The richest man starts from checking in

Chapter 753 Cognac takes you to kill

At sunset, sprinkled in the Tiandaoyuan.

In the sunset, Wang Ye took the wild vegetables to the Dan medicine, the figure was long.

Come and go, the pedestrians, some stop overlooking, some whispered, Wang Ye has just admitted to the school, it is a beautiful person, which is almost all known.

Now it seems that he is also very harmonious with the daughter of Cai Yuxin.

Everyone who is unknown is all advised.

On the east side of the Tiandaoyuan, there is a big house in three into three, and I wrote three big characters on the door.

Pedestrians who enter and out of Dan medicine are also endless.

Dan medicine, for the comprehension, whether it is the treatment of treatment or improvement, all have a crucial role, and in the richest world, the most prosperous is the most rich, cheap medicinal materials in their hands, Turn into a value of Tan medicine, a lot of profit.

From the three-way courtyard of Dan medicine, it is convenient to see the financial resources of Dan medicine.

Outside the gate, there is four guards in Dan medicine.

One of them saw the small wild vegetables, and suddenly came.

"Small wild species, how come you? Is this to compensate for Fu Hong Xue's brother?"

The man speaks bad, poke with a wipe.

"It's not right as soon as possible! It's a brother, you can't help your medicinal materials, although there are college support, but the Nothive Competition Academy can not control, he, I will tell you these fart. You said Your mother Cai Yu, have you promised me to Fu Hong Xue's brother? If not, give me a glow. "

The small wild vegetables stopped and looked up at Wang Ye.

Wang Ye gave her an encouraged look.

Xiaoye vegetables seem to be a little bit of gas, Shen Sheng: "I am not an apology, my mother will not promise to marry Fu Hongxue!"

"Hey, your little scorpion, then you are looking for death?" The man said.

"I am coming to fight, no, I am here to kill!" The small wild vegetables bite the teeth and strives to expose a risk.

As soon as I heard this, the four guards of the door have laughed.

"I see you are crazy! I also fight murderer? Hey! Even if your mother Cai Yuxin, I arrived at my medicinal pack, I also had a torque of the torque!"

"Small scorpion, hurry! Otherwise, I interrupt your dog leg!"

Said, one of them drivened.

Although the little wild cuisine is a little fear, but it is staring at the hook.

Just when the man was near, suddenly a flying shot and slammed directly in the people.


With the sound of the bone break, the man fell in front of the wild vegetables.

"Hey! This ..."

The other three people stopped.

"Take him." Wang Ye said out.

The small wild dish is hesitant, lifting the hand, in the neck of the neck.

Although she is only eight years old, she only has three layers of opening period, but this palm goes down, the man is still a black, fainted.

She is still small, she has not been able to understand, but Wang Yen will not let go of those who insult to humiliate.

"It's you, who you are? Darious in my Dan medicine shop!"

At this moment, the other three finally discovered that the man after the small wild cuisine was stroned from it.

I didn't pay attention to the three people, Wang Ye's soft voice: "Small wild vegetables, we go in."

"Well." She nodded and walked to the yard of Dan medicine.

The three people were still ready to block, Wang Ye roung fell to the side of the people, slightly, and one of the fires, the moment is overwriting on the body.

Just listen to the creepy scream, immediately faster, quickly evolve into ashes.

"Kill, kill people ..."

Three men, scared, they shocked more than Wang Ye's horrible cultivation, as well as the behavior of killing people in this Tianshi.

You must know that the Tiandao Court has a clear statement, can't fight in the hospital, let alone !

To this end, the Tiandao Institute has set up a corner, which is to provide them a place to solve the contradiction, but in the heavenly murderer, it is to be punished.

During the three people, rushed to the Dan medicine shop, and at the same time, they were also a sweaty, rushed to stand up.

"Who? Who is not only in Dan medicine, but also kills people!"

"Hey, small voice point, that is Wang Ye!"

"Fu Hongxue, Cai Yuxin, has been never been seen, Wang Ye has a beautiful person, I heard Fu Hongxue for this, today I also smashed her medicine shop! Look, Wang Ye is to revenge!"

"But this kills people, or be elected by the college, or it is necessary to enter the black wind to accept punishment!"

"You manage him! Let's just look at the lively, talk less."

Some people secretly screamed, they did not leave, but the end of the end of the medicine.

With the three guards, after the first, after the first, the whole Dan medicine shop is like the enemy.

Twenty people swarmed out, and the two people were surrounded by Wang Ye. He is a strong man who is full of faces and holds a steel knife.

Look at the breath that it is emitted, it is also a strong in the later stage of Junan.

"Small wild vegetables?" He eyebrows, and then looked at Wang Ye after the small wild vegetable. "Is it the king of the king? Come to my Dan medicine, you don't queue."

Wang Ye did not see him, slow down, and asked softly: "Small wild vegetables, what are you going to the medicine today?"

Wen said, the small wild vegetables are around around, and they will refer to four of them.

"He, he, and him, his name is Wang Dakui, the pharmacy is him to fight."

The last point is pointing, it is the king of the squid, the hand holding a steel knife.

Wang Ye smashed her head, "Okay! Cognac to teach them."

"Well, dry, you are careful." The little wild vegetables nodded.

Looking at Wang Ye ignored everything, Wang Daku smiled.

"Go to Nima, but also do it! I really put you as a corner! Wang Ye, I heard that I have killed a brother, hey, he, although the college has regulations, not allowed in the hospital Fighting, not allowing to kill, but you can break the example! "

"Brothers, according to the regulations of the college, we belong to self-defense, this will be a slaughter, it is also a proorio!"

"Just! Say your grandson, let Cai Yu is dead, we are in love, you will be with peace!"

Wang Dabi is unscrupulous, a group of people, there is no enthusiasm, or even some people can't help but want to do it.

Killing Wang Ye is famous, and it is also a big job. If it is possible to get the appreciation of the second hand Fu Hongxue, then in the Tiandao Hospital, it can walk.

Therefore, when I listened to Wang Dakui, I have to put Wang Ye in a dead place, and these people have ripped a good aura.

Wang Ye slowly stood up, and the indifferent eyes looked at the wild vegetables, the four people who just pointed.

"You are in my pharmacy, I still hurt the small wild vegetables! I will give you a chance to give you a chance, I will not be pursued since the scrapped arms, but if it is incompetent, there is only a dead road!"

"Hey?" Wang Dakuo's exaggerated lectures: "Brothers, have you heard what he said?"

More than 20 people are unscrupulous, obviously don't put Wang Ye in your eyes.