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Chapter 841 No Characterism

The aura cohesive handprint is divided into two. When it is on both sides, the horse has no resistance, and it is teared in a moment.

Such a horrible strength, so horrible, the heart of the murder, so that everyone is sweating.

The horse is the strong man in the later period of the Yuan Ying, and it will be killed by the magic protection method.

In addition to Wang Ye, Tiananzong people even feel a deep feeling.

The gap between the realm cannot be parsed.

The magic relief method kills the horse, just like being killing an ant, he asked indifferent: "Wang Ye, so satisfied?"

Wang Ye includes a smile, "there is a labor care method."

"That is, don't say more, how to solve the wordless monument?" Asked the Devil's Guardian.

He kills the horse, it is indeed because of the horse, it is also a monkey.

Wang Ye did not have many words, walked towards no word monument, this tall three feet of the boulder fluttering dark, and it is very strange to look full of runes.

He looked with a stone tablet in one hand, and his mouth picked up a smile.

Before you get into the Dragon Cave, the stone seams in the depths are also engraved with such runes.

That is a difficult space rune, but not only such Wang Ye once visited the door to Xuantian, he looked up to see the blossoming blossoming on the void, and once it was the door of the space, arrived in the white cloud. Above.

If there is no guess, this place is also the door entrance of space, which has been opened to the void cloud, witness the wheel of time and space.

As early as he stepped into the Xuan Tianjie, it has already guessed this.

The fantasy scratched the fingertips, and there was a bloody mouth, and there was a blood overflow to be contaminated on the non-character monument.

The stone monument is like a dry sponge, and the blood of Wang Ye is swallowed.

"The clock is away from the brother." Wang Ye shouted.

The clock is slightly hesitant, seeing the demon to protect the law, and he is the top step.

"Please also leave the blood on the stone monument! Your brother once again took turns to turn the time of time and space, and it has thousands of relationships, you and my blood can let the ignorant Tiantu open to the road to the sky. Witness the wheel of time and space! "

The clock looks at him. "You I am this year, is it a brother?"

"Thousands of true!" Wang Ye Zheng nodded.

"The Nanshan Mountain in the past is really that you will turn the time of time and space, making Huaxia mainland aura recovery?" Asked again.

"Yes! Nor!" This time Wang Ye's answer, it seems to be a matter of two.

He explained the eyes of the clock asked: "Maybe this, you can better understand, in fact, many things are because my subjective ideas change!"

"Can I understand that you mean that you think we have played side by side, just this?"

"Can say this." Wang Ye smiled.

The original heart has completely believed that Wang Ye's clock, heard this, hesitated again.

He is not dominate, can you control everything? Can you determine everything!

But he didn't hesitate, the aura scored the fingertips, and the blood was contaminated on the non-character monument.

With Wang Ye gently patted a flavor monument, the entire stone monument sounded the sound, and then the fall of a layer was started.

The stone monument is like weathered. When gradually falling off, the rearity of everyone's consciousness is vigilant to stare at the stone monument.


The stone monument collapsed, and a bright white light came out.

Once the light appeared, it began a fast oscillation, and there was a spatial fluctuation.

"It is a space transfer array!" The fog of the magic relief.

The light started to stretch, soon condensed into a light screen, where space fluctuations were obvious, this is a special space door.

Wang Saican is looking at the sky, and the blossoming blossoming is white.

This space is to lead to the white clouds, and the wordless monument is a special law, but the French is contained in the blood of him and the clock.

In the last moment, perhaps ...

Thinking of this, his mouth is holding a smile, making a posture.

"Protecting, please please."

Slightly hello, the demon religion laughs: "Or you should first please."

"Well, then I am welcome!" Wang Ye did not hesitate to step into the door of space.

The mind is slightly hit, the next moment is soft, it has appeared on a white cloud, overlooking the mountains, the Tiangozong people after the canyon.

Everything is as expected, even what will happen in the future, and is also in his control.

Beyond that space, the magic relief method is especially awkward, so that the devil is separated from the people of Tianyuzhong to prevent the king from spreading.

Everyone in the orderly walks into the door of the space, and the post-disappeared is no trace.

Finally, the magic retrieved lawn, and the clock stepped into it immediately followed.


One step, everyone is already above the cloud.

"? They, how can I be on the cloud?"

After a short surprise, Xiaobu asked.

Everyone found that in this huge cloud, Wang Ye is headed by Wang Ye, and Tianyanzong, the white family, Lin Yi, and the clock is here!

In the next hundred feet, a big cloud, the magic protection method and the devil, and several previously keep the neutral, but it is split above the cloud.

It's far away, and the magic relief method has been said: "Wang Ye, what is going on?"

Wang Ye, who is handed over, looking at the devil everyone in the distance.

"The heart is not!"

"You really have a treacherous!" The magic relief method is shocked, and the rush is flying.

He is empty to comply with murderous.

Zhong, hesitation, Hawran, stand in front of Wang Ye, "brother, brother! No matter what you said, it is true and false, I am from you! I stop him, you and find time and space! "

Wang Ye also stepped forward, and it was standing side by side.

His mouth is smileering, said: "I am very pleased, at this time, although you can't afford those, but I also recognize this brother!"

"No need to say, you have taken people hurry, you are not the legal opponent!" Zhongzhu.

Wang Ye smiled, "He? Insufficient afraid!"

"Ah?" The clock is shocked, "he is a strong powerful!"

"Don't say the truth, even the fusion period, even the robbery, even the existence of true God, in front of my king, also shaped the same empty!"

Wang Ye's arrogant discourse is shocked and disgraced. What exactly is that he has such a huge self-confidence, and it can contempt everything.

However, Wang Ye took the move, but it confirmed his speech and also made everyone on the clouds.

I saw his arms together, I have never seen the aura, but the clouds under the feet are too far away.

The magic guidance of the rush of the empty flight is very shocked, and the speed is coming soon.

I saw that Wang Ye waved at will, and the label at the foot will quickly pull the distance.

So, keep the corresponding distance, eventually only the aura is exhausted in the demon, and finally go to the abyss.

Seeing such a strange scene, the magic relief method hurriedly turned, trying to return to the clouds standing.

"You are in the air!" Wang Ye smiled at a smile and waved again.

The clouds that the devil standing, actually in an instant to dozens of miles, and let the magic relief method without land a time.