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Chapter 771 is uncomfortable to die

The dense weed has quietly lurked several people, seeing Cai Yuxin and others from the valley, they are far away.

"Don't see Wang Ye!"

"Maybe the old man is already killing Wang Ye!"

"But why did the old master have not appeared, still put them?"

"You two, to go to the valley, we wait here, come to report the first time."

That one person took the lead, there were two people who quietly lurked toward the valley.

However, when they entered the cave, they looked at a wolf in the ice cave, but when they did not see the old man and Wang Ying traces, an ominous feeling was in my heart.

The two paired the eye, hurried back to the report, but he saw the body of the companion when he returned to the weed.

When you are staying, the two colds have passed, and they have taken two life.

At this time, Wang Ye is already quietly returning to Tiandao, which appears outside a loft.

"Lucky and not report, the college disciple Wang Ye, specially met the vice president."

Outside the door, Wang Ye said with polite.

The guard of the guard, the eyebrows are slightly wrinkled, "" Now, the deputy dean is resting ... "

"If you don't want tomorrow morning, I saw the blood of the Tiandaoyuan into the river, then I quickly reported." Wang Ye's voice suddenly cold.

The defender scared, he was also the disciple of Tiandaoyuan. Wang Ye is now famous who can know him. After hearing the seriousness of the matter, the man has forgotten to rush into the attic.

Soon, he rushed again, running on one side: "Vice dean please go in."

His foots have not paused, but ran around to the long-distance home.

Wang Ye is booming, in the lobby of the attic, the deputy dean is sitting on the chief, looking at the Wang Ye, Wang Ye, the vice president, eyebrows.

"It seems that the college worry is still happening!" The vice president sighed.

Wang Ye is handed to say, and it is said: "The disciples have grievances with the resentment of the people. This time I entered the mountain, I have never thought of the Jiuqi ice flame. I have never thought of that Zhuang Tianyi actually followed, and tried to kill me."

"Jiuqi ice? The three-digit ice flame ranked 13th is a little surprised.

Seeing Wang Yen nodded, he sighed: "The fire is lost, as long as you can escape, it is already fortunate."

At this moment, the big old figure appeared in the living room, and he sat down with the deputy dean. He sat down.

"The vice president said, you can escape from Zhuang Tianyi, it is not easy! As for the out of the fire, you can only say that you have no time! Moreover, you have a lot of fire, even The conference can not be refined, Wang Ye will make this in this matter! "

In their view, although Wang Ye is stunning as a speed, it is already a junior, but it is not the opponent of Yuzhuang Tianyi.

As for the use fire, it is naturally a pity, but there are countless comprehensions in the Chinese mainland. It is already unbelievable, and the comprehension is not easy, and the comprehension cannot have two other fires at the same time. The impact will make people explode and die.

But they don't know, Wang Ye has a fire, and it is the body of heaven and earth, and is different from the general comprehension.

However, look at their present attitude, obviously thinking that Wang Ye is coming, this is what the people are planning.

Wang Ye smiled and smiled.

"Misunderstanding?" The old man is confused, "What do you mean?"

"First, Nazhuang Tianyi tried to kill me, but he was anti-kill! Second, the fire of the three glasses of ice, it has been sealed in the body, and will refine it into the body, help me into Golden Dan! "

Wang Ye calm the voice, like a thunder, let the vice president and the grand old Hawran stand up.

"What do you say? Dai Zhuang Yi, a cultivated Tianyi, is killed by you?"

"You are already getting the nine glacs, and can you seal it in the body?"

The two are wrong, whether it is Wang Ye to kill Zhuang Tianyi, or accept the extraction, let them accept and believe.

This is simply in violation of cultivation!

Wang Ye is solemn to nod, deliberately said: "If so, I will not come to the middle of the night, just Zhuang Tianyi, this is still aware of this, I am worried that they have to retaliate. , I will kill it one by one, and I will have a less impact on the college. After all ... "

Speaking here, he turned around and said: "After all, in the white family, I am also the identity of half a master! So that it is therefore mistaken, this is the gross grievance of the white family and the man."

Wang Ye is not amazing!

A half of the white family, let the vice president and the old man are completely stupid.

Although the white family is slightly inferior to the heaven, but it is also one of the top forces today. Wang Ye is actually a half home of a resident.

"If the two do not believe, you can try it to Bai Linger." Wang Ye said calm.


Rao is a vice president and the old man's mood, can't help but swallow the throat.

Is this still trying? If Wang Ye is not stupid, it will definitely not lie this.

In the hall hall, the vice president and the old man are silent, and each other's eyesight.

At this time, it has exceeded their expectations. Zhuangjiazhuang Tianyi killed the dragon and did not have, Wang Yen not only talented is more than half of the white family, and the pros and cons.

The eyes were opposite, see the big old age, and the deputy dean slowly sat down.

"Wang Ye, this Zhuang Tianyi violates the college stipulations, the college disciples have made mistakes, since he is already killed, then this is not investigated, so that the Ben's College will do it! But this is quite deep The Tiandaoyuan is afraid to have a big way, everything is for you! "

The vice president said that the words were turned to start the koon's words.

"You have a marriage contract with Cai Wei, familiar with the situation in the black wind, want to be with the old dean?"

He is just the relationship between the exterior of the old age, but it is only the brain.

But now, it is indeed a good opportunity to use this layer.

Wang Ye did not answer his answer, but laughed: "I don't think about it, the swallowing of the swallowing of the bottom of the spirit tower is for me."


The deputy chief of just sat down and the old man is still standing.

He actually knew the swallowing of the swallowing beast of the Lingta.

And is it prepared for him?

Thinking of this, the relationship between Wang Ye and the old dean has been letting the vice president and the old man out of the mind.

The vice president is headed by: "Well, good. Since you have a deep relationship with the old dean, then naturally with the Tiandaoyuanyuan, you don't have to worry, the Tiandao House will be handled! Wang Ye. It seems that the old dean is looking forward to you, in the future, the Xuan Tianjie, will see your creation! "

"Xuan Tianjie?" Wang Ye said, this is his first time I heard this name.

The old old fox is suspected: "Is the old dean not tell you? The Xuan Tianjie is a special space in the magic cavity of the magic cave. On the existence of the rumors of time and space, open a day, counting the heavens At the beginning of the establishment of the hospital, there have been four years. But no one can go to the end, the old dean will give you a hopes, maybe you are the secret of the secret of time and space! "

Wang Yen's eyes hidden light, and I have known the purpose of Xiaotianyuan and White home, but it is the wheel of time and space, I didn't expect it to really exist, and it was in the so-called Xuan Tianjie!