When returning to the heaven, the night is black.

Everyone tried to find some topics, about the things of the horse, talked about the anger of the previous Wang Ye.

"The strength of the horse is very suspicious. Although it is an Yuan Ying, I deliberately pick it up with him, but I find that he is not smooth." Liu Ribucan said.

Cai Yu's heart hurriedly nodded. "When I went to pull the frame, I also secretly tried. Maybe he deliberately hidden, do not want to show true strength, but obviously tricky."

"Let him!" Xiao Gang slammed his fist.


Everyone also said that Wang Ye walked into the room, and he was close to the door.

Looking at Han Ruo Snow, it is coming, and Cai Yuxin and Liu Ribu smashed, Zhong Xiaomo and Zhong Yi have also comforted.

"I don't know what Wang Ye is smashing today."

"Yeah! This is true."

"Although the clock is my bell family, but we also know that he is the messenger of the demon! What is Wang Ye?"

"Maybe, he is not very good!"

"The mood is not good, you can't take it. If you are Xiaowu, you will give him a slap, and he hit a slap. He didn't say it! Too much!"

Tiansong's five tiger will be on, plus Zhong Xiaomo and Zhongyi. For today's things, Wang Ye's practice is quite commented.

However, Xiao Wu quietly stood in his words, and he silently looked at Wang Nail closed the door.

"Dear Niang, scattered. Master, must not be good." Xiao Wu said.

Everyone sighed, and the spin was scattered.

Night is like water, Xiaowu is almost hiding under the pavilion, everyone is all self-returned, and there is a round of moon in the evening. It seems that he is alone.

"I am a small military."

Suddenly, a voice sounded next to Xiaowu, and then the figure of Wang Ye gradually emerged.

Xiao Wu hurriedly stood up and said: "Master misunderstood, Xiao Wu is not because of grievance, but distressed Master. I know, Master is more hurting than me."

He respectfully helped him sit down and stand straight in front of him.

"In fact, Master saw my eyes at the time, I have understood what you mean, and I have seen that I have never been far away, but I peeked in the dark. Xiaowu, just for the Master, but I know, for this It is necessary to hurt the hearts of the snowstore, it is difficult to two, the most bitter is Master. "

Wang Ye slowly looked up, Xiaowu hurried down, squatting in front of him.

I was pleased to shoot Xiaowu's shoulder, Wang Ye smiled, "You are really ghosting! It turned out to be seen by you. Zhongzhi is deceived by the devil for ten years. It has been rooted in his heart. It is impossible to pull it back, it is impossible! "

"Only from the details, I moved to him, touched him! I wake up his feelings first, I can completely let him trust me! I know, I have done it today."

"Master, the apprentice can understand you." Xiao Wu squatted in front of him, laughing in his face: "Just like the original master, sometimes it is difficult to hurt some people, I think if the snow teacher will Understand you! "

It is indeed that Wang Ye deliberately made a clock.

Although the means is a little despicable, but the starting point is not malicious, he just wants the brother of the year, from the demon's hand to come back.

After another shooting Xiaowu's shoulder, Wang Ye said: "I received you as a disciple in the past. I made the most correct choice. I have a life, the only one can let me want to collect the disciples only two people, then One person is in the northern desert, because of saving me, die! Another person, you are you! So, I don't want you to be wronged, but it is difficult to be a teacher. "

Wang Ye's mood is also very heavy, so he will not send it all the way.

Suddenly, a house in the courtyard opened, Liu Ru smoke and Cai Wei came with side by side, she stretched a lazy waist.

"Hey, it's a good master. Late night is still condolences, it is nothing seriously, we have been playing with you, but you have been playing!"

Cai Yuxin then said: "I am acting in this person, I have broken myself today."


Another door is also open, Zhong Xiaomo and Wi Walk are walking out.

"Weird blame, we know you too much, I really hope to pack it!" Zhong Xiaomo smiled.

When I wanted my mouth, "I just learned my most, I realized that you are acting."

"And me, I will come back to know!" The small steel cannon came out of another house, silly smiling.

"The acting will of course play a full set! The demon is not in the hole, I don't know which one in the Tiandaoyuan is the devil's eyeliner! If you go, we have contradictory, but it is a laughter, obviously it will become awkward!"

Han Ruo's voice, from the room, she pushed the door to the pavilion, and there were some red swollen eyes.

Wang Yen looked at everyone and smiled: "It turns out that you are acting!"

"You think, will you play?"

The discourse fell, and everyone got to know.

Wang Ye turned around and touched the eyes wet. It turned out that everyone was clear, just in the silent cooperation with him.

After afraid of returning to the Tiandaoyuan, because the magic eyeliner is spot, it will be reported to the clock, and everything to do before the Wang Ye will pay the east.

"Hey, Tian Yezong's principal must cry!" Before the smoke, he hooded Wang Ye's neck before, and he took him with hard and turned over.

"You have done so much for us, we do this for you, you are moving, then we are not moving, you can move!"

Wang Ye is sour, ridiculed: "Ten years ago, you have been there!"

"Forgot! Do you want, come again?" Liu Ru smog straight.

"It's really honest!" Cai Yu is white.

"Hey, which is harmful. I heard that ten years ago, the truth is a piece, or it is not tonight?" Liu Ru smoked.

This makes Cai Yuxin's cheeks, and the rest is also awkward.

"You, it is really a poisonous tongue, people Xiaowu and small steel cannon are still there, starting there is no face." Han Ruo smiled.

"Hey, look, this is full of hunger, I don't know how to hungry, I have repaired in Wang Ye, and now I discuss with us!"

"I agree with this!" Zhong Xiaomo raised his hand agreed.

"I also agree!" Zhong Yi also told it.

Wang Ye smiled and said: "Is there no five items tonight?"

"I am afraid that you will be soft tomorrow, in the Xuan Tianjie Station is unstable!"

The five beautiful women threw the despise eyes, and the Xiaowu and Small Steel Mannequin were quite embarrassed.

Looking at the harmonious people, Wang Ye seems to have seen the scene when everyone gathered in ten years ago. At that time, it was so stunned.

He is dark in his heart, whether it is rotated, whether you erase everyone's memories of everyone.

Those who originally belong to him, will eventually belong to him, everything, memory can be erased, but that feeling is unable to die!

When the moon is empty, the courtyard is laughing, and there seems to be no one will care. Tomorrow's Xuantian is open, will be the experience of their life and death!