The richest man starts from checking in

Chapter 744 Collecting a Daughter

On both sides of the study, neatly standing the sons of the family, their faces are extremely dignified.

"You all heard?" Zhuang's father finally stopped.

Seeing everyone silent, he smelled: "No wonder that Wang Yin is unscrupulous! Killing me Sun Shizhuang sword, destroying my Chi Zhuang Long, let me know that the enemy is in the enemy, it is the old things behind him!"

"You all give me a remember! This must be reported in the future, but now I will give me a point, don't come with the king, otherwise we are afraid to be involved in this!"

"I will tell the father to tell!" Everyone should be.

Wang Ye and Cai Yu have come together, which makes the people of the family, thinking that Wang Ye has a relationship with the old dean!

After all, when Cai Yu opened a pharmacy in Tiandaoyuan, the old dean is strongly respected, and the brain remedies believe that the old delegate gives Cai Yinxin this face, it is likely to be because of Wang Ye.

Not only the man, the high level of the Tiandaoyuan learned that this is so brain!

But for this unexpected surprise and misunderstanding, Wang Ye did not know.

The hut of the pharmacy, the small wild vegetables pounce into the arms of Cai Yuxin, she cried tears.

"Don't cry, cry is not beautiful, I am not nothing! It is Wang Ye's uncle to save me." Cai Yuxin loved the baby's head.

The hobby cuisine, first turned to see the king of Wang Ye, and the post gradually, and the people were pulling on both hands.

Cai Wei is a bit embarrassed, hurriedly took back, it is very speculative, although this is the first time in her memory, it seems that many years have been invisible to friends, so it is forgotten in the small wild vegetables. This relationship is hidden in front of it.

Wang Ye also appeared.

"Thank you, Wang Ye, uncle." Xiaolui smiled.

She pulled Wang Ye and Cai's hands, and she held it together.

"I think you both match!"

"Little guy, nothing!" Cai Yu's face was red.

"Which is embarrassed!" Xiaoluasi persisted: "You should consider it for yourself in order to consider it!"

Don't see that she is only eight or nine years old, the mind is already mature, and it is also a very considerate small cotton.

Wang Ye frowned to see Cai Yu Xin, he can't understand, why Cai Yu is not as good as real, and tells the bank of the wilderness, and it is still an illusion of her father.

"Heart, I think you should tell the baby, leaving her hope, the greater the future!" Wang Yen said.

Cai Wei heard a little panic. If the baby is known, her parents have died, and how much blow will be affected.

I took the shoulder of Cai's heart, Wang Ye Shen Sheng said: "The baby cuisine has grown up, I believe she can accept this fact! She should know the truth, not being hidden by the truth!"

The small wild vegetables were not right, asked: "Mother, what is it? You told me, it's okay, you still don't know if you don't know! What do you have to bear, hehe.

Looking at this sensible little guy, Cai Wei has always hesitating things, and finally decided to make a decision under the encouragement of Wang Ye today.

She first took the wild vegetables into the arms, and then told her real identity.

What makes Wang Yen is stunned, and the young wild vegetables did not drop from the beginning to the end, as if he heard her uncomfortable things.

"Small wild vegetables, you can rest assured, I will always be your mother, you are your mother." Cai Yu said distressed.

Xiaoi nodded in her arms, "Well, you are always my mother."

"Then I don't have a doctor." Wang Ye said in order to ease the atmosphere.

Who once thought that the small wild vegetables broke away from the arms of Cai, double knees.

"Dry, please worry about the daughter."


Wang Ye and Cai Yu are stunned, and the small steel gunsides are stunned.

"Yakan is called my steel gun brother, now call you to dry, I will call you wild brother, this is a complicated!" Small steel guns.

Everyone he said heared.

Wang Ye took the wild vegetables, laughed: "Good! You are my daughter of my Wang Ye! Whether it is Tiandao, or Huaxia mainland, my king hooded you!"

"That is dry, is there any gift?" Xiaoli smiled.

"Hey, there is, I think."

I haven't thought about half a day, I really don't have something suitable for the small wild vegetables.

Fortunately, there is a wishing function in the system, Wang Ye smiled: "The next few days, the gift is the same as you are ready! Suitable for your cultivation, no less, and it will be less Nothing! "

"Thank you, don't worry." The little guy smiled and happy.

After the injury was checked for the Xiaolin, he learned from the mouth of the small steel gun. Zhang Tieyi has moved away, and the wall of the yard is turned on, and the yard is governed.

Wang Ye proposes that the mother and daughter of Cai Yu, moving around, after all, near Ling Tower, the aura is more energetic, and proposes to move the entire pharmacy.

In this way, not only meet the commission on the Tiandao Institute, but also more suitable for them.

At the heart of the small wild vegetables, Cai Yu finally agreed.

Early the next morning, the Tiandaoyuan was so booked, and the pharmacy moved to the original Zhang Yi's courtyard. This is soon to pass.

And some smart people are actively looking for the door to help the painting.

It is only two days, the pharmacy is located in the courtyard of Wang Ye next door. It is exactly the same court, because the walls in the middle of the two yard have been removed.

Wang Ye, who is high-profile, has become the hot topic of Tiandaoyuan in just a few days.

The strength is amazing, a trick!

Hold the beauty, the same housing!

The world is not shallow, and there are megara with the old dean.

These topics around Wang Ye became talked after people of people.

After that, Wang Ye did not stop the sound in the small courtyard.

With a wishing function, I have prepared the best practice martial arts or even a weapon for three days.

And he and small steel cannon, it is soaked in the medicine every night, this special drug water can each help small steel guns to gradually condense the broken Yuan Dan.

In less than five days, Wang Ye has already explored, for small steel guns, the law of the Yuan Dan, and soaking the medicine bath plus Lingyuan swords to absorb the aura, let his cultivation to step into the later period of Junan.

Every time I look at the Ling Tower, Wang Ye is looking forward to it, but it can only be in one breath, help small steel guns to share the yuan, and let go to enter the spiritual tower cultivation.

And in his heart, it is still in the jumbles in the ice cave!

The calm life, the business is also very popular, and everything is in an orderly manner.

However, the heavens in the morning of the day, he ushered in a bumper.

The medicated bath in the bathtub in the bathtub, only felt that the ground was shaking in the dramatic, the liquid liquid in the bathtub was sprinkled out.


He turned out and rushed to the partition.

At this time, Cai Yuxin and the small wild vegetables, and small steel guns also stand in the courtyard.

They looked up at the spiritual tower that was towering not far away, Ling Tower was shaking in dramatic, there is a feeling of rocking, is not an earthquake, but because it is caused.