In this extremely special environment, it is a very terrible thing to incine the potential threat to incinerate the potential threat to be ash once the environment surrounded by the environment.

What's more, Jiufen Ice Flammates are recognized, ranked 13th strong outflow on the outline list.

Its devastating is not to be underestimated.

"You step down, I stay here to help Wang Ye!" Liurui smashed.

The seven people of the golden knife Liumen are slightly hesitant, then retreat to the ice cave.

She looked at the frowning Wang Ye, explained: "Don't think that I am helping you, but it's alone!"

"The love of the trick, I am afraid I can't tell the road." Wang Ye laughed with a warm.

Liu Ribu is white, "" Marriage, it is the older generation, don't marry myself, I have said it! And I haven't sure it, are you, the king of my wedding Wild! You, don't think too much. "

Wang Ye has stressed the booth, and Liu Ru smoke can say this, explaining that he has already received him in her heart.

There are three golden people in the scene to help, and the danger of convinced is greatly reduced. According to Wang Ye's instructions, Liu Ru smog and Tsai Xin and small steel guns are standing in the three corners of the ice cave, ready to prepare Take support.

The center of the ice cave is standing in the Central Grot, and Wang Ye did not break the ice layer in a barbarian.

His dish is sitting here, with a weak puriobitis that has been reached out with a finger.

Just like fishing, purplefitis is used as a bait.

Although this nine-quiet ice flame is not derived, it is like a monster, and there is a mutual hunting.

Just press the purple inflammation, let the Jiuqi ice flames sprinkle the breath of other foreign fire, will gradually emerge to swallow it.

Wang Ye's finger is jumping, emitting hot breath.

Gradually, the flame on the ice is increasingly dramatic, and the thick ice layer seems to hide the wilderness beast, and the ice is slightly shaking, and the turtle cracking in front of Wang Ye is wide. Gap.

Everyone slammed the breath, the ice caught willows like a smoke.

But after the shake continued for a moment, it stopped.

Wang Yinyu Wei, Torp Road: "Jiufei ice flame is aware of your breath, you converge the breath, I will bind it after the fire appears, then you will help me completely imprison them."

The three people heard the heart and retransmit it quickly and then recovered.

The 'fishing' begins again.

Wang Ye has a little bit of the breath of purplefish, and increases the temptation of Jiugei ice. Soon the kind of shaking is once again, and the cracking ice layer has a fashionable breath. Out.

, ...

Then, the burning sound of the flame sounds, and a white flame is smashed from the ice crack.

"Jiuqiang ice!" Wang Ye looks big, in the bottom of this ice cave, there is a nine glacs.

The white flame is out, like a tentacle began to wrap the purple inflammation, when the white flame is exposed to the purplefish, Wang Ye deeply feels that the fire of purplefish in the body is trembling, and the autonomous wants to exclude That flame.

Fortunately, under the pressing of him, the conflict did not break, the purplefish was gradually packaged, and tried to evapocate it.

Seeing the white flames, more and more powerful, the flames that will be shrouded in the fire, and the three of Liu Ru smoke began to worry, and the breath in the body couldn't stand it.

On the disc am, I hurriedly reminded: "Don't worry, this is just the periphery of Jiuqi ice flame, the truly nine-quiet ice core has not appeared, I must take itself as a bait to make it thoroughly emerged. Once the fire appears, I will control it again. "

Everyone is already sweating, and the fire extreme horror is poured from the ice floor, and the hot high temperature is contradictory and is full of danger.

In their horrified eyes, I saw Wang Ye's body table was wrapped by U.S., the white flame is a rope to imprison him, trying to embark on him.

Over time, although the entire ice bar is full of cold breath, but it can feel clearly that the cold is extremely terrible.

The flame has completely swallowed Wang Ye, and it seems that it seems like an ice hockey that exudes cold.

When the Jiuqi ice flame attempts to completely engrave the purple inflammation, it has been constantly resisted, and finally, with a loud noise, a white flame under the ice cave has gradually emerged.


The crowd glanced at the eyes and shouted because of their own shock, and frightened fired under the ice.

That cluster white flame is the real-world recognition, ranking thirteen Jiuqu 's fire in the outline list.

Wang Ye sitting in the dish, the eyes are blind, staring at the fire gradually close.

When the fire of the nine glasses appears, the temperature of the flame temperature is wrapped in geometrical climbing, and the purple inflammation in the body began slight trembling, and there is a kind of turtle into the body, if the no Wang Ye is strongly controlled, I am afraid that UV inflammation will retreat without war.

The fire is gradually close, and the temperature is gradually hot, but the hot temperature has caused a layer of thick glacial frost.

Close, near ...

The fire of Jiuqu can, gradually close to Wang Ye, which makes Wang Ye as the fire of Uso, attempts to fusion it.

Already very close, Cai Yuxin and others have begun to be anxious, and Wang Ye has not moved yet.

You know, once the nine-ink ice is suddenly attacked, it will instantly let him fly to smoke.

Wang Ye's spirit is highly concentrated. It is dead to stare at the fire of Jiufiang, only one foot in front of it, suddenly, he moved!


One of the strong qi is autologous, in the halvers of the harsh, first imprisoned the fire of the Jiufang ice flame, and the spin is trying to be wrapped in the layer of flame in the body.

However, Wang Ye was surprised to find that the flame is like a thousand years of mysterious ice!

"It's now!" Wang Ye loudly.

boom! Bomb!

In an instant, Cai Yu Xin, Liu Ribu and small steel gun three Jin Dan strong at the same time, the powerful aura rolls, and Wang Ye is shrouded.

The aura impacts the fire, eating a deafening, and the rolling of the fire waves, and forcing the Valentine's Day in the gum.

Although the inside and outside, still looks quite quite tap, Wang Ye can do the best of the fire of Jiuqi's ice, I hope that Cai Yinxin is breaking the flame of his body meter, otherwise it will consume, sooner or soon It is swallowed by Jiuqi frozen.

However, over time, the three Jin Dan strong people's impact, gradually discovered the horror of the nine glasses, far more than their imagination.

Flames scattered outside, although there is a loss of fire control, but independent resistance is still not to be broken in the extreme time.

The easing that the three more is anxious, Wang Ye is banned to the fire in the body is extremely huge for the consumption of the in the body.

At that time, waiting for him to swallow.