Close to the end of the canyon, the horse has completely demonstrated his position.

His look arrogant stands beside the magic guidance method, the twilight scorpion stars to Wang Ye.

"The beast has passed, and now the wheel of time and space is not far away, leave you, etc.

Suddenly, Tianganzong people were waiting, and the white family was brought about by Duan Lin Yi.

However, in these entered the Xuan Tianjie experience, there were several people who gradually retreat, which obviously settled their neutral stand.

"If you rely on you, dare to make a trip in front of the powerfulness?"

Looking at the situation in front of you, the horse is extremely disdainful. "In these people, the strongest in these people is just the mediation of Yuan Ying, and the gap between the above level, you can press your breath. But angry, let alone is a huge realm gap. "

"In front of the protection, you are like a antity, I advise you to be a bunch of hands, lepon the law, let you die."

His words, let the devil's laws and fog, obviously there is a feeling of the world.

The tension and depression of the atmosphere, the sword is arrogant, once the consequences are unimaginable.

But Wang Ye is still calming, the eyes look at the horse, just like a jumping clown.

The horse is angry, "Wang Ye, is your expression in the strength of the magic protection law?"

"No!" Wang Ye finally opened, he slowly shook his head, said: "The gap between the realm is really difficult to make up for the magic protection method, my winning is only two0%."

"Two parts? Don't give your face, you just have no effort!" Macquard disdain.

"I think this question, maybe I only know after I am going to fight! But I believe that the magic relief method is now, it will not fight with me!"

Wang Ye was confident. He looked to the magic guidance method, arched: "You can join hands, it is not easy! But then, after the more crisis, it is full of strangeness, if you don't have, your demon is unable to find time and space Wheel! "

Under the eyes disdainful eyes, Wang Ye pointed to the end of the canyon.

"No one will know more about Xuan Tianjie than I know more about time and space! At the end of this canyon, there is a non-wordless monument, even if this is the close, if you don't have, you will only be like a headless flies. Finally, I'm going to return! "

"No Character Monument?" Ma Yu smiled in the first.

He shakes his head. "Wang Ye, you have entered the Xuan Tianjie in the first time, and the top is from the elder court and the white family. I have heard some things about Xuan Tianjie, and I really have to tell myself! You, since the time in Xuan Tianjie has opened for so many years, we are the first batch, people who can go here! What is there, don't say it is you, I don't know what the Tiandao and the White family are known. "

"For this reason, try it, see what I said!" Wang Ye boardized.

The horse that is satirized by the king of the king, just opened by the magic guidelines.

"Protecting the law, you will not really believe in the Wenyohu to say eight words?" Ma Yuzhen.

"It's not, I'm seeing!" The magic relief method is bonded, said: "Go to the top of the gorge, self-cleavage, let's go!"

The magic relief method seems to be unsuccessful if Wang Ye will take the opportunity to escape. Here, he is here to cover the sky.

On the way forward, the horse is vicious from time to time.

Xiaowu et al. Hit the cluster in the king of the king, and the hand-held weapons are particularly cautious.

Wang Ye, a light, a smile, is a smile, and it doesn't have to be nervous. It doesn't have to be nervous. The road is still long, and the cooperation with the demon will continue! At first planned. "

Get the affirmation of Wang Ye, the crowd is a little relaxed.

All the way forward, through the long canyon, is a green mountain forest in front of it.

However, everyone's footsteps stopped because of the huge stone monument of up to three feet in the exit center of the canyon.

This stone monument is dark, and it is engraved with some dense runes that are densely marma.

"This is, no words!" Wang Ye told the stone monument and laughed: "It is related to the secret of the wheel of time and space!"

"Sure enough, there is a blockless monument!"

"Do you have to come here before Wang Ye? Otherway, how do he know!"

"Here, it is already the limit that the previous disciples can arrive."

A group of people talking about, the face of the horse is more and more iron.

"Waffle!" He suddenly shouted: "It is not a cat to meet the death of death, luck! What a shit is not a word monument."

"Protecting the law, the Wang Ye is unparalleled, you must not be fooled by him!"

Wang Ye smiled and said: "If you don't believe it, let the magic relief method send someone to go, in this no word monument, there will be an intangible barrier, if you can't crack the wordless monument, the barrier cannot open ! "

This time, the magic relief method did not hesitate, let the head shed one next to him, and that person turned to go.

Everyone is quiet, and it is tense waiting.

I don't have a moment, the man is going back, and it is worthy of saying: "" Protecting the law, as Wang Ye said, there is an intangible barrier in the woods, can't be broken at all! "


Everyone listened to a breath, and the horrified eyes were brushing to see Wang Ye.

He understands the Xuan Tianjie.

Wang Ye's mouth hooks a smile, "protect the law, can I talk about cooperation now?"

"I am waiting, don't you work together!" Said the magic relief method.

Wang Ye shakes his head, "but our cooperation, because of the horse, it is not a pleasant, if he is, this cooperation is impossible to continue!"

Listen to this, the face of the horse is scared.

"Wang Ye, you have fewer changing the room!" He hurriedly turned around, he took the way: "Protecting the law, the koon, the king, obviously want us to kill, weaken our strength, you can don't be confused by him "

"You mean, the magic protection method also needs you to make your horse, can you ensure that there is no loss?" Wang Ye smiled: "It seems that you are saying it before, the magic protection method is only a powerful force, you can rush us!" "

The horse says these words say solemn, and some Surse is shaking.

Wang Yeo's straightforward: "Ma Yao does not remove, this cooperation, I don't have to continue! Although I know, the magic relief method is superior, but in the end, it is inevitable to fight with you, why should I wait until I will wait for it. The moment is unveiled, and it will fight you! "

On the occasion of the Devil Protection, the horse curse: "Wang Ye, you are a small man, there is a kind of fair battle!"

Said, he held the long sword in his hand, and the figure was blocked.

Wang Ye is negative and the shoulders are shocked, and they will shock their people, and they are smilestful, and they are obviously not ready.

Seeing the long sword, this sword is enough to kill Wang Ye, but he is indifferent.

Finally, the magic relief method moved!

He explored one hand, a substantially handset condensed!


The handset was buckled with the body of the horse, so that he was in front of Wang Ye, and he was banned!

"Do you want to do it with me?" The horse turned his head: "I am a right person!"

"Cultivate!" The magic relief method low, the substantive hand print, the horse of the Yuan Yue, the horse, is actually tearned by the hand!