyes.

"The matter is like this, I am married for nine years ago, my sister is married. She presented the child, but in an accident, her husband was unfortunately killed! The depressed heart, so after giving birth to the wilderness! "

"She, is she is Cai Jinchen's child?" Wang Ye's five flavors of five fees, excited, there is also a regret.

On the grassland, the ancient spiritual woman Cai Jinchen gave him a deep impression.

At that time, Cai Jinchen had a love for him. This king is in the heart, because everyone has forgot Wang Ye, and she is looking for true love.

Unfortunately, God got people, Cai Yu Xin and her husband have passed away.

I learned from the mouth of Cai Yuxin. Now that the aura recovery is also a turmoil, she has left the grassland with a young wild vegetable that has just been one year old, looking for the future generations of the Wang family, her fiance Wang Ye.

The name of the small wild vegetables is also her name, wild and Cai's homophonic.

Football can be seen, she is a loyal woman, as well as the year, only to marry the weddler's life.

Cai Yuxin, which is a bitter in Huaxia Continent, is known to the establishment of the Tiandao Saixao in the Magic Grotto, so come to Tiandao.

Just met the good old dean, got his help in the Tiandao Institute opened this medicine shop.

This is why it is the reason why the high-rise in the Tiandaoyuan is quite polite, because she is the old dean.

I do business in Tiandao Institute, raise the baby's news, while I am secretly listening to Wang Ye's news.

It turns out that everything is a misunderstanding, and the small wild vegetables and Cai Yuxin have no blood relationship. Cai Yu's heart is still on the marriage.

Excited Wang Ye, holding Cai Yu Xin.

"Thank you, thank you for remembering me! No, I still remember the marriage!"

Cai Yuxin is like electric shock, and the cheeks are turned into the root of the ear.

"Wang, Wang Ye, you release me."

"Hey, you have a hurt, I am hurting you." Wang Ye rushed to open him, and the evil said: "The damn ice armor will dare to hurt you, I solved him sooner or later!"

Feel the sincerity and warmth in Wang Ye, Cai Yu is showing a temporary smile.

Ten years of waiting, it seems worth it. She chooses to accept the arrangement of fate, and choose this man in front of them.

"You are not its opponent! The fighting power of the ice armor, straight to the golden Dan peak repair, even I can't have it!" Cai Yu smiled and shook his head, "But wait for you to break through the golden Dan, maybe You can join hands and can solve it! "

Wang Ye grinned and smiled. "There may not wait for it! There is ice fire in the ice cave, and there is definitely a fire, I need that outlet as a group, I am hovering the golden Dan time, reshape my Yuan Yuan Dan! "

"Ah! You have to break, you can think twice!"

Cai Yu is a little worried, she actually knows that the truth is true.

After some consideration, she said: "But your aura is very special, I think it is not enough! And, according to my observation over the years, there is a possibility of nine glasses below the ice cave!"

"Is it a thirteen nine glasses ranked in the out of the fire?" Wang Yen said.

The Auntium is over the past few years, many of the many comprehensions have been gathered, but the absence of the list has an extremely anti-sky.

The same is true for nine glasses. It is an extremely cold flame, which is a big energy, which can be burned in an invisible.

"There is a four-stage monster guard. This valley is also aware of. Wang Ye, you and peace of mind, waiting for the opportunity to try again, you have to kill the ice armored bear, can be able to stabilize the fire nine Friday! "

Wang Ye has a smile, before upgrading the repair, it is necessary to cooperate with the medicine bath, for future generations, break, and break.

All of this is required.

"Okay, let the ice armor bear the bear, guarding the nine peace of ice!"

Wang Ye smiled slightly, reached out to the hand of Lai Cai's heart, the latter is somewhat not to habits, hiding behind it later, then it is a smile.

Hand drawn, Cai Yu's heart lost the memory of the same year, but as usual, happiness followed in Wang Ye.

Because of the people of the side, it is a man who has followed by her birthday!

Two people go to the Tiandao Court, and chatting on each other of these years.

Especially Cai Yuxin, one person supports the pharmacy. If she is not to raise the small wild vegetables, she will not delay cultivation. She only has the initial repair in Jin Dan. It is known that Cai Yuxin in ten years ago, and there is excellence in Guwu's talent. Performance.

When returning to Tiandaoyuan, Cai Yu is trying to pick up his hand, but Wang Ye delifies, pull her hand, does not intend to conceal this relationship.

Although it is a late night, there are occasional people in the college, seeing this scene, many people are wrong.

Cai Boss, that is, the goddess of many people in the Tiandao Court, only knowing that she has a child, but this does not affect some of the pursuit of her man's faith.

Cold, Cai Bo, who has been cold, has been in the hands of Wang Ye.

This is open overnight, and it is passed to the high-rise ear of the Tiandaoyuan.

In a quaint study room, Zhuang old master heard the return of people, and the whole face was sinking to the extreme.

"You are sure, Wang Ye and Cai Yu are a couple relationship?" He asked.

Then the people hurriedly nodded and said: "I am sure, I can see it with my own eyes! They held hands and laughed, returned to the pharmacy."

"No wonder, no wonder!" The father of Zhuang is squatting and walking back in the study.