In the Great Ice Grot, the ice armored bears were shocked by a time, more and more angry.

It has launched a strike against Zhuang Tianyi, which gives Wang Ye's sufficient arrangement of six pulsators.

Everyone who was still worried at Stone Cave, saw that Zhuang Tianyi did not encounter his neighborhood, and finally it was relieved.

"Sk to the boss."

Some people in the golden knife will propose: "Wang Ye can be entangled, escape, should be no problem, as long as we slip, he has no care!"

"This is in the reason, the boss stay here is also helping, can only give the Kings wild legs."

Liu Ribi smoky, although she hates this fiance, but she doesn't want to be treated because of her life and death, and let Wang Ye meet a hard battle.

"It makes sense, you will slip!" Liu Ru smothered.

The seven people turned around and took a few steps, but he saw that Liu as a smoke did not move.

"Go, boss!"

"You will go first, you can't help you here." Liu Ru smashed his hand.

The seven people eyebrows are tight, but they are quite loyal, and they will not leave.

Cai Wei sighed, "You all go, take advantage of Zhuang Tianyi, now, I can't shoot, I will leave Wang Ye!"

"Hey, you are ready to go, then swallow with Wang Yen's ?" Liu Ru's smile.

The ice and snow smart Cai Hexin, can't see her intention, she is not willing to fight in the wild.

Helpless shook his head, she was asked: "Liu Yi knife, as the condition of advancing us, it is already the same fire! Such as smoke, you and I know how many years, I know you very well! You I don't have to be guilty, I will take Wang Ye here! "

"There is me!" Small steel cannon firmly.

"Cut!" Liu Ru smoke one hand, disdain: "It is not only your fiance, but also my fiance! Although I don't like him, but I can't watch the old things!"

Let's advise the heart of Cai Su, Liu Ru smoke is refused to go.

In fact, this is in Wang Ye's expectations, don't look at Liu Ru smog, it is very conservative and specific.

A paper marriage contract, she is already asked, and she is willing to give this life for this person, regardless of the man in the marriage.

It's just that the table is different, the knife is tumored.

I can't fight, and the seven people of the gold knife Liumen are also refused to lose down the willows, and everyone can only be deadlocked in the cave.

At this moment, Wang Ye, with the help of the shadow of the body and the ice armor's attack on Zhuang Tianyi, quietly the six-piece jade that will arrange the array, placed in a specific location.

Nowadays only the last step, launch!


Just when he was ready to go to the ice cave exit, a huge body of the ice armor was flying out, and the heavy squat was on the ice wall.

The ice armor of the earth, got up, and the white scales were standing up, and the squat was low.


It roared, rushing to Zhuang Tianyi again.

"It's now now!" Wang Yaoyang flashed, and in his hands in his hand.

"Six pulse seals the magic array, from!"

He has twisted, six jade crushed around the ice cave, and the strange energy begins to quickly interleave.


At the same time, Zhuang Tianyi smashed, the aura such as the sword through the ice armor, and its body flew out, there was no vitality.

"Six pulse is the magic! Hey, I want to trap me!" Zhuang Tianyi coldly drove, one hand in one hand.

At the crucial moment of his launch, the aura cohesive big hand is like a substantive, and quickly caught in the past.

If you are hit by this attack, the array of painted, it will be broken, and Wang Ye will inevitably be seriously injured.

On the occasion of the millennium, a shadow rushed into the ice cave, and there were two people and the past.

Of the first, it is Liu Ribu.

The long sword is jitter, and the sword is covered with a heavens and the earth.

Then, Cai Yuxin and small steel guns came, and they bombarded them.

Under the three people, after a harsh, the big hand of the aura is finally bursting.

"Walk!" Liu Ru smoke.

Four people look at the eyes, and the stone cave exported to the ice cave is rapid. At the same time, Wang Ye is in the hands of Wang Ye, and the Six pulse is rapidly agglomerating.

Seeing the four people, Zhuang Tianyi is angry, rapidly chasing, and a punch is out.

The aura is like a flow of flow, and then approaches the vest of Liu Ru smoke.

"You will go first, I have to live ..." Liu Ru smoke.

Have you live?

How can it be! That is the blow of Yuan Ying period.

Wang Ye suddenly stopped, while the print was stunned, and the Liu Ru smoked into his arms and used his vest to block the aura.

Creepy feels are approaching, accompanied by the breath of death.



As Wang Ye is twisted, Suzako diverted and hit the aura.

She is immunized to the aura, and she hits the aura.


This is the case, and the aura is still the same, still let Wang Yen blood tumbles to spray a blood.

In his arms, Liu Ribu, looking at the man's firm look, that is a moment, move!

Wang Ye's image has also changed in her heart.

No longer the people who are weak!

No longer the little white face, the bullion of the boss, boss to eat soft rice!

No longer the mouth!

Protecting Liu Ru smoke, everyone rushed out of the ice cave into the cave, and Zhu Zuxu is alive and returned.

Zhuang Tianyi, such as light and shadow, is generally rapid, and the vast aura is condensed.

Wang Ye standing in the mouth, hence the injury in the body, the softness of the body shocked, and pushed Liu Ru smoke and Cai Yu Xin and the small steel gun.

In the face of this rapid, Zhuang Tianyi, the print is quickly flipped.

"Give me death!" Along with the roaring, Zhuang Tianyi has not yet, a punch is bombardment.

The breath of death is fast, Wang Ye is at this moment, but it is especially calm and calm. His eyes are unlimited.

"Six pulse seals the magic array, from!"

With a sound, Wang Ye's arm is shock, and a light screen suddenly emerged.


Just in the light curtain, there was an instant in front of him, and Zhuang Tianyi's terrible attack was also attacked, and the impact made a deafening sound on the light curtain.

There is only one foot of Wang Ye, which is only a foot of Wang Ye, which is calm, and there is a six-pulse magic array. He did not suffer any impact.


The light curtain is covered with the entire ice cave, and it is usually trapped in a prisoner.

His full-scale hit and did not shake the array of lights.

"Wang Ye, are you okay?" Asked Liu Ribuchu asked.

Wipe a mouth of mouth, Wang Ye turned and smiled: "Are you concerned about me?"

Slightly, Liu Ru smokes, "I just don't want you to die because of me!"

"That is also concerned!" Wang Ye grinned, "Don't worry, then the hit was disgraced by Suzaku, just by the aftead of hit, I didn't have a big break, but this Yuan Yue is really horror! Unfortunately The foundation of Zhuang Tianyi is not solid! "

He is not a big problem, and everyone is loose, and the villain looks toward Zhuang Tianyi trapped in the Six pulse.