The richest man starts from checking in

Chapter 833 listening to me

Wang Ye's repair, although not the strongest in Xuantian, the war is not the case.

But at this moment, his momentum, his overbearing, his dictatorship is the leader of everyone here.

He even despised the threat: "I will give you three interest hours. If you are not willing to cooperate, I can destroy your magic people at this moment."

His words are crucifished, and people can't question.

Xiao Wu, Han Ruo Xue and Liu Ribu and Zhong Xiaoyou and others are all looking at him, I don't know what is giving him such a big confidence.

Especially Xiao Wu, whispering: "Do you pay attention to it? Before the Xuan Tianjie opened, the clock is from my Master, he seems to be stunned, then it is like a person."

"Well, I also found it!"

"What did he notice? Can you control everything?"

The most close people guess, and the magic people who have opened a few feuds, they actually see some panic.

Because their leaders, the demon guilders are still still being.

"Time to!" Wang Ye stretched out, and the sword was turned out.

"I promise you!"

At this moment, it was unexpected, and the magic relief method agreed to cooperate.

You know, the purpose of their line is not only the wheel of time and space, but also to kill Wang Ye!

However, just admitted, they got it!

Wang Ye is satisfied with laughing, recovering the Lingyuan Sword, pointing to the endless desert, "Listen to my order, set off!"

He walked in the end of the endless desert, followed by the Tiansong people, followed by the people of the heaven, followed the people of the people.

This harmonious scene, let everyone outside the Xuan Tianxia are stunned.

After the hands were in the body, Wang Ye was slowly moved, looking at the unnecessary desert in Xuan Tianjie.

He is in this place, you can determine where you are not guilty, you will be in this Xuan Tianjie.

After the endless desert, it will be an oasis, and the day and month here is alternate, only eight hours a day.

Soon, all this has been verified.

"It's so special here. It is just in the morning when I come in. I have gone for a long time. The sun is coming!"

"Almost four hours."

"Well, the time is too short, this endless desert seems to have no end."

Everyone discussed.

"Wang Ye, how long does it still have to go forward?" On the side of the crowd, the highlighter of the demon guidelines.

"Heaven, there is a cold." Wang Ye faintly said.

"I am ghost, I don't seem to know the Xuan Tianjie." The horse whispered.

The sunset is oblique, a round moon and a star, replacing the white night.

As Wang Ye said, when the night came, the blem of cold flow came, the feeling of frozen thousands of miles was shivering, and it was a kind of airy body.

But Wang Ye, is still indifferent, as if this blenets have no effect on him.

It is another four hours, and the night is scattered, and the morning light is coming out.

With a white light, everyone is fraud, the end of the desert, where the mountain river is full, the green tree is full!

At this moment, they have entered a huge deep pit.

"Is this ancient battlefield?"

"It's too horrible, how powerful strength can you make this like this."

"Hey, there seems to be something in the deep pit."

"It is the weapon, the weapon left in ancient times."

Some of the eyes, seeing the deep pit, in the morning, the weapons of the micro-light, most of them are buried under the soil.

, ...

Some people can't wait to go, crazy robbing.

The weapon here, that is, from ancient times, not only some of the treasures, it is more likely to leave the merits of the abundance of the ancient power.

This is the most attractive place in Xuan Tianjie.

At the time of the moment, it is full of the chance, even some of the changing the chance of people.

Looking at those people crazy looking for, even if they were robbed, Wang Ye's eyes were very indifferent.

Tiansongzong, as well as the white family of Duan Lin Yi, Ling Feng and Yao Xin, did not hear Wang Ye's words, although they were somewhat envious, and some impulsive, but still stood quietly behind Wang Ye.

"Fire Dragon Sword! Hahaha, it turned out to be the legendary fire dragon sword."

In the deep pit, the horse is won the treasure, and the hand is tightly holding a red sword with a generous red, and it is overwhelming an extremely horrible aura.

"It is indeed a good sword." Xiaowu Xiaoxiao whispered.

Wang Yen turned and laughed to look at them. "Do you want these things?"

The first rush, Xiao Wu's main point, the rest of the people nodded.

"This is an ancient battlefield, there are many babies, anyway, however, why don't we search here? If there is a movie, it can enhance our strength."

"Yeah, then the more dangerous, more points, more guarantees."

"Never rush to a moment!"

Even the people who are like the smoke are open.

Wang Ye looked up over the desert, the number of incompetent huge deep pit, revealing a smile of intrinsic taste.

"It's also! That will give you two days."

"Wow, it's great."

Everyone listened to the swarming and went to the big pit around, looking for the relics left in the dirt, ancient power.

Wang Ye is negotiated, and it is complicated to look at the scene.

In those deep pit, some people have a strong weapon, and some people are not lucky because of their luck. I have never been looking for the heart to find the heart, and some people are looking forward to it. .

"Your person, the same heart is greedy!" The demon relief method was slowly laughed.

After him, the clock and more than ten magic people are obviously indifferent to the baby in this place.

It is standing side by side, Wang Ye smiled, "they didn't call greed, but worked hard, I want to be strong, when I need help, I can help me!"

"Isn't it all the same." The magic relief method is taking advantage of: "Waiting for one day, they are more powerful than you, will not appear to you."

"Is it?" Wang Ye returned to the eyes, staring at the magic protection method, "If one day, you have to be strong than the magic spirit, will you replace it?"

The magic relief method went to the words, and the cooler: "My life is only loyal to the devil, from the heart of rebellion."

"It can be understood."

"Understand? I want to know, what do you understand?" I asked with the demon guidance law.

Wang Ye is sigh, "You, you still have you, but it is part of the magic spirit! It is natural to be betrayed. I still remember that the magic spirit said, I was used by people, I was used by fate! This sentence is the same Suitable for you, suitable for you! You, but it is also used by the magic spirit. "

"It's like the limbs of the magic spirit, just part of it, will always obey it! But my brother is not the same, he does not belong to the magic spirit, just being confused by the magical spirit!"

Zhong Huo Ran looked up at him, and his eyes were quite complicated.

The magic relief law glanced at the clock, and immediately cooled: "Wang Ye, if you dare to pick it up, I would rather kill you, then look for time and space."

"You, don't do it." Wang Ye was confident.