Wang Ye shocked the look, so that Liu Yi knife was very shocked.

He knew that his sister has set a marriage since childhood, and the fiance is the descendants of the Danyi Long Wangshan Wang family.

Not long ago, he also chatted with my sister. This Wang Ye's character is definitely not her fiance, but now Wang Ye's emotions, it seems to be a pre-registration.

Half-ring, Wang Yin asked: "Western Western Willow, Liu Ribu?"

"Dragon King Mountain Wang Jia, Wang Ye?" Liu Yi knife asked.

Two people have nodded with respect to each other.

"It's really!"

Then, the two did not have to say.

This, Cai Yu's heart and small steel gun, even Cai Yu's heart, has seen a snoring in the hook of the hood.

"Do you know?" Cai Xinde asked.

Wang Ye laughed: "Where to know, it is already old! Just I don't remember, when will Liu Xi, when there is a brother."

A good old, let people take a look.

Liu Yi knife is quite embarrassing. Follow the sister, it is the name of her. "

Listening to him, King Yincou will understand.

"Liu Yi knife, you have hurt, you don't have to go! Leaving here to take care of the wild vegetables, our three people rush to support."

Wang Ning said, kneading the head of a small wild vegetables, and said with a confused Cai Xinde: "Say the leader, let's talk about it."

"Good!" Cai Yu's heart should be.

After a simple explanation, the Liuyi knife flowed down, Wang Ye gave birth to Cai Yuxin and small steel guns, gave birth to the mountains outside the heaven.

Just after they left, scattered in the eyewell of the deaf people in the courtyard, quickly went to the heavenly courtyard.

"Kai Yin Master, Wang Ye took the night to the Magic Grotto, and has been probed."

In the study, the old man was revealing a bruise.

"The opportunity is coming! Direct order, the man is not allowed to act rashly, I will go alone, and the speed of the speed will solve Wang Ye and others!"

"Yes!" The person led to return quickly.

Then, the figure of the old man also disappeared in the study.

Between the mountains, Wang Ye three people galloped all the way, and did not know the danger of fatalness and is approaching.

On the way, Wang Ye explained the things about Liu Ribu to the heart.

When I learned that Liu Ru smoke was also a marriage contract with her, Cai Wei was uncondoned, but I waited until Wang Ye's telling, when Cai Jiahe Liu Jia signed a marriage contract, Cai Yu could relieved.

At that time, the King Mountain, but in the day of the day, it seems to be the little family like them, and the kink is also in the reason.

But obviously, Wang Ye's father Wang Cangshan, only I promised these two marriages, but the parents who were optimistic about Cai Yuxin and Liu Ru smoke, and a deep friendship between each other.

For Wang Ye, there is a unmarried wife. Although Cai Yin's heart is a bit unreasonable, it has also accepted this fact.

Soon three people arrived outside the valley.

Taking advantage of the moonlight, everything in front of you makes people, there is a mess in the valley, and the four will be covered with blood, and there are several bodies almost completely divided into the valley.

At the end of the valley, in the cave, the sound of the ice armored bear ending.

"Walk, be careful!"

Wang Ye made a hand, when he gave birth to the cave.

Not big for a while, in the cave, they see a group of people, hung in the cave, the fond of the fondance, and perfused in front of the scene.

The light curtain will isolate the cave and the ice cave in the hole, and everyone is deadly supports the juncture, avoiding the ice army bear on the impact of the necropsy, and breaks up.

There are only eight people left here, they are scarred, once the junction is broken, it will be fly to the time.

"Boss, here we are on, you will go first!"

"Let's go, leave the green hills, don't have a firewood, wait for your injury to heal, come back to our brothers!"

"Boss, I can't stop it! Why do you need to die with us!"

Several people have urged the boss that shouted in the mouth, it is Liu Ribu.

Her charm is no longer existed, her face is pale, and there is a few shocking blood troughs.

Liu Ri smoke is firm, Shen Sheng said: "Don't talk nonsense, save your strength to strengthen the knot! You are bringing, it is to help me Liu Ru smoke, now you can get rid of you, you can get yourself. , I won't go! "

The brothers are moving in their hearts, but the reality is extremely cruel.

The ice armor is standing up, and the thick bear's pair of slap in the face of the junction, the curtain has been turtle, and there is a spider web-like crack began to spread.

The junior is going to break!

Once broken, everyone will escape, in the face of strong fourth-order monsters, there is no chance.

"Fighting with it!" Someone said.

Seeing the scenery of the junction, Liu Ru smoke silently: "Waiting for it, the injury is more retired, I took the rest of the people."


The ice armored bear roared, and the thick bear's pair was smashed on the light screen.


The light curtain made a harsh sound, and there are more and more cracks, which is getting width.

Seeing that the ice armored bear will raise the thick bear's paw, prepare to shoot to the junction, and everyone is almost desperate.

As long as this palm is down, the knot must be broken, waiting for them will be a malm and death!


Just as the thousands of hair, a shadow is coming.


When he pressed in the comic light, he was at the same time with the bears of the ice armor, but also on the light curtain.

Dramatic fried sound came, and everyone was surprised, and the comic light is not only broken, but it is more staring.

Seeing Qi Qi and seeing Wang Ye is looking at Liu Ru smoke.

"Wang Ye!"

"Is Wang Ye!"

"There is also Cai boss and small steel gun! This time we have saved."

After the robbery, everyone likes the eyebrows.

Liu Ribuchu finally got a breath, ignored Wang Ye's eyes, rushing to Cai Yuxin and small steel gun.

"Thank you, two, come to help."

"Cough!" Wang Ye pulled a cough, "It seems that I just will help it first."

"Wang Ye?" Liu Ru smoke asked some dislike.

Wang Ye smiled nodded.

"Okay, thank you very much!" Liu Ribu said very reluctant.

Because the next Liu Yeard, Wang Ye angry, he did not leave a good impression on Wang Ye in her heart, and even the heart was excluded, and he did not want his own fiance. It was such a villain.

Wang Yincan smiled, "Don't be polite, you are old, why have you seen it? Moreover, as your fiance, save you, it is what it should be!"

"What?" Liu Ru smoked his eyes.

"What did you say? Mr. fiance ?!"

She repeatedly asked, and a few people were stunned. Wang Ye is not a fiance of Cai Yuxin! How to become a fiance of Liu Ribu.

In the face of their mistakes, Wang Ye is light: "Yes, fiance! This is the fact, you can't change it. Don't say it, you have a husband and wife, just your wedding, you can determine our relationship. I, Longwang Mountain Wang family descendants, Wang Ye! "

Longwang Mountain, Wang Jia descendants? !

The husband and wife real?

If you were striped, Liu Ru's smoke was stupid.