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Chapter 775 Mysterious Women

"Master ..."

Xiao Wu squatted, holding Wang Ye's wrist.

The opposite hand wid a mouth blood, and Wang Ye smiled and took his shoulder.

"Get up! This matter does not blame you, only such a party can prove everything that I said is not empty! Time and space is erased about my memory, but my Wang Ye left, no one can wipe it. ! "

Xiaowu has not got up, but he moved a distance behind him and then spoiled.

Ten years of past, he is also straight as the same gener.

At the scene, Cai Hexin three people were awkward. I didn't expect the Wuyu, who was the top of the Tiandaoyuan's long-term disciple, turned out to be Wang Ye's pro-disciples.

Great, under Wang Ye's proof, Xiaowu has accepted this fact.

He stood up and said: "If you let me know, who is the scattered rumor, I will smash him with a thousand paragraph! I'm almost harmful to my little martial arts, with Master!"

Wang Ye smiled and smiled. He turned his head to look at the room on one side.

"You have listened to so long, but it should be showing! I don't know, my Wang Ye is sinned, you have to fall to me!"

Everyone saw it, Hawran turned his head to look at Wang Yen.

That is Wang Ye's room, and at this time, the door gradually opened, a woman tall, the woman who covered the veil was slow.

She is the woman who has previously, mixed in the outdoor population.

When the woman went, it was awkward, "It's a touching! I didn't expect it. I originally planned to let you live and die. I finally let you recognize the pro! Hey, when I am a business."

"Distribute rolls, is you?" Xiaowu asked.

The woman smiled and said: "Yes, it is me! I originally intended to save some strength!"

"Despicable, I want to slaughter you!"

Xiaowu's personality is still like the original, and the body is rushing directly, and there is a thick aura parcel on the fist.

The woman flashed in the eyes of a woman and looked at it.


A sulf, fist, I saw a spirit of flying.

"Golden Dan, later!"

Everyone is a surprise, Xiaowu and the mysterious woman, it is all the repair of Jin Dan.

The aura shocks each other, Xiaowu Eye is murdered, and the fist is tight: "How is the late stage of Jin Dan, taste my burning?"

His words, the arm has smashed the extremely hot flame on the fist.

In a moment of the flame, the purplefish in Wang Ye is shaking.

"Hey, burning the weather!" He couldn't help but take a breath.

The top ten, eighth place in the Auntium list, is really horrible.

The hot high temperature makes the space look distorted, which destroys the flame of the earth, is extremely violent.

Wang Ye did not expect that Xiao Wu actually got such a terrible outlet.

But immediately, more terrible things, let him start.

With the emergence of burning insurgence, mysterious women's delicate body, with a cold and cold frost.

One fire, an ice, at this moment, it is far from each other.

"Extreme cold body, the power of ice!" Wang Ye Hawran stood up, because the excitement plus the previous injury, the mouth of the mouth overflowed from a blood.


A fried, Xiao Wu and the mysterious woman took a few steps, and the strength was even changing.


At this moment, Cai Wei and Liu Ribu smashed and small steel guns, three people were respectively sounded, and the mysterious woman was surrounded.

This person pits the departure, trying to set up Wang Ye to die, they naturally not allow this mysterious woman to leave.

The woman disdainted a bit of Cai Yu Xin and Liu Ribu smashed, and then he looked at Xiaowu.

"The top of the list, but it is so!"

"It turns out that you are always the mysterious existence of the second. Hey, the list can only be the second!" Xiao Wu disdainfully said: "You will fight again!"

After the words, Xiaobang is ready to do.

"Stop!" Wang Ye watched.

Xiaowu is the boy who is suspicious, looking to the complex Wang Ye in the face.

The mysterious woman looked up, glanced at Wang Ye, said: "If you miss today, this opportunity, I am afraid that I will follow you, you will be so good!"

"Do you want, kill me?" Wang Ye's voice trembled.

The woman is the first, "not killing!"

"Good! I am waiting for it." Wang Ye nodded.

The mysterious woman heard a slightly stunned, and later: "You have hurt your body today, I don't have a crisis! After half a month, it is the activity of the college hunting in the mountain. You will die again."

"Who will stay in you half a month!" Xiao Wu fists clen the eye.

Cai Wei also sink: "Fast!"

"She can't walk today." Liu Ru smoke has been ready to go.

Small steel guns are less words, but at this moment is strong, he will not allow the existence of those who have potential threats to Wang Ye.

But Wang Ye, hold the stone pillar in one hand, "Let her go."

"Wang Ye ..."


"I said, let her go!" Wang Ye said.

Seeing his attitude, everyone is unwilling, but can only be a laughter with mysterious women, and then go back to the wall.

Wang Ye's footsteps are somewhat, and finally barely sit on the stool.

Cai Wei and others came, and they did not understand.

"Wang Ye, this person is poisonous, trying to kill people! Why do you want to let her go!"

"Yeah! After half a month, Huoshan Hunt is a annual school celebration. By, there is no rule restriction, with her cultivation to sneak you, it will be like a hunger!" Liu Ru smog is worried.

Xiaowu caress the vest of Wang Ye and asked: "Master, are you okay?"

Wang Ye's emotional fluctuation is very fluent, he took a deep breath, this is gradually calming.

"I know, you are not willing to let her go! But she can't hurt, can't kill! Next, you remember to let outsiders."

Wang Yin looks more dignified, seeing everyone nodded that he will follow.

"The first looks, I feel very familiar, until she just showed the power of ice, showing extremely cold body, I finally determined that she is Han Ruo Snow ..."

At the beginning of the magic, I experienced all kinds of ultimately with Han Ruo Snow.

This is the most dedicated woman in Wang Ye. She once had Wang Ye's child, but because of that change, the child is gone!

Although the opening of Wang Ye, the ultimate Han Ruo has put down, but this thing is in Wang Ye's heart, he left unable to heal scars, he felt that no matter how it makes up, it could make up for everything that Han Ruo's lost.

After learning this level, everyone is silent, and Liu Ribu is angry: "I didn't expect you to first, but there is a versatility of fragrance everywhere!"

But when I learned that Han Ruo Snow has lost his child, Liu Ruci is said: "Wang Ye, I will return it."

"That is not important." Wang Ye shook his head, looks dignified, said: "When I just handed it, I smented it in Han Ruo's snow ... Magic!"

"Magic? She is related to the demon!"

Everyone was shocked, and finally understood, Wang Ye has repeatedly the reason.

Tiandaoyuan and White Home, that is, lending countless comprehensions in China, anti-Ruozong's appearance, if the Tiandao Institute disciple is the magicity, the incident, in order to take into account the Han Fei Snow Kill.

And this is that Wang Ye is not willing to see!