Soon after Han Ruxue left the cave again, it returned again.

"I have already told it, let the devil go to the Qingfengling, collect your body."

Wang Yen is headed: "Calculate time, such as the smoke is almost the same, let's go."

Going to the Qingfengling all the way, the way, Han Ruo is quite curious, Wang Ye can use what means to win the magic.

"The magic messenger has been very strong, and I think I am a strong man, and I can't use Jin Dan. Can you have four people?"

"Have you heard, have a simple and efficient array, is it called aura pulse?" Wang Ye smiled.

Han Ruo Snow shake his head, she did not hear such a array.

"The so-called aura pulse is evolved according to the pulse of the current. On a moment of pulse, the voltage will rise rapidly! The truth of the aura pulse is also the same, through special means, in that moment, the pulse broke out in this moment, It can make a geometric increase in the auction. "

"But the shortcomings are only once! So, the acting will make a full set, and the demon will not succutive."

He explained this, and Han Ruo has roughly understand the process.

But as far as the aura pulse is too powerful, I am afraid that only see the effect can know.

Arrive in the Qingfengling in advance, in the designated mountain ditch, Wang Ye looked around.

Liu Ru smoke and Xiaowu and small steel guns have appeared here, but they hide very well, even he did not find their traces.

"Are they here?" Han Ruo Xue asked.

Wang Ye smiled slightly, looking up pointing to Suzaki in the middle of the air. She is here to be hidden in a certain corner here.

"Everything is properly arranged, and I will see you."

Wang Ye three two times, take off the clothes, put the clothes that were reddish red in the body, and the post-mortal died in the ground.

Everything is ready, just wait for the Magic Messenger.

Time is at a little bit, and Han Ruo is in anxiously waiting.

Finally, a shadow appeared in the mountain ditch, and the sound of the gas came.

"The big shelf, kill the target, you think you can do the master? Hey, let me take the body to get the body!"

"Makers." Han Ruo Xue hurriedly turned, "Monasters don't misunderstand, although Wang Ye has been killed, but his friend will willow like smoke and small steel gun, and the disciples Xiaowu Sthang save, for safety, so fight Let the messenger run, please forgive sin. "

Han Ruo Snow is highly showed respectful and timid, for fear that the magic messenger controls her Jin Dan, to punish her!

If so, the messenger will find that the magic of Han Ruo Kim Dan has lost contact and cautiously.

Fortunately, the Magic Messenger did not be angry, glanced at the blood of the blood in the ground.

"Well, you finally made me satisfied! Han Ruo Snow, stayed in this time, I will give you the first level of Wang Ye to the Zong Lord, will remove the magic in Jin Dan, and you will pay free."

"I don't dare to expect." Han Ruo Xue said: "It is willing to be a magic effect, and the liver and brain are gone!"

"Okay, hahaha, I didn't expect you to have such a sense of consciousness! The time workers are Junjie, the devil is growing and quickly, and it has been used for a long time. The many Chinese mainland China will become a demon! When you are, you are The people of the veterans level! "

"Moreover, the primary is closing. After he is going to go, he will come to sweep the heavens and the white family. There is no old dean of the Tiandao Institute, that old things are not worth mentioning!"

Listening to the magic messenger, the words of the macro picture, Wang Ye, who took the ground, converges the breath, but the eyebrows are tight.

That sound is full, quite familiar, but he is on the ground, he can't see the appearance of the people.

Han Ruo Shui retired a few steps, he took advantage: "Thank you for cultivation, Wang Ye's body here, please ask the mepers."

"Hey! I am very curious, what kind of person he is! Can let the main question, and kill it without cost."

The Magic Messenger said, step by step, he turned the king of Wang Ye with his feet, looking down Wang Ye.

"Nor is it three-arms! Hey, unfortunately ..."

The Magic Messenger The words, the face suddenly changed, strong as his close range in front of Wang Ye, has been perceived by his breath.

"Han Ruo Snow, you dare to betray the demon!" The magic peers said, and a palm bombardment, a aura explosion.

Han Ruo, who can't prevent it, retreat, her Jin Dan was sealed, and she could not hit, and she could only cross the chest.


A fried, Han Ruoxue is directly shocked, the small belly is seven-star needle, in order to protect the Dantian of Han Ruo Snow, under the impact of external force, such as a streamline.

In the air of Han Ruo, it was sent to several blood.

The seven star is flying out, and the speed is very fast.

Almost at the same time, Wang Ye played from the ejaculation, and he bombarded his shoulders of the magic messenger and shocked it out.


The seven-star needle, the seven silver needles are filled, nail on the messenger of the magic, but there are several silver needles in the district, and they are fundamentally unable to cause substantial injuries.

"It's now, the aura pulse!"

Wang Ye loudly.


In the mountain ditch, the halvers of the hanker sounded, and it was close to a thick aura, such as the pentium tide.

The Magic Messenger Hawran turned, and the aura was toned to resist the strange scene.

The aura of the tumbling, even if the flow of light is rapid, the seven silver needles on the magic messenger trembled, and the auction of the aura in the moment will grow rapidly, and a person's breath makes people creepy.


Whether it is a speed or strength, it has increased to an amazing height. It hits, the magic peers ripples, and it is shredded in a moment, and the powerful aura is on his body. It flew out.

In halftle, ​​the magic messenger spurting a few mouthfuls, the body is full of more than ten feet, and the drag is a few meters away, and the number of boulders shocked the rear.

The power of the aura pulse is unexpected to Wang Ye.

Not far away, the Han Ruo Snow, which hung in the mouth, and his mouth hanging from the blood, and was shocked by this scene.

"Wang Ye, your uncle! You use me." Turmy, Han Ruo Snow caves.

It turned out that the seven silver needles were the key to the increase in the aura, and he did not die, it was not discovered by the magic messenger. He deliberately revealed a breath to make a sense.

Because he concluded that the anger of the magic, the messenger of the anger, will definitely move against the betrayal Han Ruo Xue.

However, the seven silver needles hidden in nine-way ice flames, which not only ensures that Han Ruo Xuetian is not damaged, but also offset the aura impact of that palm.

In this point, everything is in Wang Ye's expectations, and the angry Han Ruo Snow now knows that the real bait is not Wang Ye, but she!

Wang Ye smiled, and he stretched out the sword in his hand, and shouted out a sword to talker with the devil mers.

A sword wrapped in nine-way glacors, rapidly approaching the Magic messenger, fatal danger, let the devil messenger, but desperate closion.


The long sword is about to touch the throat of the magic messenger, but suddenly stopped.