The richest man starts from checking in

Chapter 821 is the scorpion is a horse.

Under the hit, the wins have been divided, although the realm of the horse is more than two levels, but the details of the details are not a hive.

The surrounding audience seems to be a wind blown wall, and the discussion is replayed.

Many people are amazing Wang Ye's cultivation, and it is already awkward for the all fire.

There is even some people threaten, even if the horse is with Wang Ye to step into the octagonal cage, it is only possible to defeat the death.

Everything is speech, as long as Wang Ye seems to have already excluded the realm.

These words, let the horse have doubt whether the King Ye is deliberately hidden.

"Wang Ye!" After a long time, Ma Yu was awkward: "In this Tiande, you are a disciple of heaven, and he will open a representative of the five institutions, and it is in the heavens, Or is it my North Pieyuan? "

"If you don't accept it, it is a scorpion to go to the eight-corner cage! Of course, you can also!" Wang Ye smiled.

The horse is deeply confident, "" You have violated the rules of the heaven! This matter, the Tiandao Court must give me the Northern Spiritual Yuan! "

"If you don't accept it, it is a horse. Let's go to the octagon cage! Of course, you can do it here!" Wang Ye still said like that.

"Wang Ye, you are despise my northern spirit!"

"If you don't accept ..."

"Wang Ye, you are not in the eyes of the rules of the heavens!"

"If you don't accept ..."

"Wang Ye! I want to kill you this madman!"

"If you don't accept ..."


Come back and return, Wang Ye is in that sentence, I don't accept it!

Obviously, the bottom gas of the horse seems to be punched, he is just a constant calling, but he does not dare to go to the eight-corner cage from beginning to end, and don't dare to trade in love with Wang Ye.

He seems to have forgotten it, but he is the strong man in the later period, and it is more than two levels than Wang Ye.

Half of the powerful counterparts he has lost.

Say, Wang Yen disdain: "There are so many nonsense, you have to play, don't fight! I still have anything, no idle work is with you to grind your mouth!"


The horse that is still the wind is still the wind, and now the body is shaking, and a word can not say it.

Just disdain in Wang Ye, when I was ready to turn into the house, the disciples of the Beiliyuan finally called the old and vice president.

"See Vice President!"

"I have seen the old age!"

In addition to the courtyard, the audience gave a gift,

The vice president God bless and the old man came back, followed by the people of Beiliyuan.

When I entered the court, they payable Ma Shug Peng in the face of the face.

The horse is three steps and two steps. I will hold the boxing in front of the box: "Please ask the vice president, the old age! I am the Beibeiyuan!"

"My horse leads the teacher Ma Shugong to come to participate in the training of Xuan Tianjie. He heard that the disciples in Tiandaoyuan created Tianye Zong Xiu as extraordinary, with the attitude of the court, who once thought that Wang Ye shouted, directly worsened me Jin Dan, Master Ma Shippeng! "

"This is despised the Tiandaoyuan, ignores my northern spirit, please ask two to be the Lord, and ask my North Pieyuan to go back to fair."

The righteous words of the horse are generous!

I heard the old and the vice president's brow, and some helplessly glanced over Wang Ye, but he didn't see what he was too light.

"Cough!" The big elders cough and asked: "Wang Ye, this matter is like this? If you have hidden, you are very straightforward."

It is a big old, this is a chance to give Wang Ye, but he spreads a booth and said: "It is true that Ma Shippeng is my waste."

The old old eyebrows are wrinkled. "Why are you like this? But because Beiliyuan is aggressive?"

"The old old, what do you think?" The horse is somewhat indulging.

This is simply to protect Wang Ye!

Under the helpless, the vice president opened: "Since you have already pleaded, then you have to accept the punishment of the Tiandaoyuan."

"How to punish?" Wang Ye smiled and boked his hand.

"Black wind hole, the punishment is meaningless, I can leave for a long time. Exceeding the Tiandaoyuan? According to the college, fight to death, nor from the school!"

Silent vice president said without saying, the long can't give him the eyes, but it does not work.

Wang Ye seems to be more arrogant, even some floating.

He smiled: "Cancel the qualification of the experience of the Xuan Tianjie? It is okay! On the white family, I still have a quota! Vice dean, what should you do?"

The vice president's cheeks were twitching, but it could not be in conjunction at a time.

Wang Ye's arrogant, it also attracted many onlookers, although the North Pleasant hospital is aggressive in the first, and it is the hand of Ma Shizhou, but today Wang Ye is obviously not putting the heavens in the eyes, only This point can cover the weaknesses of the North Elementation.

Wang Ye is not a singer, but also people who are proud, he can not know this.

But knowing that the mountain is biased towards the Hishan, deliberately, this arrogance is his special meaning.

This trimeter experience is not very common, it seems that everything is mastered, but it is not in a few opponents in a very dark.

White Yuefeng, the horse of the Beiliyuan, these people are likely to be blended. The key is that he can't be sure this time, who is with the demon.

This high-profile acting, but if you want to kick out, you may be related to the demon.

He is waiting, the deputy dean final decision.

The horse angry pointed to Wang Ye, "Vice President, you are a disciple of Tiandaoyuan? This attitude is not putting anyone in the eyes!"

Vice President's eyebrows, "Young people are high proud to understand, Wang Ye is special! As he has said, the punishment of Tiandaoyuan is meaningless, for fairness, give the Beiliyuan, I will explain, according to me It is an upward policy. "

The curious horse asked: "What is the policy?"

"Since the cause of things, it is because the Beiliyuan wants to learn with Tiantiangzong, then solve this grievance! The Tiandao Academy has a fighting field octagon, it is better to fight with Wang Ye in an octagon, solve This is grievances. "

The deputy dean decorates, and the horse is almost, and the face is like constipation.

If you really go to the octagon, there is a need for the Tiandao Academy to host the fairness. This is obviously the deputy dean can't dispose of Wang Ye, putting this hot mountain toward him Horse!

As soon as I come, the horse is not willing to be fooled; two, the horse is insufficient.

Wang Ye smiled and said: "The vice president said that, although Wang Yewei is repaired in the early days of Yuan Ying, since it committed a mistake, they will be willing to accept the North Dehinde, the challenge of the Mart of the Yuan Ying , Willing to go to the octagon trump, life and death, no matter! "

After that, he was ready to go outside the yard, and it was confident.

The horse is deeply faced and said: "This matter is about my brother, what is the way to me! Wang Ye, I want to live and die, but I will wait until the Xuan Tianjie will open, there is a big place!"

"Hey?" Wang Ye stopped and smiled: "This is a tiger, are you going to endure?"

"This hatred, the Xuan Tianjie must be clear with you!" Mahun cold voice.

"In this case, that is, it is okay." Wang Ye is boothing, said: "That is scattered, I have to take a good rest for two days, ready to enter the Xuan Tianjie Experience! Vice President, big old, I will not delivered."