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Chapter 788 Wu Yuezhan Mountain Array

When I went up, my majestic is angry, but when I came down from the cliff, the two were like a frost.

The fighting power of the fifth-order monster is originally equivalent to the power of the Yuan Ying period, and the golden scales in the fifth-order monster are the top existence.

Not only the skin is thick, and the attack is strong, plus the pair of wings can be swimmed to swear, even if the Yuan Yingfeng is trying to follow it, I am afraid I can't ask.

At the foot of the mountain, Liu Ru smoke shrugged, "I can't see it, according to our speed, then kill some third-order monsters, or find a four-stage monster."

Wang Ye laughed.

"Your heart is clear, the quantity is difficult to defend. Again, the hunting ground is so big, the number of monsters is limited, this five-order monster's Netan is the only hope of our whole staff."

Kneading the head of the willows, Wang Ye, said: "You don't have to despair, we have advantages, in advance, the next magazine can limit the gold scales, plus Suzaki's percentage and powerful offensive, and Xiaowu And you still have a small steel gun, let's work together, you will fix it. "

Having said that, Wang Ye did not have a lot of grasp. After all, the golden scales were the 'fighter' in the fifth-order monster.

Before the night came, Xiao Wu led the team, arrived at the sky cliff.

If you don't have a big one, the team leadership the small steel cannon also comes.

"Wild brother, this will last for nearly three days, our team has harvested the third-order monsternerner, twenty-five! The second-order monsternes," Small steel cannon smile, will harvest I gave Wang Ye.

Xiaowu on the side, some somestead, "small steel gun, your steel cannon can't!" So big. "

"Of course, there is no Xiaobu Ge, you are the repair of Jin Dan as a hierarchy than me." Small steel gun smiled.

"Your kid is very knowledgeable." Xiaowu laughed, "Master, this team, won the second-order monsterner, three twenty-two, the three-story demon, there are two four-step demon Beastnes! "

As soon as I heard this, the small steel guns widened their eyes. This gap is not a hieraser.

Those who brought the team, they were also disappointed, but the eyes were flashing in the Guanghua who did not care.

Wang Ye put this scene in his eyes, secretly appreciated the eyes of Liu Ruyao and Cai Xin, and Nakanong did not have a species.

"This is a great victory, although there are high and low points, it doesn't mean the strength! It can only be said that it is a good time." Wang Ye did these endan, first income system warehouse.

A group of people are hot, especially small steel guns, and more enthusiastic is eager to express.

You can turn around, and the road: "Small steel cannon and Xiaowu leave, the rest of the people are divided into three teams, go out along the way, start hunting the monsters."


"Zone, five-stage monsters we are willing to have a power."

"Yeah! We are not afraid!"

"We are a whole, you can't face a strong enemy, let us retreat!"

Tiangozong people have called, and Wang Ye hurriedly made a gesture.

The next step in the smoky smoky: "All your mood, I understand, but let's talk, in the face of the five-order monster, even the Jin Dan is repaired, I don't dare to force the enemy! Kim Dan, It is even if you send it. You stay here, you will only be delayed, so you better than this time, go to hunt some monsters. "

Everyone is sluggish, and they are most stronger, but it is just the peak of the gods.

One of Jin Dan is not used to use, let them feel aszeina, secretly decided to work hard, do not drag the door.

After silence, Liu Ruchu is only said: "All, in the face of the five-order monster, I will wait for life and death, but I know why Wang Ye is to hunt five-level monster?"

Everyone shaken his head, they didn't know.

"That's because Wang Ye wants to let Tianhongzong, the whole staff will win the quota of Xuan Tianjie through this assessment!"

"All, full staff?"

Everyone suddenly made great eyes, and the awesome eyes turned to Wang Ye.

All members, this is a concept, Tianyino 16 people, plus Liu Ribu smashed, Xiaowu and small steel gun and Wang Ye, just twenty people, isn't it to be divided into all the places that entered the Xuannianjie.

Moreover, they don't know, there is a Cai Yuxin!

At first, everyone struggled to fight, and it was able to have a number of hopes, but I didn't know that Wang Ye actually planned all members.

Silence, only silence is left in the field, and those who are hot and awesome.

"Well, don't touch the nose, you will not have a soft-winning monster!" Wang Ye laughed.

When everyone listened, they also laughed. As Wang Ye rushed to make a gesture, everyone smiled, excited to disturb the golden scales in the cave.

"For the sake of unlunabar, there is more than a matter of hard work!"

"The primary is relieved, I will wait for it!"

"The main owner, the position, take care!"


Everyone has hold boxes, and the self-owners are divided into three teams, and they go to the distance in the distance.

Sometimes, sincere brothers, there is no need to say those words that are crowning.

As everyone left, Wang Ye looked up and looked at the mountains and said: "You have heard it, Wu Yue Feng Mountain Array?"

Liu Ru smog and Xiao Wushu shook his head, but the small steel cannon eyes bright, said: "Ye brother, will you arrange this array? The chance of success is greatly improved."

"Hey, do you have heard of the five-year-old mountain array?" Wang Ye was quite surprised.

Small steel gun points: "I used to serve the old dean, accidentally listened to him. The five Yuezhang mountain array is an extremely powerful array. This strange array will continue to compress, inside and outside, can The form of the control array. "

"Yes!" Wang Ye smiled and took his shoulder and said: "This array requires five people to cooperate."

"But only four people?" Xiao Wu asked.

Wang Ye looked with the shoulders of Suzaku, laughed: "Plus Suzaki, is not five people!"

He took out five ancient jade, followed by a blood, dripping on the ancient jade, and showing them to do it in their own way.

Five pieces contain five people with a bloody ancient jade in hand, Wang Ye is around the sky, and places it at a particular location.

Returning to everyone, Wang Ye is dignified, and said: "There is no turn of the arrow. This time we need to work together. In the Wuyue Fengshan Array, I will cooperate with Suzaki, besieged the golden scales, and the three people outside of the law ... "

"No, Wang Ye will go with you!"

"Master, let me come, I have been repaired in these people!"

"I, I ... I can."

Three people listened to Wang Ye and Suzaku, and stayed in the Wuyue Fengshan array immediately refuted.

Wang Ye has a smile and shook his head. Morphological assistance me in collaborative control array. "

"Okay, this is so fixed! According to the orientation of my fingers, I am going!"