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Chapter 757 Nine Turn Zijin Dan

It can be stunned in everyone.

Dan medicine made from the same medicinal material, more than a double refining time than Fu Hongxue.

If this Dan medicine is not a nine-turn gold Dan Pill, what is it?

Wang Yen did not slowly remove a jade bottle and put Dan medicine into the jade bottle.

"So you also have a home in the second of the medicine, is there only this eye?"

Wang Ye is laughing.

"Wang Ye, don't put gods, if you explain today, that is, you lose, you have to live on the spot!" Fu Hongxue said.

Shrug shrug, Wang Ye's arms together, in the Kowloon Ding income system warehouse.

"That gives you explanation, after the nine turn Jin Dan Pu, you can hear, the advancedness of Dan medicine."

"Hey, enter the medicine!"

"The rumors, those who refinents refined to themselves, can join their own aura, put it into the exclusive medicinal medicine!"

"Don't Wang Ye did?"

There are several Chinese medicine, the alchemists can't help but exclaim.

Wang Ye throws a vision of appreciation, "It seems that their knowledge is much higher than you! Fu Hongxue, your two hands in this medicine, really waved the name."

"Nine-turn Jin Dan Pill is used in the truth, in the summit of the golden Dan, the guarantee used during the Jin Dan, can enhance the success rate of the promotion! And when the nine-turn gold Dan Pu, it will be its own aura property In the injection of Dan medicine, you can enter the medicinal medicine, become a nine turn Zijin Dan! "

"And this, it is the imported Dan medicine nine turn Zijin Dan, exclusive Dan medicine! So, the colors and pictures, I don't have to say more!"

The blame is different. It turns out that this is a more precious and rare exclusive medicinal medicine than Nine-turn Jin Dan Pill.

Fu Hongxue, a gust of God, looks.

In the medicine shop, those who made the Dan, when looking to Wang Ye, his eyes were full of awe.

A compactor of the peak of the Gan Dynasty, can refine the four-piece medicinal medicine in this realm, it is very difficult to be expensive, but Wang Yen not only Dan Cheng, but also its advanced is a special Dan medicine nine turn Zijin Dan.

Self-satisfaction, everyone in the field can do.

Even the old four people are completely convinced by Wang Ye.

After receiving the nine turn Zijin Dan, Wang Ye laughed to see Fu Hongxue. "I remember that some people said that the gambling will be in place. Fu Hongxue, you are in the body of Dan medicine, forced Cai Yu Xin. But you, actually go to a child, weighing threatening him! Like you, living is just a waste of resources! "

Fu Hongxue footstep, defeated! He is indeed defeated!

And this time, it is a messenger!

But he is not willing to give it to the clothes, so it is so self-on-site.

"The old age! That Wang Ye came here to seek trouble, kill my five brothers, according to the college rules, it should be ..."

The old man shakes his head, Fu Hongxue's character made him disgusted.

At first, I tried to set up the rules of Wang Ye in the dead, and the previous and constant repeating gambling, but now it will be thrown into the brain, and it will reflect the rules of the college.

Therefore, the big old is straightforward: "A code belongs to one code! Wang Ye refresses the rules of the college, I will wait for the law enforcement, naturally, I will give you a satisfactory manner! But, you gambling have not been completed."

"Yes! Since it is a gambling, you have to talk about!"

"It seems that you just said, if you don't fulfill your gambling, in the Tiandaoyuan, who can be credited to people!"

"Self-sufficient fruit, you should be fulfilled!"

"Hey, fair competition, people Cai Yinxin Cai boss, who is her right! You are also a strong golden man, actually doing a eight-year-old girl, really a mother!"


From the initial support rule sound from the beginning, the sound of the gradual to Fu Hongxue.

In the scream, Fu Hongxue is like a dead ash, it is already no longer retreat, and the people of the Dandian medicine will no longer stand on this side.

"Wang Ye, I will have a message today, how can you!" Breaking the tissue broken, Fu Hongxue is shameless.

Wang Ye smiled and smiled. He turned to see the old man. "If he does not fulfill his commitment, can I shoot it!"

The big elders don't hesitate to nod.

This is the Tiandao, the most humanized, they block the fight, but it does not repel the killing! However, everything has to be in the rules.

Wang Ye slowly turned around and despised his eyes to see Fu Hongxue.

The palm of the palm, Fu Hongxue longjuts in hand, smiled: "If you, I want to kill me!"

However, there is no wait for Wang Ye, and the small steel cannon wides forward, standing next to Wang Yin, say: "If you add me?"

Fu Hongxue's cheeks twitching, small steel guns can be repaired in the early Jin Dan, and they are all on him. Today is to know that the two are not in the pharmacy, so they will find things, and sprinkled on the small wild cuisine!

Loosen the small wild vegetables, Cai Yu is also stepped forward, said: "Plus me!"

Two Jin Dan's initial strong, let Fu Hongxue have a feeling of having a graphic.

But what I didn't expect, the onlooker at the scene, even some people in some Dan, shouting a few steps in front of it.

"Plus us?"


Declaration, a decision that caused anger, let Fu Hongxue clave the hands of the sword, are shaking.

It seems that today is caught, it will be dying!

He hated his mouth, he only thought about the death of Wang Ye, but did not believe that he was able to refine the nine-turn gold Dan pill to win, so he was a big drain word, gambled on his own life.

But now think, the intestines repent.

Walk around, Fu Hongxue is desperate, and his eyes are suddenly rolled in the depths.


Then, he kneelted his knees, squatted to Wang Ye and others.

"It is the disciple of Tiandao, please let me put me a horse. Wang Ye, I know that I am wrong, I can't afford it!"

"Heart, no." Fu Hongxue smoked his own mouth, change mouth: "Cai boss, I am infatuated, I know is wrong! In the past few years, I pursue you, but you I also know that I have no bad my mind! Please ask you for your feelings, why need me to die. "

In order to live, Fu Hongxue has taken care of your face.

This behavior, it is to usher in people who disdain and ironic.

Cai Wei is not killing, just a small wild vegetable that is bullied.

She recruited, said: "Small wild vegetables, come over! As long as he apologizes, this is so much."

The small wild vegetables ran over and stand in front of Cai's heart.

Wang Ye heard the words, smiled: "The heart of the Virgin, who is going to see who! Leave him after a life."

Fu Hongxue felt the killing of Wang Ye, and his eyes blinks in the depths.

When I went to the small wild vegetables, I was asked: "The little wild vegetables, I am wrong, I am wrong, I shouldn't hit you, I should ... I will kill you directly!"

Suddenly, Fu Hongxue turned a swirl, and took the throat of the small wild vegetables and ignored it.

"Small wild vegetables!" Cai Yu is very shocked.

"Fu Hongxue, if you dare to hurt her, I will let you go to the smoke!" Wang Ye cold channel.

The Fu Hongxue, holding a small wild vegetable, smiled, "For this small branch, you have to set it out to die! Come, you are coming! Let me let me open, or I first slaughtered her! "