Generally, it is a building that towels into the clouds. If you have a shake, it should be dramatic in the top.

But this Ling Tower is just the contrary, the bottom of the tower shakes, and the top is still unlimited.

A group of people who have closed their customs in the Ling Tower, rushed to the tower, and some people fell to the ground, and they were stressed by the later.

And these people's eyes are full of horror.

"What is going on?" Wang Yen asked curiously.

Cai Yu's eye eye is tight, said: "Ling Tower is moving, once every year! This year is more intense."

"This is to be too dynamic, it is necessary to collapse!" Wang Ye said: "According to I heard that Ling Tower is built by the old dean, how can there be this strange phenomenon."

"I don't know if I have such an immediate action. Every year, the college's senate the college will work together to firmly, but every year is more dynamic than before! And the old dean clouds all the sea, no one knows him. Drop! "

Cai Wei points to the top of the tower, said, "As far as he heard, he left his own goen to the top, and a gift for the top of the person! Just unfortunately, no one has been involved in the top of the Lingta."

Wang Ye looked up and looked at the top of the spirit tower and looked at it.

Looking at him, Cai Wei smiled, "this Ling Tower is especially sharp, I don't know if I can keep it! If I lose my Ling Tower, the Tiandaoyuan is afraid that there is no fall!"

This is not exaggerated, the comprehension from the five seas in the five seas, after the layer screening, only one chance is included by the Tiandao Institute, and their purpose is Ling Tower.

Enjoy the extreme filling of the ultimate filling in the Ling Tower to provide them with quality cultivation environments.

If the spirit tower collapsed, the meaning of the Tianda is not there.

"You are waiting here, I will go see!"

Wang Yen said, leaping the roof, and then goes to the spirit tower.

Everyone has escapped out of the spirit tower, and Wang Ye is going to go to the Ling Tower in the distance.

This huge spiritual tower seems to be a hard iron structure from the appearance, and it is engraved with the runes of densely numb.

Only one entrance is closed, and each layer is closed, the bottom of the tower has eight angles, every place stands with an old man, they pressed on the top of the tower, the powerful aura flocked, trying to stabilize tower.

This is in the Tiandaoyuan, the elders of the elderist, those people's cultivation is above the Jindan, or the Yuan Ying or the promise period! Especially a few old people, it has been cultivated to achieve a different period.

With a strong aura, the space in the bottom of the tower seems to be solidified.

The bottom of the Song Tower is dramatically shaking, and it seems that there is a beast attempt to rush out of the tower.

"Why don't you come?" When the town was hung, the old man was deeply awkward.

Standing not far, a few people shaking a disciple, which also listened to the words, afraid of the Ling Tower crafted and killed them.


Suddenly, accompanied by a dramatic oscillation, a long period of Yuan Ying period, flew out of the blood of the shock.

Eight tower horn, one of which lost the suppression, the energy of the impetuous is more mad.

The vice president has not been coming so far, no one can substitute the position.

When the old old old turned, see Wang Ye standing is not far away, it is a drink: "Wang Ye, you go to the top, the vice president is very fast."

"I?" Wang Ye refers to his nose, and immediately shakes the rocking.

Heart, I am not stupid! The elders who have just been in the Yuan Ying period, the two realms have been fly out of the two realms, and I am still not enough to stitches.

"This Ling Tower is suppressed, the greater the anti-anti-! Don't be afraid, do your best, just, as long as the deputy dean is coming, I will pass the hardships!" The big elders urged.

In desperation, Wang Ye took the attitude of trials and walked towards Lingta.

There is only a dramatic ground, there is no energy of any diffusion.

Wang Ye is dark, and I am on the spiritual tower, and the aura is gradually poured.

Indeed, such as the elderly said that this anti-alignment is also enhanced as the aura enhancement is also enhanced.

Wang Ye did not think about to survive with Lingta. He just walked through the field, it would not show itself to the general strength, used to suppress Ling Tower.

The bottom of Ling Tower is still shaking, especially where he is standing, and there is too much aura, so it is especially sharp.


Suddenly, an inexplicable suction sound tower was thrown out.

Wang Nion is not very good, and it is rushing to recover the aura, but his experience has found that the sucking force is like a black hole, there is a very powerful force.

The aura was not recovered, and he quickly tried to cut off the association between the aura.

However, let him be horrified, as if there is a rope through his Yuan Dan, let him unable to cut off the aura.

The idea is, and quickly swallowed, and then unlimited stretching.

When the idea met the critical point, Wang Ye's soul began to be drawn and pulled into the spiritual tower.

He quickly shed it into the soul, seeing a special structure in Ling Tower, shuttle in it.

The black hole of the swallowing is not from the outstanding tower, but the top of the calm spirit tower.


A layer of layer, his soul is quickly stretched, goes to the top of Lingta.


After a while, the soul of the soul seems to break a barrier, and a glare white light has been in front of him.

In the white light, it seems to be another space, and there is one person in the dish.

Wang Ye's soul, staying in the absence of the person.

The man was full of white hair, and the disk was sitting like a virtual.

"You finally came."

When Wang Ye's soul stared, the old man suddenly opened, and then his eyes opened.


Haven't come to understand this, he was bounced in the same way as the unlimited stretching soul.

The soul is fast rebound.


When everything is returned to the body, Wang Ye is flying out, and the body is in half air, it is jealous.

When he was dark, he saw a galloped old man and took him, as for the rest, he didn't know.

And when he was shocked, the immersed spirit tower was parked.

"There is a long time old, and I am apologized to have a good night, but fortunately, the spirit tower is different."

"Vice President, the Wang Ye didn't work?" The big old body appeared in front of the deputy chief.

Poing Wang Ye, it is the deputy dean of the coming.

He shakes his head: "It is not a big problem, it is just an off, it seems that the soul is also hit! After all, he is very slight, you don't worry."

"Ling Tower recovered, but in the last three days, the remaining people did not leave, the rest of the people should not be cultivated in it! The old old, I have to arrange it, I will send this king back!"

The head of the old man should be, and the deputy dean of Wang Ye disappeared in the same place.

"The energy is very special, is the big old man?" A long and asked.

The old man shook his head, "I also felt, the powerful suppression! But with the repair of Wang Ye, it is impossible to break out! It should be related to the seal of the Ling Tower! Ok, all of them spread. Let's take a caress disciples. "