The richest man starts from checking in

Chapter 756 leads to Dan Yun

The born of Nine-turn Jin Dan Pill caused a surprise.

At this moment, there were several old people who were negative before the population, one of which is the old man of the Tiandaoyuan.

They have already come, they are people who have Dan's medicine shop to the long-elder hospital notice. Wang Ye is in the college, so the four elders are coming, but they are more than trying, so they have not disturbed.

Looking at the Dan medicine in Fuhong Snow, some worries of small steel guns and small wild dishes.

Only Cai Yu is full of confidence in Wang Ye.

Fu Hongxue income Jiujin Dan Pill income in the jade bottle, and immediately rushed to the four elders.

"The old man, this Wang Ye is in my Dan medicine, killing the five brothers, and the matter also asked the college to do."

The old man heard the words, and the eyebrows were slightly, and the first way: "After the alchemy, the college will be disposed of."

"Alchemy?" Fu Hongxue smiled, "That Wang Ye is in delaying time, according to me, I have no medicine!"

The old man did not answer, and he had already felt that the fluctuation of the flame in the Ding furnace.

After a noisy argument, everyone was quiet again.

Some people guess, maybe Wang Ye is like Fu Hongxue said that when refining herbs, it has failed, and it has burn more than 50 kinds of medicinal materials. At this moment, it is just a dressing.

But some people believe that Wang Ye is alder, and the medicinal herbs will be released.

However, with time, those who choose to believe in Wang Ye, gradually be gray.

Because at this moment, Fu Hongxue Dan is already released and has passed for two hours.

Fu Hongxue is a bit impatient, Shen Sheng said: "Wang Ye, how do you have this show? Refining nine turn gold Dan Pills, you can use six hours! Even if you use it, you can insist on this Long?"

He turned to look at the old four people, arched: "Please do the old man, Wang Ye is so deadly, when it is a head! This is obviously deliberately delayed."

The four elders did not pay attention to him, strong as they, can feel that the flames continue to be burned in Jiulong Ding.

Although I don't know if there is a medicinal medicine, it is at least proved that in this six hours, Wang Ye is continuously transported into a flame in the context of transporting aura.

See the old age, Fu Hongxue has no way, only the temper is waiting.

One hour, it is an hour!

The whole is beginning to refine Dan to now. In the past eight hours, not only Fu Hongxue, but even the crowds have begun to discuss all.

Fu Hongxue slammed his face, "If Wang Ye has been put down, do we have to wait? The old age, your husband is selfless, it will not be able to cover the king, ready to open it off!"

The old elders are slightly, and they glanced at him.

"I am waiting for the elder, naturally maintain the rule of the college! But since the beginning, Wang Ye has been transporting aura in the Ding Dynasty. Since it is a refining, it is disturbed!"

"Transport aura, ghost!" Fu Hongxue is dissatisfied with, "Eight hours, even if the golden Dan, I can't do it!"

"You can't do it, don't mean me, can't do it!"

The voice of a drama came, and everyone brushed it, and his eyes fell on the body of Wang Ye.

It is Wang Yen who speaks.

He slowly opened his eyes and had a tired of tired eyes.

Fu Hongxue disdainful and said: "How, don't put it? Can you do it? Ok, you can do it, then you will be released. Don't forget, we have gambling before the alchemy, if you If you lose, you will get it on the spot! "

In order to remind this gambling, it is also afraid that Wang Ye is not fulfilled, Fu Hongxue is out of date.

"Wang Ye, I don't bully you! Since the gambling is here, lose you to be self-sufficient! At first we said, I lost the price, but for fairness, I am willing to be like you, who If you lose, whoever is self-sufficient, this everyone can listen! "

Fu Hongxue firmly believes that Wang Ye, who has been cultivated by Danfeng, no matter how it can't hold an eight hours of alchemy, and it is not necessary to refine the nine-turn gold Dan Pill.

All this is Wang Ye in the ghost, he wants to seize this opportunity, let Wang Ye are on the spot.

In the face of his aggressive, Wang Ye frowed: "You are sure, to gamble, add your life?"

"I am sure! Wang Ye, don't you want to repent? So many people can listen!" Fu Hongxue hurriedly said.

Wang Ye was shook his head. "In fact, I am planning to alder the end, let you lose my heart, then kill you! But you are not to make the strength of our province, hehe!"

"Don't talk nonsense, Wang Ye, hurry up! Gambling is here, the loser is self-sufficiency!"

He is just a bluff when Wang Ye is only a blunt, and there are many surroundings. There are four elders, this gambling, no matter how he must let Wang Ye fulfill it, as long as he died, Cai Wei's heart will not be in his king. His Fu Hongxue has a chance.

Unfortunately, Fu Hongxue's wishful abacus, he is really too small to see Wang Ye.

I smiled and smiled, and Wang Ye gently took a shot, and the Ding Ding cover of Kowloon was unveiled.

"Hey?" Everyone saw it, surprised.

There is no response in Jiulong Ding, and even the gas of Danxiang is not, let alone the medicinal medicine that burst out!

See this scene, Fu Hongxue finally made a breath, and laughed.

"Hahaha, empty, Ding furnace is really empty! Wang Ye, you lose! According to the gambling, you are going to be on the spot! There are four elders to see the same, if you have the words, who is in the heaven Will also follow the promise! "

"Is this anxious?" Wang Ye glanced at him.


Suddenly, the wind whistling, the sky is hung in the moon, even gathers a layer of black clouds during the moment.

Everyone looked up at the sky, especially those who alchemist, but also a look.

"Yes, it is Dan Yun!"

"My God, the four products of the medicine can lead to Dan Yun."

"See it, there are some Dan Lei to condense in Dan Yun! How is this possible!"

Those the voice of the alchemy is shaking.

It is necessary to know that only the object of the sky will come to the sky, and Tianlei Tian robbery tries to destroy its anti-day!

Only top-level, Wujin Dan medicine may come to Dan Yun, it is possible!

The king is refining, it is clearly the top of the four products, how can I get Dan Yun!

"It's impossible, this is impossible!" Fu Hongxue didn't hook his head, drink: "Wang Ye, it is definitely you gain!"

"Dan medicine is released, self-seeing!"

Wang Ye smiled, and the palm was gently shot. In Jiulong Ding, as a volcano, it turned out a strong Danxiang gas, such as the wave swept.

Then, a purple golden rays come from in the sky, and the clouds are tumbling.

When Wang Ye took the purple golden light in his hand, the half-air Danyun was gradually dissipated.

Everyone's eyes have fallen in the hands of Wang Ye.

He has a laughing slowdown to open the palm, in his palm, a purple gold round medicinal medicine, quiet lying on the palm.

"This color is not right! This is not a nine turn to Jin Dan Pill!" Fu Hongxu immediately said.

As a Golden Dan, he has excellent eyesight, and it is not a good eye. It is not a nine turn to Jin Dan Pill.