Xiaowu nature has agreed to the excitement, and he has long heard that Wang Ye's strange body and military skills will enter.

"This is an apprentice, it is really eccentric!" Liu Ru smog, said: "I have busy busy with my heart, I haven't seen this treatment for us."

Wang Ye wondered whisper.

Cai Wei smiled: "If you have fun, you have given our skills martial arts, even weapons, this is enough! And, the skill is not much more in full!"

"Hey, you are, just talk to him! Go, we go to work."

Liu Ribu smashed the heart of Cai Yi, and took a small steel gun, and asked him where it was there, and took it away.

Wang Ye knows that her complaint is nothing but the mouth is not a heart, and it has not been placed.

In this hospital, the shadow fascination is tended to Xiaofu, and there must be three , everything must be secretly carried out, after Xiao Wu's guarantee, Wang Ye is relieved to let him leave.

In the small courtyard, there was only one person in Wang Ye.

He is slowly stepped behind his hands, and his mind is like a shuttle.

Han Ruo Snow has been erased by the time of time and space, now with him, and it is the devil behind it.

Han Ruo is a very cold body, repairing in the late Jin Dan, the day of hunting must not have a bad battle, but not only to touch the bottom, but also improve the self-cultivation as soon as possible.

If it is desperate, Wang Ye is naturally not anxious. Although only Jin Dan's initial refinement, but with the nine-turn ice flame, and the power of Lingyuan sword, even in Jin Dan still has a battle.

But if you want to smoke Han Ruo Snow, you need more stronger repair, so he has already set up ideas, go to Lingtao to shut down, take a look at the top of Lingta to see yourself, can you go to the top.

At the top of the Ling Tower, the old dean left again.

The penetration of the devil showed that a hurricane is about to come, and Wang Ye is especially urgent to quickly improve the repair.

After handling everything, he quietly left the courtyard and returned to the ninety-nine layers of Lingta.

I looked at the ladder to the top, Wang Ye hesitated again. In the end, I still stopped the curiosity in my heart. He pushed away the door of the cultivation room and took it in it.

When he hit the medium term of Jin Dan, the people in the Tiandao Institute were also implemented in the intensive drums.

Medicinal shop and Dan medicine shop, as well as Jin Knewei Liu Men, is a new forces in Tiandaoyuan.


This is the power of the Tianshi, which is named by Wang Ye, created the power.

In the Tiandao Court, it didn't reject the disciples of the door to form their own forces. Therefore, after the name of the Nazong this name, many people came, because Tiananzong's principal, is Wang Ye!

As everyone knows, Wang Ye has no knowledge.

Being in the middle of the small courtyard, there is a long team, but the screening of Tiananzong is extremely strict.

Sitting in the town of Liu Ru smoke and Cai Yuxin, there is a layer of test, but also the disciple of Tianshi is not only the disciples of the talents, but also the assessment of the character.

In this way, there was a lot of difficulty, and came to the glossy big waves, almost twenty people, can choose a qualified person.

At first, theow, such as smoke and Cai Wei, are still worried, so demanding conditions will not let those people feel desperate, even for Tiansong.

In the contrary, the Tiansong 's Ning is a lot of people who really want to find a suitable destination, the most ideal choice, and the Tiananzong in many factions in the Tiandaoyuan, the monument is a great reputation.

Recruitment disciples are in full swing, the small steel cannon is not idle, and when Han Ruo has entered the Tiandao Institute, what kind of person has been in contact with the year, what is done, just a few days, just a few days .

As for Xiaowu, it is a ghost, just like a ghost, and always follows Han Ruo Snow.

This made him a huge discovery. In the Tiandaoyuan, Han Ruohue also belongs to her forces, and there are not many people only have more than ten people, but each is elite.

And these people are related to the demon. After a few days of Han Ruo, Xiaowu finally saw the gorge of the devil, and gradually learned, Han Ruo was controlled by the reason.

Everything is in an orderly manner in the dark king.

At this time, Wang Ye in the cultivation room, his body is already a mid-term atmosphere, not only strong and condensed.

If it is aware of the closeness of Wang Ye, after five days, it will break through a layer of repair in the Jindan, I am afraid people will suspect life.

In the unmanned detection, Wang Ye has already made a cultivation room, standing before the ladder leading to the top of Lingta.

Looking at the energy of the energy and ripples, Wang Ye deeply sucked a breath.

When you come here, the powerful ban is somewhat shocked, and now it is he preparing for the second time.

He is extremely cautious, and then falls on the step.

When he stood in the first stage, the anti-brake ring at the top of the head was slow.

This time did not have an abnormality like an inductor in the security check.

"It's the breath of the old thing!" The words that swallow the beasts in the mind.

Wang Ye laughed: "This ban is the old dean left."

"Hey! Despicable." The voice of swallowing the beast is tender, but it is full of endless anger.

"When I was only swallowing the beast, I was floating to this magic cave mountain range. I originally tried to swallow the mammon, but I didn't expect that the old guy was captured! He seized me up until ten years. After the aura recovery, I saw that I became growing, and I actually took me as a tool, and finally seal it under the tower. "

Wang Ye took a step and went to a step.

"In fact, the old dean is also afraid that you are unscrupulous, causing destruction damage to this world, after all, you can swallow the beast, what you can eat!"

"I didn't have evil."

Wang Ye did not believe shook his head. To say that swallowing the beast did not make evil, I am afraid who will not believe it.

Can swallow the beast to feel his question, quite a grievance: "My real body, I am very unbeatable in the wild, but I have never been evil! Until one day, a despicable guy hits me In order to be destroyed by my flesh, there is only one real yuan floating in the world. "

"Even so, I have never returned the heart. I just want to reshape the flesh. I spent a long time for a long time, I finally reimpropted the flesh, but unfortunately, the aura of the world suddenly exhausted, in this world, thousands of years, Instead, it is gradually consumed, and finally, even the old things can not beat. "

Listening to the tragic experience, Wang Ye smiled: "If you come, the old dean is also good for you! If he seals you, the aura is exhausted, you can only consume itself, you will fly to the smoke for a long time. "

"Can be aura recovery." Swallowing the beast said that he said.

Wang Ye shrugged and did not argue with it. Only the last step was left in front of him, and it was able to view the top of the glare white light.

He took a deep breath and did his final preparation.

"Don't worry, the ban is the ban, you will automatically eliminate my existence!"

"Hey ..." If you hear the swallowing, Wang Ye is a cold sweat.

It turns out that the ban on this top is related to the swallowing beast in the bottom seal, and it will be severely excluded when they will be taken in the first time.