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Chapter 795 of the whole staff

Ling Tower is suppressed to swallow the beast of the beast, and the deputy dean of this matter and everyone are clear.

But today, they first saw swallowing the beast.

The illusory figure is incomparably, the mighty is like a lion, and it is the same as the original Wang Ye in the black wind, the same.

Wang Yinyuyu wrinkled, Shen Sheng: "Don't make trouble, show your body!"

Great behemoths, seems to be a little unwilling, but it is still a flash of glory, and the mighty body is quickly shrinking.

Finally, it is a big head in front of everyone, a dog, and a pig, with two big ears, looks like a guy.

This is the case, but the shock of everyone has a step.

Swallowing the beast, this is the true prototype of swallowing the beast. If it is confused by its lovely appearance, it can be very wrong, it can devour everything in the world.


The old and hard swallowed throat, and looked at the king of Wang Ye.

The emergence of swallowing the beast is the best proof to Wang Ye.

Wang Ye hand, swallowing the beast, shaking his head, drilling into the Lingyuanjian.

"Swallowing the beast has become the sword spirit of my Lingyuanjian, the deputy dean, the old age, and two elders, this is always believed."

Wang Ye is arched by one, then said: "The old dean is hope to resolve the demon, and my brother is awkward, although it is a magic messenger, but isn't it what we have to do? Only to feel more Magic people. "


I still want to say something, and the deputy dean is swaying and interrupted her.

He watched a moment away from it, and immediately opened: "Since Wang Ye is coming, you need to remember, you can only live, because he! Go, this time our Tiandao is not pursued, When there is anything! But I persuaded you, I will not appear in the scope of the Tiandao, otherwise I will not wait for your hand. "

Wang Ye is happy, there is a vice president opening, and the clock is finally survived.

"Thank you, Vice President." He turned to see the clock, said: "Brothers, although your memory is erased, but your brother will not change! You can rest assured, one day I will let you think about everything!"

Soon, the Xuan Tianjie experienced a spatial wheel, as long as it per licked, it would be replaced back to the memories of everyone.

When the clock frownted him, he did not say a word. Cautious staring at the crowds of everyone, and finally disappeared in the distance in the distance.

"All!" Vice President Shen Sheng said: "Remember, there is no happening just now, no people have not seen it! You can understand."

"I will comply with the life of the deputy dean."

Including the old age, everyone gaves his hand.

"Okay, there is not much time, the hunting conference is about to end, and you should return to the heaven!"

After the deputy chief, when the first change made a stream, it went to the distance, followed by the old three people.

Wang Wen Long took a breath and looked at the direction of the left away, and then he helped Han Ruo Snow.

Angry, pushing Wang Ye, repelting: "I really have you!"

"Is it flatted." Wang Ye smiled and opened the topic: "Go away, if you miss the time, it will be considered eliminated."

Although Han Ruo is unwilling, Wang Ye is still helping her, and everyone goes towards the Tiandao Institute.

When they returned to Tiandaoyuan, the college square was already surging, and many disciples came back.

In the forefront of the crowd, a long table is placed, three five complex people, go to the table, put the harvested Net Dan on the table, so good as the assessment of this hunt.

Han Ruo Snow reached out, put a quarter to Wang Ye, "I have someone who is hunting the monster in this way, thank you for your help from gouting the demon!"

Wang Ye is not polite, and smiled: "You can rest assured, the quota has you! Before the Xuan Tianjie opened, I will help you completely smelt the magic."

"You don't fool me." Han Ruo Xue said.

Wang Ye smiled.

Soon, there are many Netan who have been placed in front of the long table. Some gangs have got a lot, and they are excited.

When all people took out the trophy, they started to see the Tiangozong people.

There is only one of them, and I have never paid the troops!

"Tiananzong's strength is excellent, this afraid that it will take half of the quota."

"Well, I will be more than we can be better than that of the golden Dan."

"The requirements are not high, you can get a quota!"

Although I know that Tianshi is amazing, I also hold a fantasy.

Wang Ye will prepare everything, go to the crowd, and the big square is quiet, and a pair of hot scorpions are staring at him, and wants to witness the results of Tiananzong.

Wang Ye is swaying, from the system space and the quite, it will be presented by the harvested monsternet.

In the hill, the monster is in the hill, which makes people stunned, after the spot, the disciple announced the way.

"Tianyongzong Wang Ye, paying the second-order monsternernerner, thirty-six; three-order monster inner Dan 48; four-level monsternerner, four."


This amazing quantity, let everyone look at a cold.

With this quantity, Tiananzong can directly get nearly fifteen places that entered the Xuan Tianjie experience.

Responsible for the old and old, satisfied nods: "Every place, it is a lot, Tian Ye Zongzhan is huge, you can get fourteen places."

Originally, these Nen Dan, sufficiently for fifteen places, but in order to leave some space in order to give other disciples, he said a number of places.

However, everyone has no objection, after all, the quantity and quality are huge, they have nothing to say.

But immediately, when the old man continued to announce the rest of the place, Wang Ye smiled.

"Sorry, I almost forgot, there is a monster!"

His arm is loud, a slap, a boss's body falls in front of the long table.

"What is this?"

"Lying in the trough, this is the five-way monster, the gold scale!"

"My God, they actually kill the five-order monsters!"

In the event of a chaos in the field, everyone was shocked, and that emerged was the border of the five-stage monster gold scales.

This first five-order monster, the foot can resist the endan of ten fourth-order monster.

After a short shock, the big old facial facade, looking at the vice president.

They did not expect that Wang Ye and others actually kill the five-order monsters who were able to host the enemy's baby.

How can this?

Plus the previous stripes, Tiananzong can cover the quota of this Xuan Tianjie experience.

Vice President Mengyu, Monopoly! This monopoly makes him very helpless!

"Cough!" He pulled a cough, hands with hands, after the field gradually came down, he didn't say: "All, unfortunate! Hunting Conference has its rules, I am going to give everyone a chance, but Tiansongzong Such a result can be covered in the 20th quota. "

Everyone he wanted to be bleak, despair, there is no room for any refuting, only watching the smile of Tiananzong people celebrated.

The vice president smiled: "This is also an unprecedented! But you also want to discover, I will negotiate with the white family, and then strive for ten quotas for the Tiandao Institute, follow-up quota."

As soon as I heard this, the crowd was cheering.