Wang Ye entered the black wind hole, and the two days will be cleared. This is very fast to become the most hot topic of the Tiandao Institute.

It is because of the black wind hole, even if the vice president and the old man are unable to explore the exit of the other end, but the king is so light car, and it has to let him contact the old dean of the cloud. together.

At the beginning, there was only the old dean and cleared the black wind.

Tiandaoyuan, an quaintness in a luxury study.


The father of Zhuang fiercely broke the ancient jade tea cup in his hand, and the look angry stared at the guardian guard in front of him.

"Two days! Out?"

The guards were shocked, and they didn't dare to look at the old man.

"Yes, the old man, I have been waiting outside the Black Wind, I see the king in the black wind in the eyes, with a flame with a tumbling two days later."

The father of Zhuang came back and forth, and his face was gloomy.

In the study, some of the people of the dealer are also respectful, they also see each other.

"The old man, it seems that the Wang Ye is really a source with the old dean."

"He is just a refinement in the district, and even the deputy dean can't go, he can pass two days, you can only explain that he is familiar with it!"

"Since the introduction, Wang Ye is definitely not known to know with the old dean!"

"Just, this time we have a big loss! Wang Ye kill Fu Hongxue, Na Dan medicine shop, but the hardship of our resident!"

"I thought that the punishment of this black wind hole can be removed from Wang Ye! It can be exactly the opposite, he is not only safe, but it has become a normal existence of heavenly deeds!"


The people who can't sit in, the back of Dan is a detaistrant, Fu Hongxue refuses to cooperate with Cai Yuxin, and the second is also because of this relationship with this layer.

However, the landmakes thought that they had revenge, and they biased Wang Ye as innocent.

"Lao Ge, do it!" One of them couldn't stand it.

In this way, there is a person with a person.

"Yeah! Don't do it again, the Wang Ye Wings will get harpless and hard, and the trouble will be bigger and bigger!"

"If there is a day, the old dean came back, then we have no chance again!"

I have been tuied for so long, but I will never have Wang Ye. The father of Zhuang's father is slightly, and there is a murderous tumbling in my eyes.

He raised his hand and stayed quietly in the study.

"A big way of dry, will cause the attention of the old guy! This way, send someone to stare at Wang Yucheng, as long as I have a chance, I personally go to the horse, and the speed of the speed is solved!"


Everyone came to jealous, and they should be.

Corner, that is a strong person with Yuan Ying period, even if Wang Ye has anti-sky, it will die in his hand.

The people of the soldiers seemed to see the moment when Wang Ye is killed.

At this time, in the small courtyard, Wang Ye was sitting under the pavilion.

He laughed and looked at Cai Yu Xin. "You, I am too confident to me, how can I not tell me, Ling Tower 95th floor, there is no need to consume Lingshi."

Wen said, Cai Yu's heart and small steel cannon are smile.

Although they believe in Wang Ye's talent, they also know that in that cultivation, not only by talent.

"Wild brother! Ling Tower 95th floor, can enter the cultivator, only two people, no, now it is three people! There is a good aura too strong, so we ..." Small steel cannon to the last embarrassing laugh .

"Two people?" Wang Yichen frowned, "Isn't there only that martial arts? Is there anyone?"

Cai Yu's heart: "There is also one person! It is a disciple of Tiandao Institute, and the two people who are recognized as a one-two, Wu Yi second, ranking the first guy is extremely mysterious, fresh in the Tiandao Institute, so Basically, it is ignored. "

"Well!" Small steel guns mainly nodded, "She is like me, the earliest batch of Tiandaoyuan. Ranked the top three, the strength is huge."

Wang Ye is only for curiosity, and there is no more asking. After the resilience, the Chinese talents have been in the Chinese talents, and the strong talents are not in a small number.

"Wang Ye, your trial, high-profile acting, but is prepared to merge Dan medicine?" Cai Wei said, hurriedly explained: "It is just the situation, there is a few alchemy people, I have a number of alchemy people, I want to join the pharmacy They are the people of Dan medicine! They walk, Dan medicine is naturally yellow. "

It can have this effect and also in Wang Ye's expectations.

However, the most tricky, which is the top gry cave, which won the Guild War Bear, and the rare is the ice.

This is a crucial role in the King of Wang Ye's impact Jin Dan.

"I will come to the Tiandao Institute, it is indeed in order to form a forges, and the future will be used in the future! The drug shop is replacing the danda medicine shop, but it is true to implement, but now is ..."

He just said here, the brow is slightly, and it is going to the hospital.

Gure ...

Look along with his eyes, there is a figure after a moment, and it is rushed to open the door of the courtyard.

"Liu Yi knife?" The crowd of people.

The people are the two hands of Liumen, Liu Gate, willow.

He is blood, the wolf is unbearable, and his face is anxious.

"Cai Boss ..."

Under the gazebo, Liu has a big mouth.

Cai Yu's heart poured a cup of tea, Liu Yi knife, and then had a severe cough.

"What's wrong with this?" Cai Xi asked.

Liu Yi knife slowed away, and immediately hugged his body, said: "Please ask Cai Boss, and save my sister."

"What's up with her?"

In the face of Cai Yu's inquiry, Liu Yi knife is very embarrassing, but things are urgent.

"Cai boss, you know the nest, only you know with my sister, I heard that Wang Ye has a black wind hole, I, my sister is afraid that you take advantage of the opportunity. Take us this afternoon. Go to the ice armored bear nest, ready to kill it, to have a fire ... "

"However, we underestimate the strength of the ice armor, the casualties are heavy! My sister took the rest of the people, was besieged in the ice cave, helping me rushed back to the college, please rescue."

The gold knife Liu Gate usually follows the relationship between Cai Yi, the medicine, which seems to be, it is very deeply related to Liu Ru smog.

Just at this moment, Wang Ye did not know that the sister in the Liuyi knife is a willow.

He shook his head and shook his head.

Liu Yi knife is embarrassing, things are true.

He bite his teeth and said: "Wang Ye brothers, I know more of you before, please also ask you to remember! This time, as long as you will save, I will promise, I can promise, Iko , We have a hand! "

It is most important to be able to live, naturally, if people are dead, they still compete for outflow.

I heard this, Wang Yen's eyes rose a touch of color, and if you can use the golden knife Liu Gate to win the extraction, it is naturally good.

"You are sure, as long as we take help, you will no longer think about the Jiuqi ice flames?"

Welming the eyes of Wang Ye, Liu Yi knife looks firmly: "Wang Ye brothers please rest assured, I will will Liu and my sister will will willile, not the kind of person who is going to go!"

"What? What are you talking about? Your sister is called, Liu Ribu?"


Wang Ye Hawran stared at him at the look.