The next morning is not bright, and the whole Tiandao is filled in a boiling.

Those who get the qualifications are naturally full of excitement. And those who have not been qualified, it is also very urgent, even if this year has not entered it, it will be able to use the key to the ability to use it.

So, from today to the Xuan Tianjie closed, Lingta will temporarily close, all disciples must be present.

Among the Tiandaoyuan, the representatives of the five institutions and the five institutions have also went to the college square, and everyone gathered in the square.

The big square is full of people, with the deputy dean and the old age, the college teacher and the elders are here.

This is the most grand ceremony of the Tiandao Institute and White, and even the whole year.

"This time I see Tiananzong's strength!"

"The strength of Tianye, can be said to be the strongest here!"

"It is said that the Wang Ye has already released the words. This time I entered the Xuan Tianjie to win the treasure!"

Thousands of people were gathered, they were discussing, they only knew that there was an ultimate treasure in Xuan Tianjie, but I didn't know that it was the time of time and space, and even if I told them the name, they didn't know what exactly. what.

Listening to the noisy arguments around the week, the Northern Deengry is laughed: "It is a guy who is a mouse light, really takes the Tianshan! Have my brother, Tiananzong Not worth mentioning. "

Originally, the representative of the five institutions, the representative of this experience, is Macao and Ma Zhanpeng, but unfortunately Ma Zhanpeng has been abolished by Wang Ye.

The words of the people were listened by the men, and the latter disdainful smiled: "Don't brag, because you are blowing cattle, now in the Tiandao Court, those disciples who have been from Beili have not lifted Start up. "

"What are you talking?" The name of the North Deengyuan represents a great angry.

"What do you know?"

"Just, still add grandson here! A few days ago, the brother of your horse, a few days, the result?"

"Hey, the result is that people Tianyu Zongzong main Wang Ye has appeared, and I won't have a face!"

"If you support the deputy dean, go to the octagon cage, but some people don't dare to go, but now it is here."

"Chewing the tongue in the back, this kind of person is too shameless!"

The discussion topic in the initial field, but it is more comparable, but the Northern Pilot Hospital has caused anger. Everyone is accused.

"Malon! No need to pay attention to them." Macao walked.

The man of the Horsemo Peng, named Malon, the strength is not weak, and the repair of Jin Dan, at this moment, it is already the trepidation.

The horse seems to be calm, and the double punches under the sleeves are also squeaking.

"Wow, Tian Yazong people are coming! Hey, it is the five tigers!"


I don't know who shouted such a scorpion, and thousands of people went to the top of brushing, looking at the square outside.


For the head of Wang Ye, the following is that it is known as the small martial arts that will be accepted as the five tigers, Liu Ru smog and Cai Yu Xin, Han Ruoxue and small steel cannon.

Once, it is ten people in Tianyino, and it is not temperament.

Everyone's eyes are envious and hate, but now I want to join Tiansongzong. To tell the truth, it is more difficult than I want to enter the Tiandaoyuan. The degree is very demanding.

I don't know if it is interested, and everyone will open a road, but left the empty space next to the two people.

Wang Ye took the Tiantiangzong people to enter the square, and proudly Lin was next to the two people in Ma Yu.

At this moment, Malon, goodbye to Tianyanzong people, the previous contamination of provocative words, has already swallowed back to the belly.

"Wang Ye!"

It seems to take back the face, the horse is deeply said: "Remember the agreement that day? After entering the Xuan Tianjie, you will die!"

Wang Ye looked lifted his skin, but he didn't pay attention to it.

Such arrogant attitude, let the horse look cold.

"Don't think that you can occupy the dominant, you can take advantage of the gap between Yuan Ying period, but can be compensated!"

The square of the thousand people, at this moment, the unusual, the words of the horse are all clear.

"When entering the Xuan Tianjie, you will not come again! Wang Ye, I will give you a chance, now give you a choice, or abstain, either you want to give money, otherwise I will enter Xuan Tianjie, my horse Kill you first! "

The aggressive horse is rampant, and the Tiandao Academic has an additional 20 names, and it has been striving for ten places after discussing with its white family.

Thirty people together, plus four other courties, each party sent two people, only in these people in the back of the Yuan Ying.

This is his mad money.

The aggressive horse, the voice is ironic, and it does not add anywhere.

Wang Yen disdain shook his head. "The same is the five institutes, you look at the representatives of people, how low! You, just like a bundled dog, the more fierce the rope, can be The rope is unlocked, it can only be clamped! "

"Do not accept? There is still a little time from the distance, let's go to the corner of the battlefighting field to turn a circle, this time is enough to solve your horse."

Wang Yen rhetoric is more sharp and instantly causing a lot of laughter.

Ma Hao looks, "If I have a goal, I am not wasting time when I don't want to be with you, delay me, don't really think that I don't dare to fight with you!"


"Octagon! Octagrate cage!"


The disciples of Tiandaoyuan are shouting, and now Wang Ye is in these disciples, it is high.

The face of the horse is blue, but as usual, it is still unwilling to go to the octagonal cage.

I glanced at him, Wang Ye sat said: "Pellar you, you have to look for your face, you said that you don't want to be ignorant? Go to the goal! That thing, this year, this is a must ! "

"It is necessary!"

"It is necessary!"


With the people of Tiansong shouted, the disciples of the entire Tiandaoyuan, almost began to call these four words.

Wang Ye slightly, makes the gods of the horse, and I don't know what the emotion is, and the face of the horse is changing, and there is a bit panic.

"Wang Ye, Xuan Tianjie, we will see again!" Ma Wei said, actually took Malon, walked to the side, standing the most peripheral.

Everyone saw a laughter, and the king of the king, Han Ruo, asked: "You just said something with him, so I scared him."

"I tell him, don't roll, I will have to pack him on the spot!"

"Let you blame!" Han Ruo Xue slammed, and his eyes paved with Liu Ribu.

The eyes of the gods, and they seem to have been gods, guess Wang Ye said before, and let the horse are so fearful.

After waiting for about an hour, it is 7 o'clock on time. With the deputy dean, everyone has won the heavenly courtyard.

The entrance of the Xuan Tianjie is between the white family and the heavens, before the air land, as the Tiandao House rushes, hundreds of people have also gathered here.

Such a number of gaps, the gap between the white family and the heaven, naturally be able to live at a glance.