In the cultivation room, Wang Yaoyi knee and covered a thick layer of frost, the trembling of the body.

Icy flames, through extremely strange atmosphere.

The pain in Wang Ye is gradually weakening, but the real danger between life and death is just beginning from this moment.

His spirit is highly concentrated, which controls the fire of purplefish in Yuan Dan, and then gradually, it is approaching the fire of Jiuquan, and it will be close to Yuan Dan. Every close, there will be extreme horror rejection. He is not only to weigh the strength, but also protect Yuan Dan is not impact.

"Slow, slow ..."

Wang Ye is constantly in his heart, and the speed is not reached, and it cannot be eager to seek.

Time is in the past, and the speed is close to the speed, and it is very common, focusing on his soul, huge exclusion and impact, consumes the aura in Yuan Dan.

Fortunately, there is a vast endless aura in this cultivation room to give him.

In this way, the hardships have been overdone, and the fire of Jiukou has been exposed to the Yuan Dan, and the purplefish is gradually integrated with each other.

The fire of the two is integrated with each other, and a new outlet is about to be born.

Wang Ye has already felt that the powerful power of the new life is in.

"The first step is to combine the fire, and finally it will be successful. Now I can't relax!"

In addition to excitement, Wang Ye did not even care.

"Attention is not right!"

Suddenly, the unnamed sound rang in the Wang Yino's heart.

Wang Ye was trembled, and two of the two kinds of fire in Yuan Dan were so busy and found a different source.

"Fuck, it is a swallowing of the beast. He is ready to take the opportunity to swallow the newborn!" After the moment, Wang Ye couldn't help but explode.

The aura here comes from the swallowing of the beast of the beast under the Ling Tower, and through the aura swallowing the beast, it should go to the new life, it is ready to divide a piece.

As long as it swallowed, even the aura will begin to counter the flow to the Lingta Tower. At that time, there was no completely integrated out of the king body, and it will definitely be taken out, so that the Ling Tower will sink into the tower, and finally become Swallowing the gap in the beast.

Never let it succeed!

"There is no name, it seems that this time is a life of nine deaths! I can only go to swallow the beast. I will start it before!"

"I can only be so!" Non-named: "Integrate the fire, shock the realm, and then swallow the real yuan, so that the danger has changed numerous times! Once success, the benefits will be enlarged Double! Wang Ye, fight? "

"Fight!" Wang wild weights.

He opened his eyes, he looked at Suzaku to the top of the rotary head, smiled: "Suzaku, this time can you help me, you will try to make your own blood pressure to the limit, used to shock swallowing the beast real yuan, Different fire! Realm! Swallowing the beast of the real yuan! My Wang Ye, one is collected! "

"... ..." Suzaku wirls in the cultivation room.


Suddenly, the whole spiritual tower is dramatic, all the aura in all cultural accommodation, is like tidal, and began to return to the bottom of the tower.

"what happened?"

"The aura is exhausted!"

"Is the interest of the Ling Tower not just? How come again!"

Those disciples in the closed tower, after a little bit of god, they are crazy to escape from the spirit tower.

The slogan, the backfall, the bottom of the Ling Tower is like an endless abyss, trying to swallow everything.

Ling Tower is noisy inside and outside, everyone goes outside the tower.

In the pharmacies of the pharmacy, Cai Wei and others are looking forward to, there is no tight, and the palms are sweating!

They know that this is because of the situation of Wang Ye.

Time, the figure of a strong man in Tiandaoyuan, rushing to the Ling Tower.

The old man took a kind of elder, first rushed to the Ling Tower, followed by the vice president.

Suddenly, the long and old eyebrows were locked. "Swallowing the beast is actually swallowing the aura. It has been the first time in so many years! Inside the tower, it must have something you want to swallow."

"Wang Ye!"

Vice President's eyebrows, look the look.

I heard the words, the long worriery will scatter extremely old, he stood next to the deputy director, he said: "Is it that Wang Ye is fusion of purplefish and Jiuqi flame, he really did it, condensed out The new outlet, so I was swallowed into the real yuan! "

The vice president is looking back, "will only be this!"

"What can we do, can we help him?" Asked the old man asked.

"Nothing, it is the biggest help to him!" The vice president is lifted, "I feel, the power of being swallowed, the breath of Wang Ye, he is waiting to swallow the beast ventilation The moment of trying to fight against terrorism. You should do it, it is to guard this place, don't let him be bothered. "

"Anti-terrorism situation ?! Anti-swallowing swallowing the beast is? How can this possible!"

The big old man has grown his eyes, and it is a trip to swallow the beast of the beast. Even if he is in the seal, he will be trembling, but Wang Ye is the repair of the Jin Dan!

In the hearts of the vice president, it is not so shocking, but this is a fact.

"Don't forget, he is with the old dean, let him see the people in the old man, not ordinary people!"

The vice president said, there is no more to say more, soon a powerful pulling force, let them look up at the top of the spirit tower.


In the swallowing of the beast to absorb the aura in the Ling Tower, there is a moment of short festival, a strong suction, as if a pair of invisible big hands, suddenly take everything to the top of the Ling Tower.


The broken fried sound came, and the spirit tower was dramatically shaking.

The seal of the bottom is accompanied by a huge impact. It is trapped in the swallowed beast and the thrills, along the horror suction, and go to the top of the Ling Tower.

Wang Yaoyi is sitting in the cultivation room, which is from his body. The aura that has been pulled and pulled into the Yuan Dan, the spiritual sword, no name in the body, and being swallowed by Suzaku.

Suddenly, everything is fixed.


After a short fixed look, a voice from the flood is coming.

Wang Ye Hawran opened his eyes, a unreal shadow in front of him, was rushing to his mouth grinning.

Swallowing the beast!

It is like a dog, but there is a large piggy ear. The facial facial features blurred. There is a big big non-compliance with its facial contour size, some exaggerated mouth, mouth, no sharp teeth, but there is no one Bottom black hole.

"Even me, you dare! Suzaku, he!" Wang Ye said.


Zhu Zaku, the perpetual pressure, did not expect Suzaki's percentage, and then let the swallowing beasts were trembled, and they went to roar.

The blood of the two shocks, Wang Ye is waiting for an opportunity, and suddenly he can't act in accordance with the original plan, and now there is only one way, in the first moment of the Yuan Dan, to accept the beast Dantian, with it to swallow it, condense the golden Dan!

Swallowing the beast has strong phagocytosis, plus it originally interested in the freshman's freight, this is the best opportunity to use it.

With the help of swallowing the beasts, it will be better than the next step.

Then, then incorporate it in the sword in the sword as a sword, one after another.