Han Ruo Snow, the heart, asked whispers: "How is the magic render?"

Waiting for a clock, Wang Ye is a hormope: "If snow, don't ask if you should do it! The clock is somewhat drunk, you haven't heard it. Our opponent, why only have a magic protection method, white Bai Yuefeng in the house is one of them. "

When the clock was separated, he didn't expect Wang Ye to know the matter.

Wang Ye then said: "To say, Vice President Tianyou is a strong person!"

"Don't you know that the top of the Xuan Tianjie can accommodate the money period of the baby? Tianjie! "The clock seems to be the next consciousness.

Listen to this, it is obvious.

The clock is telling Wang Ye. The protection method of this magic sector has a trimming, which is in the Xuan Tianjie.

This news is indeed more important, but it is not fatal.

Wang Ye is not concealed, smiled: "The dog is not good, there is no greatness! Oh, I almost forgot that the brothers don't know, the Vice President of the Tiandaoyuan is not to pass by you, but with the magic High-rise has direct contact. "


The wine in the hand dropped on the stone, and the deputy dean of the Tiandaoyuan had colluded with the devil. This matter even didn't know.

But since Wang Ye knows, but also tells him, this is a horrified.

"This is true?" I asked in the sink.

"Thousands of true!" Wang Ye said he said: "You don't know if he is a strong relationship with the demon! But he is not enough, I have to deal with them. "

Brother, although you now, it can be a master! But you and I will always be a brother, and I don't want to have a chapter, you will leave a regret and regret when you regain your memory! So, brothers advise you, You have a little trusted to me, please let's look by. "

The clock is separated from the wine, and I am embarrassed. "You are despising my repair, afraid that I am dead under your sword?"

"No! I just don't want to make you get amazing." Wang Ye also fell a wine, and said: "Whenever you, I don't want you, my brother's hand is full! As for the demon guidance, although there is I am going to repair, but no matter what I live, I will pay attention to it, I don't want my brother to die. "

"Go, you are too high to see yourself!" The clock disdainful smiled: "You think I am away, the magic messenger! Will you fight against my demon?"

Wang Ye heard his laugh and not speak, and he was very understandable.

In the hunting conference, he killed the next hour, this human condition he was sure to remember in your heart, if it was not so today, it would come here to come here.

If the Xuan Tianjie, the magic relief method will be in a desperate situation, and the clock will definitely take the rescue to save the one.

It is worried that Kay Ye is that he is afraid that his betrayal is discovered by the demon, thereby caught the danger.

At this point, Wang Yen is thinking, the clock is separated from one.

To play a drink, the two talks very much is almost a pierced belly.

If you don't meet this scene, you will only think that two to pay your friends, don't know that they represent famous gates, one representative of the demon! It should be that it should be a water fire.

One person is in the five-day wine, and it is the sunset. The rest of the glow in the evening.

Shake the shocking wine, asked the clock: "Can there be wine?"

"Just as the first meeting, hey, the wine is ready! There is two altars, you and I have one altar!"

Wang Ye sighed a sigh of relief, waiting to take out from the system warehouse, when the remaining two altars, suddenly stood up, the face suddenly sink.

"What's going on?" He asked Han Ruo Xue.

With his vast soul sensation, it is already a gap to open, and the plunger is in the greege of galloping.

Some of the people are the power of Yuan Ying period.

Always not permitted at this moment, it has already understood it.

The unopened Han Ruo Snow, said: "It is my self-proportion, tell Xiao Wu and others. If we haven't rushed back before dusk, let them come to Jinji Ridge rescue! Just saw you, I will drink, I put this The thing is forgotten! "

"Mono!" Wang Ye is really anger. "I will have the wine with my brothers, and then I just want to drink alcohol, not fight! You do this, let me explain!"

Han Ruo is low, she is some grievance.

The clock is smirked, "There is a wine, then let's drink next time! Don't say, come on these years, today is the most pleasant moment!"

"Sorry, brothers, have a chance next time, you and I will drink it again!" Wang Ye showed his hand.

The clock is laughing, and it is galloped on one side of the forest.

Just leaving a moment, Xiaowang first rushed to the Jinji Mountain, and the person yet shouted: "Master, you are fine? Where is the devil thief? See you not to smash him.!"

"Who is a thief?" Wang Yin faces.

Xiao Wuyi, said: "Just that the magic, the clock is away."


With Wang Ye, a little drunk, Xiao Yu, and then come to the willows and other people.

Wang Ye is standing, and the look is cold and sneaked: "At that time, it is a brother who has lived in the same life! If you still want to recognize this Master, the thief ..."


Xiao Wu double knees, kneeling in front of Wang Ye.


He slap, fan on his own cheek.

"Master, the disciples are wrong. It was the distorted mouth without cover, the deception was destroyed."

Wang Ye did not stop him, but Shen Sheng said: "Remember, I don't care about it! You have to remember, then I am Wang Ye's brother, the brothers who have lived, he is in my eyes with you It is equally important! "

Everyone is silent, they think that Wang Ye's behavior is somewhat over, Xiao Wu is just called the hour away from a thief.

Seeing Wang Ye sleeves and went, the Han Ruo Xue was soaked, and Xiao Wu was supported.

"Sorry Xiaowu, I think improper, let you ..."

"Teacher, don't say this, Master is a serious emotional person. If you don't have the honor, you will be honored.

Xiaowu is to comfort Han Ruo Snow, under the huge cluster, far with the king of the king, go to the direction of the heaven.

After they go down the mountain, Jin Jiling has appeared in a shadow, and the eyebrow is close, it is a clock.

Previously, he hid in the dark and saw clearly.

"It's really wrong. Is it a demon to cheat me? Can I think of the memory of him! The wheel of time and space is really erased from all people's memory? "The clock is rypered.

He caught in the middle, but if there is no life, at least the hunting meeting, Wang Ye can't play.